Unite For Trump

truth must be told eraoflightdotcomIn the following article spreading truth and awareness is the intention. We are at a crucial point in our timeline here on Earth. With utmost importance it is that YOU do what you can to shed light on the truth.

Please read the following very carefully with an open mind.

In life there are no accidents, no thing such as a coincidence exists, and most certainly there are no conspiracy theories. There are simply truths and lies. And every accusation ever made against the Deep State, the Ill-uminati, the Zionists, and the Vatican controlled Cabal is 100% truth.

Some would say that perhaps I am exaggerating a bit by this statement. I know for a fact that I am not.

The deep state, cabal, illuminati, they are all one and the same, but we’ll refer to them as the Cabal. A blood thirsty, dominance hungry, ruthless clan, that spans back over ten thousand years. Ruling from ancient Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Rome, England, Washington D.C.

These are the, let’s call them the off-springs of the beings that caused the collapse of the continent you know as Atlantis, over twelve thousand years ago. And have done everything to keep the true history sealed from the public.

The most deceitful, sadistic, inhumane, soul cringing thing you can think of, the Cabal has done it.

From starting unnecessary wars in the name of freedom and terrorism. WW1, WW2, the American Civil War, the Cold War, all wars in the Middle East, and many others. Countless plots of fake terrorism, killing hundreds of millions of humans for depopulation and pleasure. Human trafficking, eating human infants, while at the same time promoting abortion. Kidnapping, “children trade” with negative ET entities for advanced weaponry. Drugging, raping adolescent children and sending them to Hollywood to become “pornstars”. CIA programs to destabilize American families, sexism, to make MAN and WOMAN despise each other. Artificial medicine, poisonous vaccinations, deliberately creating disease to depopulate and profit from the so called “cure”.

These ruthless entities are the ones that brought slavery to America. They gave you the “theory of evolution”, the idea of race and religion. Creating hate and division between humans.

They created Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and are the authors of the bloodiest books ever written. The Tanakh, the Bible and the Quran. Which are full of exaggerated claims, false promises, hate filled, fear mongering, ‘end of the world’ predicting texts(to put it in peoples minds in hopes that peoples fear and dark thoughts become reality).

One more Cabal creation that people enjoy, and in my opinion, and anyone with a slight awareness has seen this, one of the most irrelevant things in our world today, “sports”. The sole purpose of it being distraction. Ironically receiving the most attention by the masses.

Through the media promoting unnatural things 24/7. Through fake sciences, and paid perpetrators making straight up lies and creating false evidence about human origins and this world’s history. All done in hopes of them getting one step closer to their agenda.

They are responsible for 9/11, which prevented NESARA from being declared. Poisoning the air through chemtrails, and all the weather modifications programs, from hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and more.

One would need to write many books in order to fit the crimes that the Cabal has committed against Humanity and Mother Earth herself. Yes she is a living being.

They have drained her blood(oil), they have harvested her organs(gold, diamond, and thousands of other minerals) for hundreds of years for power and profit. While at the same time keeping Free Energy and other advanced devices hidden from the public. Again, at the same time pretending like they give a damn about this world by promoting various environmental issues, for which only more taxes would be the solution.

The Cabal has given America all the unconstitutional three letter agencies the country has today. The CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, DHS, IRS, TSA, and many more, that cost the people trillions of dollars every year. Let’s not forget the Federal Reserve. A privately Cabal owned bank that has nothing to do with the Republic of the United States of America.

After everything that has occurred in our world just in the last five hundred years alone. All the suffering, the wrong that has been done, the deceit, the crimes against the innocent, it all ends NOW, the time has finally arrived.

It is essential to understand that the Cabal has always gone after and killed anyone that stood in their way. They are the same entities that killed Abraham Lincoln. They assassinated John F. Kennedy. Why? Because he became aware of the Cabals evil plans and decided to take action.

The Cabal, which has members and agents across the world, Europe and America in particular, has targeted and eliminated thousands of innocent officials of the many different nations. All because they refused to participate in the Cabals dark agendas.

After all that has occurred, there is yet hope, not just for America but the world. We have leaders from many countries now that are fully aware of this Cabal and their propaganda.

In America a courageous man has risen. This one that has chosen to stand fearlessly against the Cabal. His name is Donald Trump. This is why now all day long on the mainstream media that is 100% Cabal owned, they demonize this man.

We have millions of sleepwalkers in America and around the world, who unfortunately are not able to think for themselves, or are just too damn lazy to do their own research. And without question they truly believe the bullshit that comes from their televisions.

It is these people who blindly protest and despise anyone who questions the narrative. And any individual who chooses to stand for truth, and for restoring things to their natural ways.

The Cabal has paid people millions to come forward with false accusations against Trump. They have done all they can in hopes of bringing this man down. Yes, they have even made ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS on Trump. They have failed.

If Donald Trump was such a bad human being, an evil one as they portray him to be, the Cabal owned media would be doing the exact opposite of what they are doing now. They would be praising him, they would want you to worship and to LOVE him. But why all the false accusations, why all this hate created against him?

The answer is simple and clear for those who wish to understand. Donald Trump has destroyed the Cabal’s plans for world domination. He has prevented them from starting World War 3, and wiping out 90% of humanity’s population. Trump’s number one goal is to bring down the Cabal once and for all, and he is doing just that. Also, to end the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and all the other corrupted, and so called government agencies that operate on American soil illegally. And to finally restore the Republic of America to what it was destined to be. With the implementation of NESARA law. And to finally bring about Extraterrestrial Disclosure.

Friends, we are in the final phase of this battle. To free Earth and Humanity from the parasites that have been running uncontrollably for millennia, and now their demise has come.

My final words in this piece are; Let us unite as the spiritual beings that we are, for that is what we are. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our DNA is composed of divine light and love. It is this light and love that holds the Universe together. This light and love is restoring our beautiful Mother Earth to her original pristine state. Through love, we unite and create a world of peace, joy and abundance for all. Through love, we enter the new world of the 5th Dimensional Reality Earth.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj(Kayry).


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  1. guess

    Prepare to face the ‘ difficult truth ‘ as Q said

    Democrats stole votes for years

    Now the trump lawyer teams will reveal

    1. anonymous

      Nothing can stop what is coming ! Nothing !

      The obstacles including [D]emocrates PARTY , humans [ without choice & still choosing sleep ] & non-humans will be erased from existence .

      From 21 Dec. 2020 , our GLORIOUS SUN will blast 40 Hertz , 5D gamma RAYS from the core of GOLDEN ROSE GALAXY [ MILKY WAY ] for 1000 YEARS !!!!!!

      The obstacles will be burnt into ASHES .

      Nothing can stop ascension ! NOTHING !

  2. Abbey Schoonover

    I like to read articles with an unbiased view point but this piece of writing has completely outrageous claims. You have proved none of the claims that are stated. Stop giving people false narratives to live off of that are untrue and can’t be backed up.

      1. sea

        Says the person who can’t back up any of her accusations of Trump when asked to. Do you see the hypocrisy in your thinking? Name one thing Kejraj said that isn’t true and I will do my best to find you the evidence but only if you actually care to expand your thinking. Not interested in wasting my time.

    1. Eileen

      Check out Stewart Swerdlow. I would have agreed with you eight months ago, but being forced to follow a multitude of paths that opened up my heart and mind has actually given me personal freedom from fear and lots of hope for a truthful future.

  3. Dušan

    Let’s pray For Trump and Putin and for all brave men and women that are fighting for our liberation in this final battle between Light and Dark. I sincerely believe that we will soon be able to live in completely different society like Star Trek, where we will finaly join with our brothers and sisters from Universe and from Inner Earth. And then will come Ascension in 4D and 5D, where all our wishes and hopes will be fulfilled.

  4. Tom

    Exclusively 2 you talk truth and do not let some fool’s tell you your wrong.
    This people who see Trump as their savior are out there.

  5. John Robbins

    Have you read/deciphered the Georgia Guidestones?? This here is the stark shocking literal alternative cabal modus operandi. All in plain sight.

  6. Douglas A James



  7. John Robbins

    It’s simply and purely Good versus evil, so clear cut even a brick wall can see. Trump is pure Light; if some can’t see that, they are the blind leading the blind. Without doubt there are going to be lots who will be shaken by the results. Forgiveness for the easily fooled is going to become the reconciliation we have hoped for. It’s never too late to switch allegiances. But will they awaken for pity’s sake?

      1. sea

        elusively – ‘vile’ has no place in the light. I didn’t think you could name even one lie he supposedly told nor any con nor any other thing you have parroted from the MSM to back up your baseless and unkind accusations of him. You have TDS but the good news is, the cure, although it has been here all along will soon be widely dispensed for ALL to see and it’s called the truth of ALL that is. Sincerely and whole-heartedly, good luck to you 🙏 We are here for you.

  8. elusively2

    What really matters is that we the people follow our inner truth. We must act and think and speak our truth and not let anything or anyone get in the way of that. No matter who wins this election, each of us is still a sovereign being with a mission and purpose for being on the planet at this time. No one is a savior, not Trump, not Biden, not anyone. We are our own saviors. We create the world we wish to live in. We are in control of our lives, not politicians, not the church, not the media, not anyone or anything has power over us unless we give our power away. That’s the truth.

    1. Daedalus

      You do realize that others are capable to read everything you have written here and are easily capable to see through your lies ? And that noone is able to delete what they have written here ?

      This is what you said : “If he came to shake up Washington then he has done his job and it’s time for him to go. We now need someone to unite the citizens…”

      Basically you imply that all should vote Biden, because there is no other way, you either vote or not – meanwhile, you play now a very poor card of manipulation through claim that we are our own saviours – but its obvious youre utterly hypocritical and what you say are empty words without backing.

        1. Daedalus

          Its not about resonating here … its about hypocrisy that is clearly visible in your words. You find yourself conflicted in posts on this article.

          You talk about sovereignity, yet folks like you lap up everything served by media … not good at all – primarily and only for you.

    2. Douglas A James

      Trump was asked to run by the Alliance within the military. Trump is a master chess player he often acts to trigger the left to expose their own bias. He has told us the news is fake which President prior has been so honest? He signed executive orders immediately concerning pedophile crime and recovering assets of those involved. He formed Pentagon pedophile task force. Special forces have been rescuing children and destroying tunnels and DUMBs across the US and the world. There was no nuclear false flag killing 90% of us.
      Without Trump this gamma timeline wouldn’t been in jeopardy for sure.
      Not perfect but I dont need perfect I need someone who loves America!

    3. Douglas A James

      Did u not read what KejRaj wrote? Trump stands btwn you and the satanists.. what more do u need to know. Biden will shut it all down force masks and vaccine and trace tracking. Shocked you follow era of light and think this way.. Trump was brought in for this moment in time to awaken people. Hasnt the fake pandemic awakened your friends and family?

    4. kazar

      Barely Truthful there Elusive one. While we each bear personal responsibility There is absolutely no question that some are having a decidedly more HUGE AND IMPACTFUL presence on this country and the world stage. On a planet that houses 8 billion potential HUMAN creators that have to find a way to blend all of their free will choices, some will rise and create a magnetism that allows for more to be accomplished for good or ill. You have chosen a position that the little individual EGO is always equal in its presentation with others on this Plane of existence. Not everyone of the 8 billion will have their world stage moment this lifetime. It just doesnt and cant work that way. It has nothing to do with Ascension, for that was available to all. A good question for you might be why does your little ego need to compare yourself with someone commanding the world stage? That in itself belies the attitude that you have found Peace within yourself

  9. Ragnargreybeard


    I have seen some photo examples of the clones. One set I saw of Harris was very distinctive from the other.

    Are you saying the real criminals have been arrested and the clones are their to keep the show going? So as not to deconstruct the syndicate to quickly and panic people?

    I don’t know about you but some days I feel like I’m watching some slow motion dream. Like I’m viewing some bizarre reality one Tableau at a time.

    I wonder oft times if some of the characters I see really are NPC’s, just part of the scene.

    1. sea

      Rag – I do think the vast majority have been arrested and/or executed like most in hollyweird but some are being kept for appearances as part of their plea deal but not all. Some have agreed to rat out others in exchange for a kinder demise so they can be ‘kept’ for a time as well. That’s why this is still going. I heard some of the biggest fish are hiding underground, under mountains in a tunnel system but the Galactics are on it and are working with the white hats to smoke them out. Most, if not all the earthquakes are the DUMBS being destroyed. With his next 4 years Trump can finally finish draining the swamp and not be constantly distracted by the lefts shenanigans. Good call on the NPC! They’ve got no substance. Empty threats. They are done. It really does feel like a slo-mo dream 🙂 which it is.

      1. Ragnargreybeard


        Things are not looking good for Trump. He seems powerless to stop the Democrats from stealing the election.

        If he loses you will know there never was a plan. No benevolent Galactica helping. No underground DUMB’s being cleared of Draco.

        Nothing but a false hope.

        And let’s not hear anymore about letting the divide us. It’s too intractable. You have the left that want to destroy America. They hate America for explicitly racial reasons. They hate America because it is a White creation, a European creation.

        You can’t unite with a side that hates you and wants you dead.

        1. sea

          Rag – I know what it seems like. But it’s an illusion that Trump is powerless. Quite the contrary. He’s got the Alliance and the Military on his side. we knew the Dems would stage a coup. They told everyone outright they would not concede the election no matter what. They just refrained from using the word ‘coup’. It is in their playbook. So what does anyone expect? They are counting ballots now and they’re magically coming up 100% Biden. You mean to tell me that most cannot see through that? It is a coup and it is far from over. For me where I’m standing right now and I don’t see the whole picture, it is time for Martial Law and for the real show to begin. 10 days of darkness exposing the DS. This is in our playbook, it’s just a matter of perfect timing. My light is still on because we KNOW Godwins ☀️These are chaotic times! We’ve got to keep our chill going as best we can 😊

          1. Ragnargreybeard

            Sea, I hope your right. I will fight to the death rather than submit. I don’t want violence and war, I’d rather not things end this way.

            But if they take control:


          2. sea

            Rag – yes same 👊 so many of us want a better world and we’ll rise UP together if need be and the Dems know that. They are just playing out their losing hand. The lies at the polls are being exposed now so I’m confident it won’t come to that. the Military will step in first. Just might take a wee while.

    2. kazar

      Many are but not the main characters. Live action role playing is the only way to advance whether you are of the Light or the Dark

      1. sea

        Correct. the main characters are in hiding under mountains and such. Their positions are known. Tick Tock.

    3. Dr. Deb McNinch

      Remember seeing robot clones. Robot Clone Can Be Programmed to Mimic a Specific Person and they look human like.

  10. Paige

    Trump is a human, he is not a starseed. He’s not from another universe or star. He wants us to be free, he is for freedom. He isn’t Jesus or buddah he’s not supposed to be. He’s supposed to be a regular human heart standing up to fight for freedom from deepstate and Ai control. But there is always freewill. He goes by the law of one. You can’t change anyone’s freewill or control them, you can only be an example. He wants us to have health freedom, and religious freedom, all freedoms. He pushes for positivity for America. Again he’s not evil , but he’s not a star seed. He’s flawed but his heart is good. He’s not with the Ai he’s not with the darkside.
    This is what I personally see feel and know to be true…I’m not debating from one side to another…To each their own, you can believe whatever you wish, I do not wish to sway anyone either.

  11. jose quintino

    Thank you KejRaj, please publísh more, I 100% love and agree.
    As to the anouncements, if nothing comes up today all I can say is, can’t God change his mind in such turbulent and uncertain times?
    Love you all.

    1. sea

      hi jose – yes, everything is just potential. Nothing is written in stone. One of the laws of the Universe is that everything changes except for the laws of the Universe 🙂

  12. lucid

    Both candidates are bad. But Trump is not the right man for the job. Read Bob Woodward’s book “Rage.” Being spiritually awakened is not synonymous with supporting Trump. Watch Dirty Money, S1 E6, “The Confidence Man.” Trump is a con man, a charlatan. And, the Qanon phenomena is the biggest psyop ever pulled on the American citizens. Think for yourselves, and don’t let groupthink overcome your own judgement.

    1. elusively2

      I agree. People, just watch Trump. That’s all you have to do to know he is certainly does not act like an enlightened being. He may have done a good job of rattling people’s cages but now we need someone to unite the populace, not continue to demean them, bully them, and keep them out of the political process. It’s the mentality of corruption and oppression we are fighting against. Keeping Trump in office gives him an OK to continue his lying, bullying, belittling, and ruining the environment. I say nope to that.

    2. unitycenter

      couldn’t disagree more….but that’s OK. What is coming energetically and transformationaly is gonna happen no matter who wins. It would just be the HOW that will be different. One path will be with more turmoil than the other. More will die in one scenario and one will take a bit longer than the other. BUT, change we will….it is why we all incarnated this time to be here for the change in the flesh.

  13. Brenda L Kuder

    Trump stands up for Trump and that is all he stands up for. I am quite sure he will be gone after the election.

  14. Dr. Deb McNinch

    Blessing to all.
    The end of the cabal is near.

    I think after the election so much truth will come out, just as you mentioned here.

    Stay strong, there is so much light / love right now, I’m even occasionally seeing white flashes.

  15. Jan

    Powodzenia Donaldzie Trump. Od dłuższego czasu posyłam Ci energię jako mistrz
    Reiki. Zrobimy Ziemię czystą od cabal itp.

  16. Tammy

    So many on these posts continually divide with hate, much of which, has been searing onto one man who agreed under great peril to himself and his family to take on the rampant deception/ evil that has, for eons, run so deep in our World. Those on the hate bandwagon are not contributing to this liberation process by doing so but undermining it. Perhaps the ones bashing on him should look in the mirror? Have you always behaved with love, kindness and respect? Ones who have a camera on them their whole life may show imperfections. Do you have the right to judge his imperfections, his soul growth and whether his sacrifices made on our behalf are good enough? Are you without imperfection and so righteous that you can cast the stone? Is it possible he may know things that we don’t know? Surely there was a reason he as chosen to do this …..Many have come before him and behaved “appropriately”, yet all the while adding another link to our chains. Focus positively on the task at hand and not the man who had it all, yet agreed to take on this den of vipers. Who would be strong enough to take the slings and arrows not only of the dark forces but also his own people that he swore to serve in this battle? How are you aiding in this epic conflict of good and evil? This man is doing incredible work with the help of many other incredibly dedicated freedom fighters to liberate us from this tyranny. There is an intricate plan that has been in the works for so long and we hardly know the extent of it. Your role to the effort is to accept and trust in it. They cannot do it if we constantly fight against the very plan to free us. We are our own worst enemy and any delay has been of our own doing. Stand strong as in your heart you know you can! We are almost there! So very close!! All that is required of us to lighten the load is to send love, light and compassion.. Release your thoughts of hate and need to be right and redirect that immense and powerful energy into saving Humanity and our beautiful planet.

    1. sea

      Thank you so much for sharing this Tammy! It’s everything I wished I had the mental clarity to say last night to those who bash Trump this amazing soul who has stepped up to the plate for humanity. But, we all need to come face to face with our triggers to show us where the remaining inner work lies and mine is definitely with those with eyes to see and ears to hear yet willfully choose blindness, deafness and divisiveness over grace and wisdom. Blessings to you Tammy and ALL of us here now and especially those who are still sleeping 🙏

      1. Lou Cypher

        Eyes to see, ears to hear, grace and wisdom divine.

        These are things you think you have.

        You have none.

        A frightened puppy in the dark.

        Take a stance and I’ll see you fall, cowering in the dark, too frightened to stop your own destruction.

        Still asleep.

  17. eugenecarney1949

    I’d like to give everyone a big “Thumbs Up” that support this superb article! We all want to live until it is our time to go, not anyone else’s. The Georgia Guidestones (research it!) give evidence that the Cabal wants to murder 90% of us. The people that refuse to see this, or do not want to do the research, even for the sake of their loved ones, are sadly lost. Not only are they lost, but they are unwittingly complicit in helping the Cabal in their own demise! Jesus said, “We will always have the poor among us.” This includes those who have their heads in the sand, of low I.Q., or have fallen under the spell of their captors: The Stockholm Syndrome. As a student of A Course in Miracles, I ask Jesus to awaken our sleeping brothers; in the name of what he calls “The Happy Dream.” How can human beings find their way to Heaven if the satanic Cabal is harvesting their adrenochrome and eating them? So go ahead, my impoverished brothers who call this a conspiracy theory because you don’t want to confront it. The more enlightened will do the heavy lifting. We will help those whom will not help themselves… or others. May we, like Jesus, do so with Love and gratitude in our hearts.

    1. sea

      beautifully said eugene 🙏 yes, until they wake up we will continue to fight for them… WWG1WGA.

      1. Pam

        Tom is a shill and a troll. The Dark like him infiltrate every site, blog, club, meetup, anything of light, goodness, innocence, spiritual group of people, and turn it into their radical leftist hate and evil. They call everybody a racist and threaten until everyone just gives up and leaves. It worked for them for years, but now their violence is going to do them in.

    1. Jerry

      Trump caught Tom in the fence with a sheep and now Tom is a very nervous dark soul because Q is about to expose him.

    2. unitycenter

      Nope…Reality is far broader and more phenomenal than the Mainstream Media feeds out. Have voted Democrat for 5 decades….no more…. Voted straight Republican this time…with a completely clear conscious…why because I read and watch and consider and am always willing to be open for change. When it became obvious of the vendetta against Trump, I knew there was something bigger happening.

    1. youguess1

      OK Joe Biden is not that smarter enough to quit before presidential election . So JUSTICE will find him .

      Joe Biden has done many crimes , now will be a new one —> Manipulation of Presidential Election as a candidate .

      This is not going to put him into prison for several years , not that simple . With other crimes , the death penalty is waiting for him .

      1. youguess2

        The people here must understand one thing : The evidences from Hunter Biden Laptop are not fully leaked out . If leaked before the election , Trump will win of course , but America will be torn apart . That is not we want to see .

        Those evidences , even though just a small corn of the whole iceberg , will be used as for the fight of international crimes . All the bad guys involved will deserve their punishment , punishment from the Prime Creator . [ My guess is majority will lose memory in this lifetime and will be incarcerated as less-sentient beings on other planets ]

  18. Daedalus

    Were now approaching fast the very critical point.

    I have no doubt that Trump will have second mandate – but prepare for many other things following…

  19. About Vladimiro Di Vito



    You should, and I’ll tell you why: from the day of the 2016 election and without waiting one hour the barrage of insults to the President started.The reason? Jealousy. Because he is rich, president of the Miss America Pageant, and a businessman that also gave lots of jobs right? But no, the jealousy is that he had great women around him, a private big jet, built half of Las Vegas, and a good part of New York and International groundsGuys, in his shoes, with all honesty and without sugarcoating it, would you be a monk? With no shoes, and a chastity belt? Let’s be realistic and stop this fake Puritanism. You men and women, have you lost your minds? Wake up! It’s in 2020.
    But guys money apart are you thinking that he is stupidNo, he is brilliant. He knows the game on the street and he must follow the rules to achieve the contracts to build cities or other fucking ventures just like EVERYBODY ELSE. Democrats, Republicans, and all of YOU, period.He knows all games and what different societies and cultures need to be approached with the right foot in the US and around the globe.
    There are no reasons for me mad at him just because he does it for money, so what? Would YOU do it for nothing? starving your family and without assets? C’mon, be seriousGUYS, I THINK WE MUST STOP BEING IGNORANT AND IN DENIAL, and let’s come back to reality.
    If he did grew a strong international personality as a real leader in the past, whatever it took, we should feel honored to have an everyday cosmopolitan man, a big traveler with great knowledge of this country territory so others countries outbound and what there needs are, as a result, that he built companies and business giving jobs too for all his life.
    I totally agree, he has all his flaws as the President of the United States of America, but a way to better than a sugar-coated man, who’s all pious but leads a double life with a perfect Stepford wifeAlso, when you comment, accuse, and insult him based on most of the time, unfounded gossip about him, be sure that you have at least a basic knowledge of high finances, international economy, political science, and philosophy of diplomacy. Because yes, Trump has or his own crew of a bunch of experts and advisors around, before he can say one word in public and to YOU. Trust meI want to show you something very private and delicate that nobody actually deserves to look at. Especially after all the daily insults I have received from YOU just for being a mediator and close to all civil rightsI am an honest man, with all kinds of real experiences, never stopping to enrich my studies, and worldwide travel all my life. I’m not an American yet, not a voter, plus I am here 20 years LEGALLY from day oneDespite that, I am deeply Buddhist in Christ’s beliefs, and I am firmly sure that if you’re kind, you will have kindness returned. If I respected him from day one, it’s only because he IS the President of the USA. Besides if I have sympathy or not for him One thing is for sure, for 15 long years, I screamed at the top of my lungs my injustices and abuses received just for negligence from an uncontrolled, ignored, chain reaction as a LEGAL foreigner, all Italian man, in the USA since 2001.The issues started several presidents back and are ongoing. This is something surreal to me as an Italian and as a human being regarding his civil and legal rights. To the point that I’m terminally ill because of all the unstoppable fearsThe only one that listened to me, and with all his crew, in two days, did some real action that blew me away. Unbelievable, but true, was Mr. Trump the “President most hated in history”.
    I believe from day one, and not just now, because he tried to help this man – not rich, popular or powerful by any means, he is that rare leader who actually does as promised when asking for your votes or hearing the pleas from someone like me.
    Of course, my issue still unsolved as a result of the pandemic. But it will go well or bad I don’t care, because is important, for me, the effort and the tempestivity that they took, at least to check and address something private and honestly to revisited.Flaws, yes he has, just like you and me. But does he return results on his promises? Absolutely! BE respectful to yourself and others. Flaws and all.Bless you, all, in Love and Peace for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents too. And may the best candidate win.
    ©2020, Vladimiro Di Vito

  20. sea

    I AM with you 100% Kejraj!!! That is exactly how it is! Everyone needs to read this! Thank you for sharing the TRUTH about TRUMP and those who bash him! It’s going to be one big pill for some to swallow but the truth has been out there for a long time now. Time is UP ⏰ BOOM!

    1. Ragnargreybeard

      I believe everything stated about the Cabal to be true. I also believe the Cabal has targeted European people for genocide because they fear us the most.

      As for Trump he’s disappointed me about many things. He says he wants to drain the swamp but he keeps filling the drain with the swamp, William Barr being a prime example.

      Lately I have seen Trump as having restraint that is needed. For instance, I have said why has he done nothing about the diminutive Demon Dr.Fauchi? He gives these monsters the rope to hang themselves with. I know the COVID epidemic is a scam. It’s a media created disease. The whole issue of viruses being a Contagion has been a lie told to us for 100 years in order to get us to take vaccines which only do harm. But Trump just can’t come out and say it’s a false Psy-op, he has to give cues and let the people discover it for themselves.

      Is Trump a flawed man? Yes. Am I? Yes. Trump likes women, so did JFK, and he is allegedly messaging us all the time here. So you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

      The fact the MSM attacks him 24/7 is a reason to vote for him. The fact that the media spin cycle 24/7 gives you bullshit about a pandemic that isn’t happening should give you reason to look into doctors and scientists who are trying to get the word out about this hoax.

      I know I would rather die fighting than live under the NWO tyranny the Biden/Harris will swiftly try and usher in.

      As to my past lives, I don’t know for sure. I know I was born into a family full of violence, extreme murderous violence. I also have been a history buff from the time I was a small boy. I read military history especially, Greek especially Spartans, Roman and especially the history of Nordic tribes always, particularly the Saxons and the Goths.

          1. sea

            Rag – we are watching a movie play out. Much of what we are seeing now is just an echo of what has already happened. There are so many stand-ins or look-a-likes or clones now it’s hard to know who is real and who is not but there is a website that shows before and after pics and it’s hard to deny it when you are faced with it. For instance, Biden has one attached earlobe and one unattached. he’s a clone. They still can’t get the earlobes right on clones. Another giveaway for clones is a space between their front teeth. Kamala, Fauci, Gates, Pence, all are fakes to keep the show going so no one freaks out yet so the plan can move forward without interference, to its fruition. This plan has been in existence I believe since JFK was assassinated so you can’t just drain the swamp of one or two people as it could very well reveal sensitive intel and jeopardize the whole plan. The plug will be pulled and they’ll all fall down. Just my belief from my own research. There can be no hard evidence of anything really right now unless you go to a rally with Pence or Kamala with a heat sensor and see they are blue and everyone else is glowing orangy-yellow. I can point you to a website with names but in the end, sometimes you just have to trust because all roads lead to it and it feels right 🤷‍♂️

          2. Harriett Grady

            Yes I agree with all you said. I understand the ears have to be glued on the clones. Can hardly wait until they are all in Gitmo

        1. sea

          Harriett – I didn’t know about gluing the ears on 🤣fascinating!! any more crazy details you know of??

  21. elusively2

    I cannot buy the way people talk about Trump as if he is the savior we have been waiting for. Please, people, can anyone explain to me why he has to be such a vile human being, a liar, a con, someone who belittles everyone who doesn’t think like him or who says something negative about him, a man who speaks of women in such misogynistic terms? Trump is not the person who is going to unite this country, look at how he behaves?

    If he came to shake up Washington then he has done his job and it’s time for him to go. We now need someone to unite the citizens, not take away our health care, not give only big tax breaks to the rich, not someone who doesn’t care about our environment and breathing clean air, not someone who wants to drill the heck out of our pristine land. Trump seems to only care about himself. He’s a pathological liar and just an all around creep. This is what I see. Is this the way a master behaves?

    1. Harriett Grady

      Dear Elusively2 Get your head out of the sand and do some research Trump was sent to fulfill God’s prophecy to get rid of the deep state who have been getting rich off of the rest of the world. The deep state are pedophiles and human traffickers. Trump is fighting for us . He is the only thing standing in the way of them vaccinating us with Chips and depopulating 90% of the world. WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU !

    2. Paula

      I suggest you stop listening to mainstream media and actually watch trump I watch him every night… oh and I am Scottish and he 100% is making a change he does everything he has said he is for the people he is not a politician seriously I suggest watching and listening to him you will find he is a lovely man and has been blessed by the hand of God he has made more changes for the good in 47 months than biden has in his 47 years in politics

      1. About Vladimiro Di Vito

        Also replacing at moment the President that already put his own hands in this worldwide mess, will be an announcement disaster.Also
        I can say also, that all of you superior power are talking of things that are history and absorbed very well from people that are devote to their own wisness,intelligence,wisdom,knowledge,researches and a strong sense of be neutrally fair ,moderator and honest with unconditional and realistic vision of the planet heart.
        I cant wait that you guys call me. I think my learning circles on this earth is almost done and as terminally ill as result of all abuses undeserved in 15 years here in the USA, I will love the opportunity to get called.
        I am really tired and I did all in my possibility to help. grow and shine with my mediocre brain also being humil,poor and honest man.
        Vladimiro Di Vito

    3. Pam

      What I don’t get is why someone like you is reading a good high heart spiritual blog like this one. Stop your shit and stop your infiltrating trolling.

          1. sea

            elusively – everyone is entitled to their opinion but you are calling a child of God a vile person. That is not high vibrational. and if you stand by your many accusations of Trump, please provide some concrete examples of each so we can have a real conversation or else you are just hiding behind baseless negative messages.

          2. elusively2

            Sea, you had four years to watch Trump and listen to the stuff coming out of his mouth and watch the things he did.

            And I will take back that he is a vile human being. His actions are vile. He is no master, no enlightened being. Have you have ever seen a master or enlightened being act and speak like Trump?

  22. john

    well done Kejraj that is an awsome read i firmly belive everything you say.much love to you as always.

    1. PA

      Ditto! You’ve done your homework well everything was right on the money👍🏻👊🙏🏼I even shared it w the Anons👍🏻😉

  23. William Butcher

    Where I am it just became 2nd November. If Blossom and the GFOL is to be believed then today is the last day for the announcements to be made.

    I have lost all faith in her and it is refreshing that you have not bothered to post her latest utterances.

    There is a lot of darkness in your words and it saddens me to know you speak the truth.

    I am reaching the end, every day I try not to end my life, hoping that there will be a sign, anything, just one thing, just one thing to give hope that we can come through this.

    If Donald doesn’t make it, neither will I, I have had enough and I want to go home.

    1. john

      Be strong we are here because we are the strongest, hold your light high this world needs you as much as it needs me and many many others like us.much love to you.

    2. Jackie

      William, So many Americans are so physically exhausted of all the crimes being ignored. Please don’t ignore yourself. This is a hard time because it’s a truth and lies battle. Truly, I feel your pain if DJT doesn’t win, but you’ll need to start a new race to heal. If we find ourselves in this pit we are united patriots and I’m here for you.

    3. Patricia

      I, too have had enough and at times ready to move on, but feel strongly in my soul that we must move through the darkness and support Trump into the light.
      Love is all.

    4. PA

      William: ditto to what John said👍🏻get on your knees and pray for internal peace my friend🙏🏼we are so close to the event and eternal happiness😇don’t do something silly now🤨I’ll pray for you tonight in my meditation👍🏻🙏🏼👊

      1. Franciely Loffler

        Dear friend, please pray for me too. I’m not american but I also feel like I’m already dead. Sometimes I think I can’t take it anymore, very tired. despair, depression, fights every day with my mother, lacking jobs, joy and peace.

        1. Douglas A James

          Franciely remain calm if you can money is an illusion soon all of that control ends and property funds released and then replicators so money is a piece of history to explain dark control. Love and Light try to love all and be calm we are so so close Draco ships gone! Chimera ships almost cleared by GFL.

    5. Harriett Grady

      William Do not give up Trump has it in the bag. He will make the world a better place. He is draining the swamp Please trust the Plan.

    6. Daedalus

      Youre right about certain channelers putting critical dates – we will now see for that particular channel if it is fully correct – or a disinformation.

      There are no worries and doubts from my own POV. Trump will have a second term to blow the lid off the Cabal worldwide. The silent majority is here, building up for 4 years.

      We all want to go home – but home is something internal, you will bring the home “outwards”.

      This is a divine Plan occuring – its more than just Democrats – Republicans.

    7. Toni

      I believe Blossom deeply has her faith in the GFL. I also believe Divine “timing” is like no other concept that we can begin to understand on this Earth reality.

      This being said my faith in her Channeling of GFL is steadfast and my heart resides with the Divine in their choosing!


    8. vincent jake

      Yes , hold on my friend William , and has said previously by John ” we are here because we are the strongest, ” and this is a certanty…
      Hold on my FRIEND…