Archangel Metatron: Moving Mountains with Sound

archangel metatron image eraoflightdotcomMetatron: I would ask you to relax and allow. Yes, there are many complexities in these sound currents. By allowing the use of sound to come into your awareness, it will all take care of itself. There is no separation between the complexities and the sound currents themselves, and it is not needed for you to discern the complexities for you to use the sound current. It would be like needing to know a specific cellular structure in every aspect of a pencil, when all you’re wanting to do is write a letter. You just use the pencil. It is that way with sound. Sound is a very complex venue in itself, and what you have available on the earth today are very basic awarenesses of these currents. Notes. There has been very much written about sound and sound healing. There are specific currents that are utilized for specific applications.

Allow yourself to be a little more acquainted with sound in these regards. Tone, tonal quality, vibratory rates. All of these things are very much a part of sound currents. The note itself sets up certain tonal qualities that have vibratory rates that are then put into or aligned with the frequencies in the sound current. They then vibrate out in frequencies that can set a creative effort, or can add to the motion and fluidity of it. We can take the application of creating a mountain range, if that was the intention, to create a very large mountain range such as your Rocky Mountains in the United States. Of course you would need great power of the third Ray, and you would need complex frequencies from the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays. You would need the stability for that form to stand in place and you would need harmonious sound currents to insure the stability of that form.

Now let us say that it was desired that one mountain in this whole range be moved across a valley. To accomplish this you would use the fluidity and force from the third Ray. You would use complex frequencies from the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays. And you would have to alter the sound frequency in such a way that the movement could take place while retaining the form and stability. Some of the stabilizing factions that held it in place would be temporarily removed so that it could be moved in mass. Then once it was moved, those stabilizing forces would be re-installed and the sound currents would again be altered to allow for stability so that there was no more movement. That would require re-installing the original vibratory rates of the sound currents.

This is a very complex set of dynamics, and it is not necessary that you learn these things at the present time. It is too overwhelming and you don’t have the experience to utilize what I am saying to you. I wanted to let you know of these possibilities, We will work with the Rays and some of these sound currents, at a very basic level, so you can begin to experience at a very basic level. Then we will move on from there. Initially what I would like you to do is begin opening your awareness to sound itself. Hear what is around you on a day to day basis. What sounds bring into your conscious awareness? What sounds do you delete from your awareness and why do you delete them? Are they distracting, are they not necessary, or are they there, but you are not aware? Sound runs through everything that exists on a physical level and on a non-physical level. Some of these sounds are not audible but this does not alter their power or their reason for being.

Be more cognizant of sound itself and experiment with specific sounds and how they affect your mood, or your ability to concentrate or your ability move your physicality. Certain music, because of its tonal quality, can be very beneficial in experimenting with this process. Certain instruments also provide applications to this process, but you have to begin to bring some of these awarenesses into your daily life, so we will just allow that to become more available to you in your awareness. There are many cultures that use sound for various reasons and these various reasons are very much tied to this creative process although it is not in their conscious awareness sometimes.

**Channel: Joan Walker

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