Facing the Unpredictable Storm; An Apex Point of Change

light waves eraoflightdotcomImagine you’re on a path you haven’t traveled before and the scenery ahead is getting less and less familiar. To begin with, this path is brand-new to you. Regular norms of navigation don’t apply. And now, with each step, you are becoming increasingly disoriented and anxious, even wondering if you took a wrong turn. It’s feels eerie. You then start doubting yourself and your ability to find your way. You next become numb as you’re unable to self-assess your situation and what to do next. Any of this sound familiar, reminding you of what it’s like to be alive right now? Continue reading for context and remedies for this in-between state we’re in now. I say “we” for we’re all in this together, each of us having our own unique experience of society’s meltdown.


Our world is sitting at an apex point of change. Regardless of where you live, forces set in motion long before you were born are catalyzing a collapse of outmoded structures and ways of being. They are collapsing from their own weight – energetically so unbalanced that they have become unworkable.

It’s like a mega storm arrived – so unlike anything forecasters had seen before – that no one can predict the outcome. It’s human nature to want answers and get the whole picture of something. When dynamics cannot be predetermined, our conditioned self gets anxious and does everything it can to connect with a sense of control.

What It Feels Like

It can feel unnerving to witness the relentless chaos, watch leaders incapable of leading, and realize that there’s no playbook for navigating the twists-and-turns. When we feel like this, our fearful ego-self will tell us all kinds of stories about what “might” happen, keeping us awake at night in a loop of worry. That, of course, gets us nowhere, and simply adds to our stress.

What We Know From History

As I’ve written about before, this phenomena of society having a meltdown is not new – we could sense it coming. History is full of societal collapses and empires dissolving or changing form. And we know that today, certain countries are more vulnerable.

America, for one, is having its Pluto return this year – catalyzing a rare unveiling of the country’s shadow and what needs healing. This is a transformational pivot point, forcing a deeper look at old wounds not healed. As I wrote about in my book Predictions 2020, this energy cycle doesn’t become exact until February 22, 2022, and we’re likely to feel its effects for many years after that.

While there’s a big focus on America ahead of the November 3 elections, similar dysfunctional dynamics are unfolding in other countries across the world. We are all connected after all – living in a global society sharing the same planet.

We Are At Choice

We can ignore what’s happening outside our own backyard – at our peril – or we can accept the fact that a radical reshaping of Earthly life is underway and proactively take part in shaping the new world that indeed will emerge.

On Facebook this week I wrote:

‘The most important thing now is remembering that you are at choice in your life. Making no choice is a linear choice that keeps you stuck and dis-empowered. At the very least evaluate your options and pick one.”

5 Things You Can Do

Here are 5 things you can do now to help mitigate stress and troublesome emotions.

Remembering that you are at choice in your life, consciously choose in each moment how you will respond to options and situations. In practical terms, this means if there’s an election, vote. If someone uses combative language with you, actively choose a diplomatic and heart-centered response. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take care of your own energy with some deep breathing or a time-out.

Factor in the planetary energies that impact everyone, including you. Example: we’re in the last week of October, with the 2nd full moon of the month happening on Halloween. Allow for volatile emotions and expanded feelings about everyday things and the things important to you. Apply compassion to others, too, for they are impacted by these very same planetary energies.

Use positive opportunity energy windows when you learn about them. Example: right now is the best time of the year to complete projects and get a higher view about relationships and finances. Use this time to assess these things, and come up with action steps that can help you elevate your life experience.

Balance your time. This means avoid giving so much attention to the news or troubling outer world happenstance that you compromise your self-care, relationships, and productivity.

Since we’re still in mercury retrograde until November 3, use this time for creative projects, envisioning what you want to create next, doing deep inner reflection and healing of issues holding you back, and tuning into what else needs to shift within you before year-end so you can start 2021 with more self-confidence and optimism.

I suggest we collectively join forces in positive ways. No single person can get us to the other side of these dark and uncertain times. We need each other.

Let’s create a RAINBOW in our hearts in advance celebration of positive changes we together are creating right now!

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