Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Washington DC Given Reprieve Following Zionist Surrender Proposal

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomFirst of all, we would like to note the 2020 Halloween full blue moon really did look like a pumpkin. A photograph can be seen at the link below. I saw it with my own eyes, and think it was very auspicious.

Now, the attack on Washington DC has been postponed following a surrender proposal by the Priority of Sion, i.e. the headquarters of world Zionism.  These are, by their own admission, the people who carried out the mass murder and terror attack on Fukushima on March 11, 2011.

Here is the letter we received from them:

Mr. Fulford,

I am contacting you after a major discussion with Vincenzo Mazzara.  We had this major discussion earlier this week.  So, I have CC’d Vincenzo in this email as instructed.  As of course, you know Vincenzo’s ties in the esoteric world.  I am no longer in the OSMTJ fold proper, but still collaborate through the Templar Corps, which was formed primarily of Templars of that movement and allows other Templar Orders and Secret Societies membership.

I am now the Ambassador of the United States for La Pieta del Pelicano, which is a Templar lineage recognized by the Vatican, in the Orthodox, and by Jerusalem as well as Chivalric Orders.  We are also in alliance with  Ordo Sancti Sepulchri of the White Knights of Seborga OSSCBS (

Contrary to popular belief Portugal was not the first Templar State it was the Principality of Seborga.  Seborga is also home to the “Grand Secret” of the Templars.  Additionally, FYI Prieure de Sion has also had a major split with Grand Patriarch Gino Sandri expelled with Charges brought by Grand Master Marco Rigamonti and the formation of a new Prieure de Sion Rectife that was created through a parallel organization formed by Gino Sandri during his time as Grand Patriarch.  ( ( See the October 20th entry).

Now that we have this out of the way as I indicated Vincenzo and I had a major discussion.   Vincenzo is not going to like this name drop, but I was initiated into the OIU in Italy with Leo Zagami.  It was however because of Zagami that I’ve maintained this close collaborative working relationship I’ve had with Vincenzo these last several years.  It was Zagami that put me into contact with Vincenzo.  Leo’s and Vincenzo of course relationship centers around Fukushima.

So, now as we know the 3rd is the U.S. election and you make your drops on Mondays, which would be the 2nd.  We have intelligence reports that China has positioned its forces in preparation for the possible invasion of Taiwan with any potential election irregularities and contest of the final vote.  We want that Vincenzo and I specifically state that on behalf of the Western Secret Societies we appeal to the Asian Secret Societies to prevent potential war with China and we want this declaration open with again an appeal toward a Jubilee.

Further, we wish to nominate David Robert Steele as our emissary on behalf of the Western Secret Societies to the Asian Secret Societies, and that they would, in turn, have a nomination.  We believe Mr. Steele is truly one of the good guys.  We know you can make that contact and facilitate contact with him, and we hope he accepts this great proposal.  In hope that we deter any Chinese aggression, and that we finally come to the agreement of with all the bonds and gold between all of us and have Jubilee once and for all between the agreement of the Secret Societies.  This would also be good timing because of the recent secret conclave held by the CCP (

Additionally, Vincenzo has brought up the Ark of the Covenant with me before in the past and you have reported on the alternate location of the Ark there in the Philippines.  We would like you to finish with the hopes of preventing war and the jubilee. At that point, Vincenzo would have myself and Mr. Steele go and retrieve the Ark if Mr. Steele agrees to this portion as well.  Otherwise, I will lead the expedition.

With everything in this we hope you can work all the materials in with what you have from the pitch the background again with Vincenzo and I am more than certain you can put the Prieure information woven in somehow.  So again Vincenzo is onboard and there some backchannel chatter we have going on about all this, and we hope that Mr. Steele will come on board and we can finally change the world beginning Monday.  We await positive responses.


Andrew Heim

Ambassador for the United States

Pieta del Pelicano

Grand Priory of Malta

An NSA source reacted to all this by pointing out “The Masons are the worker bees for the Italian Banking Families that run the world.”

This was the response from the Asian secret societies:

“The Asian forces believe it is too early to select a representative.  After March in the new year, we may be open to negotiations but, first, we need to see what happens in the West after the re-election of Donald Trump.”

According to NSA sources, it is likely U.S. President Donald Trump will be re-elected in a contested result decided by the Supreme Court, but he will not last past February if he continues on his present course.  Despite many people desperately clinging to the idea that Trump will “Make America Great Again, Again,” there can be no doubt the U.S. is currently a failed state under the control of criminal gangs, NSA sources add.

We have seen the videos of Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter having sex with the under-age daughter of former President Barack Obama etc.

Corporate propaganda media articles claim the videos of Hunter Biden are computer graphics.  However, we recalled Leo Zagami telling us that “acting President” Obama was the house slave of the P2 freemasons.  It is likely the videos are real.  Plenty of evidence has also been presented showing Biden received bribes from such places as China, Russia and Ukraine.

The links below are from the Rockefeller sponsored site Veteran’s Today.  One WDS member feels Hillary Rockefeller Clinton would not have been so confident of victory unless there exists an insurance blackmail file on Trump.  The story is that Trump paid millions to cover up the rape of children, both boys, and girls, aged between 11 and 13.

To Trump supporters, this may sound simply like obfuscation of Pizzagate, especially when combined with vomiting police who viewed Hillary and Huma Abedin starring in videos found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Given that more mainstream accusations against Trump on Ukraine and Russia seem to be consistently based on the crimes of his accusers as a method to deflect the spotlight from the guilty, we will let our readers form their own conclusions after reading these articles.

We also note the Trump campaign website was hacked by as yet unidentified actors who are surely fighting for their survival as the hunters become the hunted.

The following was then published: Top secret information was disclosed, proving that the Trump government was involved in the creation of the coronavirus.

We have evidence that completely discredits Mr. Trump as president and proves his criminal involvement and cooperation with foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections, US citizens have no choice.

We also note with concern that Trump appears to be involved in the mass vaccination agenda against the fake Covid 19 pandemic.

We hope that this is only a political intermediate step to deflect the intended criticism of the Deep State media on his handling of the pandemic and to enable his successful re-election.

Given that he was unaware of AG Barr’s previous deep state roles with Bush Sr. until Rush Limbaugh recently informed him live on his radio show, it is conceivable that Trump may be planning a final move against the current eugenics agenda of population reduction.

The article below reinforces what we have previously been told by several reliable sources that the Covid vaccination certification program is designed to inject microchips into humans so that they can be fully monitored.

The situation is just as bad in Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Castro is also calling for mass vaccinations, while at the same time suspending the country’s democracy.

Here is what MI6 had to say about it: The idea behind the vaccine is the use of nanotechnology as an interface between the biological and the technological.

Concern is focused on the use of a hybrid approach to genocide. The physical body of a citizen of a sovereign nation state is the same as the body of the nation state, and therefore this would constitute both an invasion and an undeclared act of war.

In addition, we were contacted last week by a self-proclaimed satanic informant who has high-level connections with the CIA.

The source said that the plan to reduce the number of stupid sheep, the population should identify themselves by wearing masks, despite the scientific evidence that this does more harm than good.

By wearing masks, these people identify themselves as sheep or domesticated animals, and as such we have the right to slaughter them, according to the source.

Now that we have identified them, the next step is to add mercury-based nanotoxins to the masks, and we will succeed with our plan to improve the human genome by removing people with sheep-like tendencies, the source said.

In light of this statement and other evidence presented to us, it is disturbing to note that Israeli companies have control over the security of U.S. hospitals.

Remember that it was an Israeli security company with remote surveillance cameras in the form of small nuclear weapons at the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor No. 3 with MOX fuel that had a telltale mushroom cloud explosion during the mass murder on March 11, 2011.

The Gnostic Illuminati, who are against the rule of the bloodline, have agreed to support Trump if he helps their cause, some sources say.

We are aware of this letter from Archbishop Carlo Vigano, the former ambassador of the Vatican to the USA. He refers to the plan to insert a microchip and to subject humanity in the name of a “global reset”.

A Warning For President Trump-Open Letter From Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano

For this reason, the White Dragon Society calls on the military in the USA and Canada to declare a state of emergency.

They must explain to the people of North America that democracy has been hijacked by criminal gangs led by smooth-talking fanatics. Then they must make the United States of North America into true democrats and implement real reforms.

The Russian FSB has also approached the WDS.

They tell us that the real leader of Russia is Yevgeny Viktorovich Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner group, and that the actor Vladimir Putin is his employee.

Prigozhin and his people are ready to ally themselves with the WDS for the good of the planet, the FSB source says. Only a restored North America in alliance with Russia will be able to prevent a Chinese takeover of the planet.

As things stand, China, with its meritocratic leadership, has by far the largest economy in the world, and it continues to grow over time. The recently announced latest 5-year plan shows this.

If the West does not reform its economic systems in alliance with European allies such as Russia, China will eventually dominate the planet.

The other thing Vigano, and people who still believe Trump is the answer, is to remember that he has not offered solutions to the mass extinction that is now taking place on this planet. Nor has it offered a plan to end poverty or the socially destabilizing income disparity.

The WDS plan calls on nations to remain sovereign and free, while at the same time agreeing to cooperative leadership on issues that affect the entire planet.

This leadership would mount a massive campaign to end poverty, halt environmental destruction and pioneer the colonization of the universe by humans and earthly life.

This would be done on the basis of friendship and partnership between East and West, not on the basis of a new Cold War.

The Russians also point out many strange news from recent times in connection with space, such as the discovery of underwater lakes on Mars and huge water reservoirs on the moon, etc. They see this as a sign that humanity may soon begin colonizing the universe.

As a reminder that this struggle for planet Earth is still raging in visible and not so visible ways, we finally note that last week an underground base in Turkey was destroyed.

The seismograph makes it clear that the “earthquake” was not a natural phenomenon.

The WDS and its allies will continue to fight until humanity is free. We will use all necessary means to achieve this. Remember people, we only have one planet and we all have to share it.