Embodying NEW Earth Consciousness Fully and Living Pure Light

lightworker eraoflightdotcomAloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

Everyone is here to awaken to a whole new energetic world that exists way beyond the old physical focused world. While each will do this in their own “time” and ways, no one has to wait “until later” (the old linear way) … and each can choose/decide to take the steps to do this intentionally/consciously for themselves.

Many have already done this and are sharing the simplicity and immensity of realities emanating from Pure Love, Deep Inner Connected Peace and Deep Sacred Respect, all through their own experiences, realizations and caring/generosity/kindness/softness/Light Energy/Consciousness/Love. It’s beyond beautiful to observe/feel/see…. each bringing their own new awarenesses, ways and Sacred Remembrance forth to power the inner-connected gridwork/networking system that we describe by using the Sacred words “Our NEW Earth”.

With each that learns (Remembers) how to expand their own Consciousness with each merging/integration process, holding this Divine Essence through their own lives…. there are more Unity Consciousness Opportunities available… through the dissolution of ego separation that existed within each before…

As each learn to tune and consciously shift all as Light (which is Pure Love), the softness, the humbleness, the humility and kind energy opens up portals to all new realities that were once walled up/blocked/closed off. Exchanging the old realities for all new ones that FEED, NOURISH and SUPPORT your/our/each’s SOUL (Light) is a part of the process for us all.

Yes, we have masses awakening through their own individual journeys, which also correlates to many collectives holding specific beliefs. As each works through their own separation programming and the chaos/confusion/turmoil/craziness that early processes of awakening bring… THEIR OWN LIGHT will spark/emerge/become visible from inside (we can see it from outside) and entire collectives hearts will finally burst open and new understandings will start to come forth… offering alternatives, new options and all new ways not visible by everyone before.

One realization is that we don’t have to fight and kill each other and that we are here to BE/DO so much more through Pureness, through Unity, through working together, through upliftment/supporting each other and bringing our vast knowledge, vast abilities, vast Light together to create/build/accomplish with EASE… instead of the old ways of ego destruction, ego ownership, ego manipulation, ego selfishness and imposing or violating sacred trust.

As all REMEMBER that we are Light Family, that we are Soul Family, that we are Star Family and this RAYdiates out to our Communities that we inner-act with, as well as any/every exchange that we have, the dysfunction/distortions become visible as a renewed LOVE is felt.

From beyond the old linear perceptions, a “new” Sacred REMEMBRANCE is born, and with this, all new “realities” and possibilities too….

While 3D/4D Old earth is magnetized/energized (and depleted) through polarizing energies of fear, lack, pain, anger, hurt and “against”, we unite through polar opposite magnetics of Love, Kindness, Softness and an Empowered State of Consciousness that has the ability to consciously dissolve the separation programming and unify our desire to come together to support, uplift, share and create/grow all new realities into the most beautiful experiences possible…. and expand these out to invite all others ready to do the work/same too. ♥

In every given moment… shifting can occur… when each’s heart/mind/body/energy/Consciousness all are aligned (Unified) AS ONE…. (This is our Light Body).

What’s available is exciting… when we are open/willing/embracing exploring, discovering and bringing forth “all new”…. when we love SHARING with all/others… and live from deep Sacred Respect, Soul Integrity (completely different than human integrity programs) and embark on the adventure of our Inner-Landscape/Inner-Sanctuary/Inner-Realms/Inner-BEing, where NEW EARTH IS birthed/seeded and grows/emanates from….

As this new world of AWE INSPIRING WONDER opens up inside, this beautiful and magnificent playground to explore…. the old earth loses it’s appeal, as it’s not fulfilling anymore… What presents is “not fixed”, offering a multitude of choices, directions and options … and the only thing getting in the way is each’s own mind, each’s own believed/perceived limits, each’s own conditioning/programming…. As each realizes this and embraces breaking all of that energy down from deep within and dissolving the separation held inside, they free themselves from previously held dis-empowered states of judgment and fear…. the excuses/stories/procrastination goes….. and shifting occurs easier because the heart/mind/whole body-BEing is wide open and fully ready for this!

We each get to do all of this ourselves … not influenced by anything outside anymore. How cool is that?!!! It’s all up to each one of us now and everyone gets to choose anytime they are are ready! Way cool! Talk about empowering!

This year is “just the beginning”…. so pace yourself and honor your inner-world fully… consciously creating aligned with your own highest version/aspect of you…. Living the Dream fully by energetically and consciously letting go/releasing/dissolving all that represents the old and no longer supports/has a place in your own beautiful new. ♥

As always, check my site directly for new articles/updates… as more will be added as we continue/flow. Today, I just wanted to share some exquisiteness/feeling/heart/soul connection/expansion photos…. to inspire you to continue to merge your Consciousness with Gaia/Universally/NEW Earth beauty and achieve the ability to hold these higher vibrational frequencies (and Consciousness) with your whole body/BEing to continue/expand/experience more LIGHT PRESENCE too! Continue to open up to fully allow for the magical, amazing, exquisite, pristine, pure and soft experiences… to awaken more beauty within and bring forth more for you/all too. ♥

p.p.s. We always have more “new” we are working on to make available for all. New pages, new reSOURCEs, new activations and Light Intelligence/information…. it just takes “time” to accomplish all, as the linear work is the most challenging when we are doing so very much every day. Some NEW Earth Projects and Programs have been in the works for years, others are recently new …. and all are exciting, support HUmanity as a greater whole, with living/accomplishing through Unity Consciousness and greater ease. We will be posting as these are available too…. over the next few months and into this next linear year. ♥

By Lisa Transcendence Brown

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.