Master El Morya: Living in the Light and the Darkness

master el morya eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Master El Morya, I am the overseer of the First Ray of Light which emanates such powerful Creator vibrations and qualities of determination, courage, action, and the divine plan.

There is so much that can be gained from the First Ray of Light, however I come forth to you today to recognise two energies both within your being and around you. I wish to support you in gaining a deeper acceptance of these two energies in order to propel you forward in your spiritual evolution, as well as making it easier for you to exist in the current times on the Earth.

These two energies I speak of are light and darkness.

I first wish to clarify when I say light, I mean the vibrations and frequency of the Creator as delivered throughout the entire universe of the Creator and throughout all beings.

When I speak of darkness, I am not speaking necessarily of negative energies nor what you might label as entities, ghosts, or anything in that manner. I speak of the opposite of the light, the limitations, boundaries, blockages and where the Creator’s vibration does not flow.

I am speaking of restrictions within your being and your reality, which can be recognised as negative thoughts and emotions. In truth, when I speak of the darkness, it is anything that creates separation between yourself and the Creator. Mostly I, Master El Morya speak of these energies and frequencies as being within your being and created by you.

It is often when souls or beings speak of darkness, it is seen as the enemy, something that maybe is out of control, something that is out of your control, and beyond your responsibility.

When I, Master El Morya, speak of darkness, I am speaking of energies that you and others have created or co-created.

Is it possible to acknowledge that you can create the darkness in your life?

You can create the limitations, the blockages, the boundaries, and the negative experiences in your life? All because of wounds, or belief in separation, not acknowledging your truth and your essence fully.

This is something that can be interesting and both challenging to acknowledge.

Firstly, you create the light that you are and experience in your reality. You create the darkness that is present within you, and within your reality, both these energies stem from the Creator through you.

The energy as it extends from the Creator is the same, it is one energy.

We might say to make it easier to understand that the energy extending from the Creator is golden. You receive this golden energy, then you choose both consciously and subconsciously what to create. To create light, maybe light is pink, to create darkness, maybe darkness is grey, and you can acknowledge that you have
used the same energy, the golden energy to create both pink and grey, light and darkness.

This means that everything stems from the Creator, however not everything is the divine will nor the divine plan of the Creator.

Each being on the Earth has free will, they use the Creator’s energy like a fuel to manifest and create an experience on the Earth. This is a great responsibility, when you acknowledge this it allows you to truly take responsibility for your reality, for your ascension process, for your actions and reactions, realising you simply receive the energy of the Creator and then it is up to you what you create with this energy.

You may say that you do not wish to create darkness only light, however there are misguided habits, misunderstandings, wounds, illusions that all create what you might label as the darkness.

Each experience, each energy, each creation of the darkness was born with the light of the Creator through your being and through others as well. Does this mean that these energies need to be discarded or ignored? In fact, it means that they require more of your attention, more of your acceptance and exploration.

When you accept the darkness within it soon transforms into the light or you might say back into the fuel of the Creator. In some ways it has been masquerading as something else to alert you to the way that you operate, mentally, emotionally, physically even spiritually.

It is alerting you to understand the way you operate, your focus, your relationship with yourself and the Creator.

Often souls wish to focus only upon the light choosing to ignore the darkness. This can create even more of a sense of Illusion because you are ignoring and not fully accepting yourself, it creates an imbalance within your being.

While it is joyous to remain in the light, to accept the light, to experience the flow of the Creator’s light through you and to create from this, one can never truly ignore the darkness, the limitations, the boundaries, the blockages and so forth.

These you might say lower your vibration but in fact they hinder your view of the light.

When you focus solely upon the light you also become un-grounded and unbalanced, even losing grip on reality.

You are designed to live in two realities, the physical and the energetic, even the light and the darkness, accepting both simultaneously, but of course working through the darkness, recognising how the darkness teaches and guides you forth.

As well as acknowledging how the light represents all that you are and inspires you to expand your awareness, remembering that you are a limitless being, the infinite nature and essence of the Creator. There is so much to explore within the light, as you connect with the light, it expands your awareness and allows you to connect with the natural essence of your being.

Both the light and the darkness have specific roles within your reality.

Is there actually darkness within the reality of the Earth or is it simply creations from separation, illusion, misunderstanding, wounds that simply need to be healed and recognised?

As a being, as a light being are you fearful of the darkness?

Are you willing to bring your light to the darkness?

Are you willing to accept the darkness, therefore holding space for the darkness to heal whether it was your creation or another’s creation?

This is what is being asked of you, both within your being and your reality on the Earth. To hold space for the light and the darkness to integrate, for healing to take place or for energies to be resolved within the darkness and for the light. To bring inspiration and expansion, the energy of infinity, in order to move beyond boundaries, blockages and recognise what is possible.

When you are balanced, when you are willing to accept the darkness and the light within you and upon the Earth, you are holding space for both to unite, to resolve, to synthesise, for a greater outcome and possibility to manifest, this is what is required now.

To send light to the darkness is somewhat like ignoring the darkness. To be fearful of the darkness is like ignoring the light. Both require to be accepted, acknowledged, to hold space for both to be experienced, for your being to process what is needed for the Earth and for yourself.

We are speaking not of embodiment but recognition, recognising what is taking place, being inspired, being guided as to what is necessary now.

I, Master El Morya, am present to be of service, please call upon my name whenever you wish to.

My love is with you always,

I am Master El Morya.

**Source **Channel: Natalie Glasson

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  1. The🌈NOW🌈Team

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  2. flazak

    Unfortunately I must sometimes sit and listen and watch etc in an environment that is low vibrational, draining and clearly (to me) derived from a dark source that seeks to divide and conquer (Cultural Marxism tactics) the host culture and natural identity of a place. Its easy to get away from but clearly the zombie creating effects on those around ne, particularly the young, are increasing. It is frustrating and draining so the best thing to do is recharge by whatever means you can, whatever works for you, whenever you can and let event’s take their course.

    1. flazak

      I mean television at the moment. The mainstream. The sports. The adverts etc. Bombarded with silly adverts and political statements etc. I know that the racism and sex and all that stuff is driven by the satanic minions that seeks to destroy identities, cultures, all for power and money and control and establishment of global tyranny. Its so obvious now.

  3. kazar

    This channeling has nothing to do with the experience that we are currently in on this world. You walk the world and dont recognize Light or absence of Light? It Just Is??? It is the way it is because other beings have manifested their vision thru action. And the earth was attacked and its vibration lowered. Yet the response is to say its ok because I dont recognize frequency and vibration as having variation–Light and its absence. This channel is repeating a meme thats been around for a while. Sorry but you have to choose. No one leaves without that choosing. The very fact that El Morya is first Ray– the Will of God–actually connotes movement, action. Intent to create. The repeated attempt to have folks not use the Discernment to understand that that there is a War going on in Heaven(other dimensions) and that we are intimately connected to it as one of its focal points is deceptive. There are demonic entities, Fallen Angels, Predatory mental military technologies all being brought to bear not just on the individual but on societies and the planet. This is a time of girding your loins not being passive. That doesnt mean going out and being an activist. But when Humanity was admonished to Be as wise as a Serpent, it was because that is the type of energy arrayed against us. Look at the current election not just as the division of the people but the type of manipulation pouring forth from news sources. This is a time of heightened responsibility–if you believe yourself to be of the Light and get that why would you take the darkness into you that is created by others on this beleaguered planet? Of course the Channeling has good Points. The same ones that have been repeated ad infintum for decades even thousands of years. They are called the BE-ATTITUDES. Best delivered as the sermon on the mount. A Beautiful work. So in my opinion dosent need to be reunderstood everyday. Im not saying this sort of channeling isnt useful for some, but gives you nothing insightful to use to understand the actual moment and the forces planning your demise.

    Is their really that many folks on this site, that have been drawn to the Light, that constantly feel the need like Don Quixote to chase after their dark side endlessly instead of just embracing being Loving. A True Guide will position you to actually face that which is in front of you. That which you are confronted with. And while some are infested with darkness, Lightworkers came to Transmute Planetary Miasma. That is the service to Gaia. Its part of the Service to Others plan. No disrespect but I have read channelings that say the same thing hundreds of times. I believe folks are Hungry, really Hungry for True insight in these momentous times. God Bless

    1. Teresa Harrison

      Thank you for this rebalancing. I will keep this in mind as I walk in the world. I do recognize that nothing is good or bad, it just is. And It is our reactions that determine our experience of light and dark.
      I experience life with love in my heart. Even when I have a fearful or angry moment. I am love and I walk in love.
      I will now also create the space for them to unite and seek balance within me and therefore within all. Because we are all One.
      Once again thank you for theses balancing thoughts.