Goddess of Creation: Recalibrate Your Energy Bodies

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomWe continue to move more and more fully into the higher vibration of life. We have spoken of this ascension for many years and we are now close to the completion of the process. The many dimensions have been present for the earth, but they have not been readily available to all. This ascension means that the 5th Dimension and higher are now available to all people. What goes along with that is that the 3rd Dimension is being released. Many of the very low vibrational energies will no longer be compatible.

During this channel, you have the opportunity to transform your own energy fields so that you will be in alignment with the higher vibration. The Goddess, as always, gave us several opportunities to experience the various energies. When you look at your life in an everyday manner, you see what you usually see. When you transform your mental, emotional, spiritual bodies you open to new perceptions. Just as these energy bodies have always been around us; so too are different perceptions.

During this channel you will experience this transformation, the Goddess will assist with weaving the energies of the higher vibration together into you as you live your life. As you step into the crystalline energy, this will help you to see the world differently, see yourself differently, and in all feel the balance of the light energies.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

As we gather together to celebrate one another I invite you to take this moment and make like a snapshot of your life. What’s happening around you, what’s happening within you, where are you in terms of perhaps what you wanted to be? Whenever you stop and take a moment and just take a snapshot of your life it can create clarity for you, perhaps a greater understanding sometimes about what brought you to this space, sometimes about where you are on the pathway you intended to have.

As Shelly was speaking before this channel it was something that is a part of what I’m going to discuss this evening and I wanted you to take this moment to just take stock of where you are. As the human consciousness is expanding in the way in which it is by having access to higher dimensions, higher frequencies, higher vibrations; you are opening up your consciousness to experience life in a new and different way.

You have that primary aspect of your consciousness that is through your mental body and is filtering your life; you notice I’m doing this, you notice I’m doing that, you notice I’m accomplishing this, you notice I’m seeking that; it’s that focus of where your life is.

So too there is that unconscious part of you that is also taking stock of everything that is happening and that unconscious part of you is bringing forth more information. The information may come to you through your intuition, it may come to you by creating new opportunities, it may come to you through expanded awareness.

Within this higher vibration, that flow between what has been unconscious and what is conscious will be opened to a much greater capacity and in that, you will begin to live and experience life in a new way. So, what you don’t know, that you don’t know, becomes known.

Take a deep breath in and breathe all the way down into your heart center, you send that energy in that light down through you like a ball of light that moves down until you link going into Gaia and going into the earth. As you anchor yourself take this moment to tap into Gaia.

As you ground some of you have a sense of just linking on the top surface of the earth but I’m asking you to go deeper and deeper this time so that as you get within the earth you can open to the perception of what this is. That energy of the fifth dimension that has always been part of the earth is here, it is a frequency and therefore as you anchor your energy in the higher vibration it is opening up new potentials.

Let that awareness flow up into you, you circle it through your heart center once more; you send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center, and up to the space of your higher self. Look around at all that you have within the space.

Your higher self sometimes can give you that same perception of your life; if you tend to be cluttered you might find multiple different things within your higher self just here. If you tend to be very organized you might see your higher self as very organized.

Again, expanding into that fifth-dimensional energy feel yourself raise, arise until you are levitating up into a higher vibration of your higher self and as you do so you may have a perception of seeing things differently. Perhaps some of those answers that you have been seeking are here.

You then gather whatever that may be and you send that thread or that stream of energy that follows your vibration all the way up into your soul.

As you arrive within this space you may see yourself in a mirror, you may see those various experiences. I ask you to push out the walls and open to understand that this is you from many different lifetimes, this is you in all of your expansions, there we go. I invite you to feel as if you are walking into this space.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in all that you are and as we blend our energies together you shift into the All That Is. Again, just as with your higher self, your soul, and All That Is look at yourself in this expanded state.

As I’m here with each one of you in this vibration I can feel some of that cluttered energy that each one of you are feeling. So from within the All That Is ~whew~ just send out a ball of light and clear out this space.

Okay, now we are tapping into that space in the soul plane in which you aligned with your divinity and we’re going to allow that to shift into this expanded place of creation from within the All That Is. I ask you to have a clear intention of seeing various lifetimes that you have lived.

You have a lifetime, probably multiple, in which you lived within the fifth dimension, and as I say that have a perception of looking out in front of you and it will be like these lifetimes make themselves known to you. If at first, the sense is just that you are in this presence and nothing specific comes to you then know that through your intention you can see various lifetimes in which you live in a higher vibration perhaps it’s the sixth or seventh dimension but it is a higher lighter vibration than what you have been living within upon the earth; there we go.

For some of you, this may be a future self, for some of you, this may be something that was out in the universe. You have access to so much information, to so many experiences and all of it is present right here in front of you.

We have spoken about the fact that once this is complete, this transformation into the higher vibration, that the third dimension will become in essence deactivated or it will no longer have an impact upon humanity. That rebalancing is what you have been moving through for the past 20 years. It has gone on quite a bit longer than that, it will go on quite a bit longer into the future. However, there are impulses of light and energy coming from the universe in this December solstice which is going to clear out a lot of what has been and which will also have that higher frequency.

I invite you to consider your life. The third dimension is about duality. Frequently associated with duality is fear. The third dimension is about living with a more limited conscious awareness and I wanted to create that definition so that as each one of you are hearing those words and hearing that description you can feel how your energy is going down, down, down, down, down.

Look at your life are you hooked into the old vibration, the old way of doing things, the old energy? If anything comes to mind as you look at that ~whew~ let it go! There was a lot that was cleared out with that. As you look at your life and all that is happening around you are you hooked into the low vibration of fear, anxiety, warfare; those old energies that have been so much a part of the earth. If any of that is hooked into you consciously or unconsciously bring it up again, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let that go. Whew ~ we could feel just wave upon wave of energy clearing out from people.

Okay, I’ve been told we need to release one more time. Anything else conscious or unconscious within you, around you, that is no longer serving you let that energy come up bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let that go; good, good. What I can now see in each one of you is that as you cleared out those old energies that no longer serve you, each one of you expanded not only outward, but it was like you levitated upward within your energy.

I ask you to have a sense of being in the flow. Take in a deep breath where you are breathing in a higher frequency; maybe the fifth dimension, the sixth or seventh, but breathe in a higher frequency and energy. You may feel it as it moves through all parts of who you are. And then breathe out anything.

Have a sense of once again integrating the expansion so as your whole energy body is now becoming recalibrated with the higher frequency, have a sense of consciously opening up and that frequency will weave into your mental body. As it’s doing so, it is weaving into your thoughts, how you are looking at the world, it is weaving into your belief systems, it’s weaving into your understanding and analyzing of your life.

I feel like there are tapestries are being created!

You weave that frequency into your emotions. The emotions of fear, anxiety, jealousy, rage, frustration are all emotions that bring you down. As so allow this recalibration of your emotions to move through whatever is in your emotional feel that this time. Again, that is weaving together.

Living in this higher vibration does not mean you won’t get angry, you won’t get hurt, you won’t get jealous; you will still have all those emotions. However, you will experience them differently than what you have in the past. If you are stuck in that energy and that is the primary focus, it will then become something that you experience for a particular reason, you move through that reason and you move on. In other words, the integration of the higher vibration helps you to transform emotions that might hold you back or hold you down.

You breathe in the higher dimensions, the higher frequencies and as this integrates, it goes into your emotions, your beliefs, your physical body. As you integrate or recalibrate your physical body, the foods you eat may change, your skin tone may change, your bones, your organs; howsoever your physical body has been for you could very possibly transformed dramatically or it may be very subtle. Your physical body is the vehicle of this lifetime.

Feel that calibration. With this one, it is quite different. What I perceive is that this calibration is coming up through your feet, goes up through your legs, and then through your energy bodies and your torso; it goes out through your arms, and it goes up through your neck in your head. As you can imagine the more lighter, transparent the energy the quicker the transformation will take place. So, this spiritual energy which is where we are, this is also integrated into the crystalline vibration and is the most light or transparent aspect of all of this.

It weaves through the emotions, the beliefs, the physical body so that every part of who you are is recalibrated. There we go.

Perhaps some of you have a particular illness or chronic problem; consider what that is. Have a sense of allowing that crystalline energy or vibration as it is recalibrating to go to that particular place within your physical body. As it does so, feel perhaps as if something is unraveling ~whew~ and you clear it out. If you want just a generalized better feeling or more energy, feel that calibration as it is moving through you and then go into every cell within your body.

You have a signature cell that was that core cell that created you as the human and as you go down into that energy and infuse it with the crystalline light, infuse it with this higher vibration. What many of you may see is that you are not infusing it and it’s changing, it’s more so as you align with this signature cell within you, you are actually opening up to what is already there.

And then, as those cells become infused with light it flows through your bloodstream cell to cell to cell, moving to your organs moving through your tissue moving through all of you. There we go. Feel what that is. Feel who you are. Integrate this higher light vibration so that you know that you are now aligning with a vibration that allows you to feel better, to see the world through new eyes.

Take in a deep breath, and breathe out.

As you recalibrate your physical, mental, emotional energy bodies have a sense of looking outward at your life. Most often or maybe a better word would be as you begin to look at your life through this higher light vibration; what are some new opportunities that are coming your way?

I would ask you to open up to potentials for things that you might not have considered for your life; this may be relationships, where you live, your job. I invite you to step into the potential that there is more that you have to give to yourself and to the world than what you ever realized. As you begin to live in this new vibration, allow peace, balance, love, and all of those energies to be what anchors it within you.

I invite you to come together as a group. As you do you have a sense of coming into a circle and coming up within that circle as the hologram. This hologram of the earth looks transparent however, I am infusing energy and light that the hologram itself may take on more of the energies of the earth. I ask you each one of you if you choose to, to send the recalibrated energy of what it is to be a human in the higher vibration. If you let that be what is within your thought process because this is what you have just done for yourself, send that recalibrated human into the earth.

You are sending it into the hologram; however, the hologram is shifting in the way in which the earth will transform. It is almost like there is a pulse or heartbeat of this energy that is going into the hologram.

As you look at the hologram it is as if there are pockets that seem more dense and take on less light and other parts of it that become brilliant with white light, blue light, yellow, green. So, I ask everybody as a whole to send recalibrated energy into any place within the hologram that remains dark or dense. As if you are sending a laser light that is cutting through that energy, clear out whatever shell may have That energy from coming in, send this white light of your recalibrated self into all aspects of the hologram but in particular anything that is slower to transform. Ah, now I see it beginning to transforming.

As the higher vibration balances within the hologram itself may bounce and wobble and there is a sense of flakes or chips of old energy falling off of it. Okay, now I see this calibrated imbalanced to vibrate comfortably in the fifth dimension and higher. We send an aspect of that out into the universe that it may balance with the universal energies, and the remainder of that hologram goes down and you see it moving into the earth.

We as a group surround the earth as this hologram is going down within. As it moves through the matrix, it moves through the density of the collective consciousness. Those places that were slower to take on the light, allow your focused awareness to move within those spaces; within the physical earth as this hologram is blending. It goes not only through everybody upon the surface, it goes through the layers of the earth and it clears out any pockets of old energy, of old vibration going all the way down into the center. It anchors these higher light vibrations within the center and then it reverses and comes back up.

Have a sense of allowing your awareness to come up within you to where you are upon the earth. Feel another level of the recalibration that is taking place. Become aware that your whole perception of life is transitioning at this time. Be open, receive, and acknowledge all that is here.

I then invite you to bring the rest of your consciousness down within you. You move from the all that is, through the soul plane, you bring it all the way back down through your consciousness and once more anchor within you.

As the hologram was recalibrating as it moves through your physical earth, take this moment as you are bringing all of your energy back within you, to consciously send that balanced, calibrated energy throughout all of humanity, throughout situations, throughout the physical earth; no matter what it may be that it will activate, support and balance all. All who live upon the earth and Gaia itself. This is giving her the extra love, nurturing, and support that will assist her.

Beloved family and friends in this time of transformation remember that you have done so much work. Remember that you are calibrating at a higher light vibration. Be in that frequency through your intention, through the way in which you live your life, allowing more potentials to come into you than you can ever even consider at this time.

Life is changing. Remember to stay apart from the fear; know that it is there, but disconnect. Beloved family, I feel such excitement and joy that the time is here.

Know that I am always with you and I am within you!


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net