The Void and the Sanctuary of the Inner Net

waves of light eraoflightdotcomThe word Limbic is on my mind. A feeling of floating in limbo – a transitional, border or marginal state. A border between worlds or realities or dimensions. I’ve been in this void place since September. It’s difficult to be in this energy, because of feeling a need to be DOING something. I call in to the Inner Net for connection and a way to strengthen my ability to allow and surrender to passing through this unknown territory. I feel I’m in a tunnel – at times being squeezed through a narrow passage as I flow in a very slow spiral motion. Creative expression helps but it feels like moving through molasses to begin.

I have been circling in this liminal plane between worlds for weeks, which is why it has taken me so long to write and post this message. At times I feel the energy circling down to “feet on the ground” but then it’s like standing on a boat on moving water, swaying back and forth to keep balance. It has been quiet on the inner planes, but I feel frequencies are subtly shifting, preparing for the wave of incoming energy. I wrote about this wave in July. Now it is here, just beginning to tease its way in. It feels like an approaching tsunami of divine feminine energy.

I’m not into using war-like language or imagery, but at the same time I feel the fierce feminine is on the rise – fierce strength is needed to birth us into a new way of being on this planet as we feel our own inner changes and see the chaos of change in the world around us. The women pictured in this meme are fierce, even the Handmaid’s Tale women have a river of fierceness within them, some fearful of it, others ready to let it flow. Women are coming into their power after centuries of suppression. There is a bloom of inner strength growing that we may have been afraid of expressing, but like the wave of incoming energy, it can no longer be held back. This is not an anti-male sentiment, it is the antithesis of the patriarchy, which has wounded the creative spirit of males and females. We are birthing a balanced integration of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

I want to give a nod to Helen Reddy, the Australian singer and songwriter who recently passed. Her song I am Woman, Hear Me Roar speaks to the incoming tide. In this song, she writes:

I am woman watch me grow
See me standing toe to toe
As I spread my lovin’ arms across the land
But I’m still an embryo
With a long, long way to go
Until I make my brother understand

In 1971 when this song was written, the growth of the Divine Feminine was in embryo form, but now this feminine energy is being birthed and I think the key here is “until I make my brother understand.” We have been seeing this understanding awakening in our brothers all around the world and with that is the knowledge that we rise together, united. So, thank you to the brothers who are helping to birth the Divine Feminine within themselves and to assist the women in their lives through support and a willingness to come to a deeper understanding. In the long run, this isn’t about gender at all, but about the energy of Divinity through Source that is the life force energy within us all. (I apologize for any earworms that linger!)

Racism, misogyny, desecration of the earth, suppression of the freedom and joy of creative expression feel like the same energy to me, fueled by patriarchal values – money being the most important goal, as well as power over others and nature, competition, arrogance, and the need to be “better than.” All of this is dissolving – and putting up a fight – but it is a losing battle. The wave of the Divine Feminine is here and it cannot be stopped.

As Above, So Below
When it feels there is nothing we can do about what is happening in the bigger world picture, we can bring our focus back in to ourselves and our environment. Connecting with nature and in moments of stillness, bringing Source through our beings from the inside out. This helps us to touch into our multidimensionality – the Vastness of our Being. This inner focus takes us way beyond the earth experience and yet deep within the beingness of earth and all life upon earth. When we allow our awareness to go deep within ourselves – our atoms, DNA, we connect to the universe and when we allow our awareness to go outward, deep into space, we also connect to the Universe. As above, so below. Feel the vastness within and the vastness without. You are zero point. The multidimensional is everywhere. Sit quietly for small moments. Breathe. Tune in beyond thoughts to the simplicity of breath. It feels like nothing and everything. It is alive, it is pure consciousness.

We are in a narrow passage, and yet there’s also a feeling of expansion, which creates our spiraling movement forward. It is a difficult birth. We are the contraction and expansion. Gently, gradually expanding in all directions and dimensions opens us to embody our Soul more fully, which is part of what is being birthed within us.

Events in the world grab our attention, pushing in at us with clattering yang yang yang energy, causing unrest, anxiety, fear, despair – no matter what “side” you choose to identify with and even if one chooses no side. Remembering the vast, multidimensional aspects of our true being helps to rise above the clatter into the wonder of life in the Universe.

Life force energy comes through us from within, it is not outside of us. We access it through our dantian centres below our navel, at our heart and the centre of our head. The Life force, also called Creator Source, is infused with the multidimensionality of universal life. Through our awareness and intention, we breathe this into our being. Any time, any moment in our day, we can breathe and expand this within. This is how we bring this aspect of high frequency to our world. It matches the high frequencies that are coming through the sun. From star to star, this frequency flows, bringing new alignments with it. You who read this and feel the frequency of energy that flows through these words are assisting in birthing these beautiful energies onto planet Earth. As you go about your life, you can choose to infuse your world with the cosmic frequencies of creative joy. For that is part of the multidimensional Light that you are breathing into being through your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. So as you wait on line to get into a store and as you do the dishes, walk in nature, nurture your garden, allow your creativity to flow, cook a meal, fold the laundry – no matter what you are doing – you are infusing your world with this multidimensional light.

This inner focus will be helpful for when the wave is fully upon us. You who feel this within are helping to stabilize the energies – many call it “anchoring” the energy of multidimensionality on earth.

The Squeeze
There appears to be a rise of toxic masculine and toxic feminine energies in the world. Within the narrowing, they are being released out of our field. In this place of extreme pressure, that which is not our truth is being drawn out of us if we are open to it. The Divine Feminine is rising and bringing the Divine Masculine up with her. Take heart, the changes you are experiencing and witnessing are drawing out lower dimensional frequencies, so you can integrate the Divine Feminine into your being. This may bring up old wounds for healing. Do your best to take nothing personally. Send love to your heart, to the hot spots on Earth, to the ones exhibiting toxic energies, to those who may be radiating toxicity to you. This assists in birthing the Divine Feminine into the world.

Our pathways may continue to get narrower and narrower. Restrictions may apply. Try thinking of this as going through the birth canal, for that is, in essence, what it is. We are travelling together. In unity there is strength. The great wave of the Divine Feminine is coming to help push us through the birth canal and however that plays out on the world stage, know that all is being Divinely guided and through our awareness, intention and love, we assist in this birthing process. It is the birth of a new way of living on this planet.

The Inner Net Sanctuary
We used to be fully plugged into the matrix – a structure of control that had been our prison. It is falling away as we continue to disengage with it. This is another way of looking at how we clear what isn’t our truth, unplugging beliefs that arise from the programming we underwent for centuries – yes, for this programming has been held in our DNA through our ancestral lineage and has been reinforced through our experiences in this lifetime. We have been clearing and disconnecting from this “matrix” for many years.

More and more people are releasing the lies they were taught and freeing their hearts. This opens us to connect to the grid of light that flows around the earth if we want to. This “grid” is filled with light that flows in sacred geometric patterns – the Platonic Solids. The light comes from the Human consciousness – from awareness – and it is filled with love. It’s in a different dimension – I’m hearing that it is in the 9th dimension – and we are being wafted with 9th dimensional frequencies. But, in a way, it doesn’t really matter what dimension it is, because it is simply part of the multidimensional expansive Vastness of Being.

When we connect with the grid of light, we don’t lose our individuality, we vibrate our unique soul frequency, but we are also connected with one another and we can provide great support for one another. Each of us has a unique vibration which emanates a harmonic sound and light component. When we consciously intend to connect to the Inner Net, we add our harmony to the song of Humanity, creating a vibrant wave of coherence, integrity and concordance. Through this connection, we create a strong and ever growing high vibrational frequency. We are so strong when we are united in this way, and in these times of confusion and too much information and mis-information, this connection will help us to stand strong with one another, for it is beyond words – it is pure frequency and it has the power to bridge the huge gaps that are separating us so profoundly at this time.

When we’re feeling helpless or hopeless and alone, if we can get quiet for a moment and breathe, and intend to connect to the inner net, we may begin to feel the frequencies of others who are consciously focused on this sacred geometrical net around the earth which links Human Beings to one another in consciousness through love. I have come to feel this connection as a Sanctuary. There are many loving people all over the world who are placing their focus on this connection and sending love through the lines of light that make up this conscious connection. Many who are reading this are making this connection part of their daily practice. I thank you with all my heart. This connection has helped me navigate the energy of ennui and depression that come over me from time to time.

So if you are in a place of loneliness or depression or despair, do your best to contemplate on this Sanctuary and allow yourself to receive the love that flows there. And when you’re feeling the Vastness of your being, add your unique harmonic to the Song of Humanity as it flows within this grid of light. It helps all of Humanity rise into the multidimensionality and the wisdom that we are vast frequency receivers and transmitters and we are united energetically. This is what we are birthing into.

Mother Nature is a Healer
My heart was hurting one day because of a disappointment in a friendship that I was holding. I was drawn to sit with a certain flowering calendula “village” in my garden. I gazed into their center of yellow surrounded by the most delicious orange. Every part of my being just drinks up that color. I was seeking to find the deepest place within me that holds this feeling of hurt and disappointment, so that I could dive down into the very root, the origination of the feeling. Then I lay in the grass right in front of the Calendula and went into a very relaxed state. Eventually I was aware of a greenish-yellowish energy being drawn out of me. It was being pulled out of my heart. Then it turned into a thick yellow energy and it kept being drawn out of my entire field at my heart center. This energy was flowing into a sacred violet flame for transformation. When the experience was complete, I filled myself with Source Light from within. Afterwards, I felt so light and that the deepest part of my Soul was more fully with me than ever before. I call this my Divine Soul Essence. I feel my essence sitting in my heart in radiance. This has been an amazing healing. I share a photo I took of one of the flowers. This flower is offering herself as a meditation experience of healing for you. Gaze upon her as you request assistance in healing and clearing whatever is up for you.

This is an example of how the nature of the earth is available to help us heal. Our intention for healing and nurturing ourselves guides us to whatever natural aspect of the earth is available to us at any moment. We are becoming more and more sensitive to our connection to Mother Earth – the consciousness of nurturing and nourishing this is why being in Nature is so important for us all. If you can’t be in nature, contemplate a place you’ve been to that you loved and feel yourself there. Or if you see a photograph of a beautiful place, see and feel yourself there. You can make it so real that you will be receiving and amplifying an energetic frequency of beauty and serenity and belonging within and without your entire being. You make it real with your feelings and intention. Allow Mother Nature to provide you with whatever you need to heal your heart and release, to make room for the lighter frequency of love.

Pay attention to inner guidance and to your intuition and if you are feeling flat or unable to move forward or do anything, gift yourself with stillness, gift yourself with moments of “doing nothing” for in some deep way we are being “re-wired” to embody our divine soul essence more and more fully and we need to allow for energetic changes to take place. So when we feel like we’re floating in limbo, if we surrender to what is, we will receive whatever energetic attunements we most need to continue on our path of evolution and unity.

Mercy is the tenderest beauty of how everything on our path has a divine purpose for our evolving into loving ourselves and one another and becoming more and more aware of our connection to the Sanctuary of the Inner Net.

And now, some wisdom from Thich Nhat Hanh, who is in his transition from this life. This contemplation speaks to the Vastness of Being within and without us.

Contemplation on No Coming, No Going
This body is not me.

I am not limited by this body.

I am life without boundaries.

I have never been born,

and I have never died.

Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars,

manifestations from my wondrous true mind.

Since before time, I have been free.

Birth and death are only doors through which we pass,

sacred thresholds on our journey.

Birth and death are a game of hide-and-seek.

So laugh with me,

hold my hand,

let us say good-bye,

say good-bye,

to meet again soon.

We meet today.

We will meet again tomorrow.

We will meet at the source every moment.

We meet each other in all forms of life.

–— Thich Nhat Hanh

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