John F. Kennedy Message: Truth to Light

the light within eraoflightdotcomGood Morning Fellow Americans and the World,

I am John F. Kennedy the President of the United States and I am very happy to be able to speak to all of you today. I am the 35th President, who was assassinated by multiple shooters, before I was able to disclose the truth to the world about the wars and other negative things that were happening in America and around the world at that time. More than a handful of snipers were firing at me, they were all well positioned and covered every angle. The Dark Side made sure that I was not going to make it to the end of that day.

My country was getting destroyed by the money hungry and corrupted elite. My strong desire to reveal the hidden dark truth became inconvenient for those negative souls, who were spoiled and rotten individuals from head to toe. They were killing innocent people and creating wars just to benefit and profit from others misery and pain.

As the President, I knew exactly what was going on, and I wanted to tell the truth to my fellow Americans and the World. I believe that the truth should always be spoken regardless of who is involved, and these corrupted souls deserve to be punished, be held responsible and answer for their crimes against humanity. They made sure that I would stay silent and orchestrated a very detailed operation to eliminate me, it even included some people who I trusted, they betrayed me and helped to create a plot to kill me.

This soulless group of individuals didn’t expect that the truth is going to see the light no matter how hard they tried to keep it hidden. The people involved in my death were very powerful and well known individuals, who cared only about control and making more and more money. As the President, I was looking to disclose all of the secrets and corruption to the world. I also wanted to make changes in the system to create a better life for everyone in my beloved country America and in the World. I didn’t even have a chance to be a full term President, my life was stolen from me by the rich criminals, who didn’t want to lose their power.

Today, look at the world you are living in, it didn’t change much, since my unexpected death, it only got more worse. The rich people are still getting more richer and the poor ones are still getting more poor with each day. All of your freedoms have been taken away from you, that makes me very sad to see. You need to speak up and stand up for yourselves and your rights. The ones on the top keep manipulating and brainwashing you daily with their lies.

They don’t want to know the truth about the Secret Space Program, which has been running now for a long time, the availability of very advanced technologies, the existence of other civilizations and etc. As the President of United States of America, I was briefed on all of these things for security reasons and I witnessed them in person.

These negative souls were replaced by new ones and they continue to push the same Dark Agenda of trying to control everyone and make them suffer. The only thing that matters to them is their power to have total control over the people on this planet, by telling you what to do and how to live your lives. I am aware of the fact that humanity is on their way to Ascension, until that happens you need to start to take care of yourselves by not listening to all of the nonsense that is coming from your Media, which is completely corrupted, controlled and it lies daily to you about everything.

This is the time for all of you to open your eyes and see for yourselves what is the real truth and what is not. As the President, I believe that the truth is always going to win against the darkness. I was alone at that time against them in my fight and I was still not afraid to expose their crimes committed against my people, and the only way they could keep me silent, is by forcing me out from my physical body.

Now, I came in a different form through this channel, I am so happy that I get another chance to talk to all of you with my sincerity about what is going on around you and on Earth. All of you carry inside of you tremendous power of unity, please stay together and unite as one, and you are going to become unstoppable Force of Light and win this battle against the Dark Ones. You will have a brighter future again and everything will change for the better in your world.

Everything is coming together in a timely manner under a divine orchestration of Prime Creator/God, nothing is coincidental in this world. I, JFK learned this by crossing the veil to the other side. My heart and soul goes out to my fellow Americans and everyone in this World. Thank you for taking the time from your day to listen to my message. JFK

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

11 Replies to “John F. Kennedy Message: Truth to Light”

  1. gswanb

    I like her channelings, trust her as pure channel. Love hearing JFK’s voice through her. I am glad that He/JFK, has NOT named political names, advised us who to vote for. He stays neutral, shines his story, his Truth. We will not know who is the Cabal here in U.S., until the disclosures come out, from those in the real Know, the White Hats or White Knights or Resistance, the Positive military. When the real indictments come out, then, then I will accept with grace who the bad ones are, here in U.S. I just want World Peace, transparent governing with the Wise Council of Elders in leadership, NESARA/GESARA, QFS, ET disclosure.

  2. Bernd

    Very many thanks!!!!!!!
    Your nephew, Robert, is working extremely hard on the same path as you did, and he is sending us results of his work almost daily, assisted by his ‘child health defense’ team.
    If you happen to know where other members of your family are living in Europe, or even in Germany, please do drop us another note.
    We all look forward to seeing you, as soon as our work here has been done!

  3. Angelina

    Good afternoon beautiful courageous, JFK and family and of course our brave man that’s saving our world Trump all of u are strong brave , am Canadian and we are with u all the way God Bless Amen . Angelina Stewart we never give up 🙏



  5. Casey Dee

    This is a such a beautiful message from a incredible soul we all admire and look up to! Thank you so much!!! If it weren’t for you JFK, we wouldn’t stand a chance! Trump wouldn’t even be in office today if weren’t for you and your incredible life that he stands so tall with courage and fighting against & taking out the Darkness! We are so blessed by you and your children!!! John and Patrick have been especially inspiring!!! You were all divinely chosen to take these roles here on Earth and we appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!! We are so blessed by all of you!!! God Bless you all and we will do our best to #FightBack against the Evil!!! ❤️🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼❤️

  6. Tiffany Yeley

    Thank you Mr President! We love and appreciate everything you have done for US. You and your family are amazing kind and loving souls and we will never forget. 🙏✌❤ 😊🇺🇲🌏

  7. Nancy

    I truly believe is him! Thank you so much Sir for your sacrifice and that of your family for the world‘s stake. The best is yet to come! ✨🙏🏻

  8. Carl Jones

    Again, didn’t ring true as I was reading it. Got to the end and realised the channel and knew it was another fake.