How to Thrive During the “In-between Zone”

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomRemember how the Taurus Full Moon a week ago today had the Moon exactly joined with URANUS at 8° Taurus? Uranus – the planet of sudden unexpected changes and freedom!!

Well… the impact of that incredible conjunction is clearly in play this week!

At the same time, Mercury stationed direct late on Tuesday, while Mars is slowing down rapidly before stationing direct next Friday, November 13.

We are living in the “in-between zone”:

The Piscean age is ending and the New Aquarian age about to begin.
Mars and Mercury, two personal planets governing how we think and how we ignite inner fire are changing direction.
An extraordinary 4,000 year planetary meet-up between Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto culminates at the end of November….

This is a time to be still…. in a place of complete non-reaction.

So many energies are being re-aligned. It feels like a vibrational earthquake!

Remember that Taurus, where Uranus and the Full Moon merged, is an EARTH sign, and the second sign after Aries where Mars is currently finishing its first retrograde since 1988.

And 8° is about strength, eternal life, visionary leadership, abundance, courage and overcoming obstacles.

Your internal engine is in the process of cleansing and upgrading…

The shockwaves are being felt worldwide, and you can enter the vortex of extreme fluctuations of energy OR to use this incredible energetic force of CHANGE to join the wondrous awakening happening across the planet.

As always, the choice is yours.

Uranus is not just any planet – Uranus governs Aquarius! So whatever celestial contacts Uranus makes take on a huge significance at this time.

Uranus is the planet of Awakening.

Uranus’ mission is to set you free, so you can explore life without any restriction.

The Full Moon conjunct Uranus at 8° Taurus has been shaking things up precisely to prepare us for the imminent arrival of the Aquarian Age.

Aquarius is ushering in a time of INNER Awakening.
Freedom is a prerequisite to Love and Enlightenment.

So, at this time, allow the sweeping waves of change to take you on an adventure!

Be open to navigating the flow of rapid, intense transformation.

It helps to understand that our fears are being made VISIBLE at this time for good reason. The underlying fears have existed unconsciously for eons, and now Uranus and the Aquarian age slaying the dragon.

This year has been a microcosm of inducing people into a dream-state to accept restrictive and invasive regulations – to accept control through fear – a total activation of the old paradigm.

Now more and more people are questioning the validity of these restrictions.

Hidden, buried collective traumas are being brought to the surface so they can be healed. Every person has experienced trauma. In 2020 the collective unconscious has been made aware of deeply traumatic systems and regulations that have been in place for a long time.

In 20/20 all is starting to be made visible. Truth is coming to Light. And that’s not always easy!

But unless it is seen, acknowledged and healed, this traumatic energy will be at the root of everything you feel, think, say and do. All stress, health issues, relationships, lack of confidence, poverty consciousness – it all grows from the SAME seed. All personal conflicts and wars stem from this unresolved energy.

As this energy, buried so long below our conscious awareness, is arising – it can be acknowledged.

The stellium in Capricorn in early January and the current incredible 4,000-year stellium between Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn (also in Capricorn) are helping to unbury and purge the pain, so that justice is restored and joy inspires your every thought and action.

So, see the current confusion, chaos and conflict and imposed restrictions as a gift.

As our collective awakening accelerates and intensifies, you will know without a shred of doubt that LOVE and JOY are your liberation.

Find what you love, do what brings you joy, follow the thread of inner peace and you naturally melt away old patterns, paradigms and fears.

Love dissolves hatred.

Love dissolves bitterness.

Love dissolves separation.

Love dissolves ancient resentments.

If you are clinging to the old ways, now is the time to let go…

Follow the energy that sets you free – follow the impulses that liberate and extend that liberation to everyone.

Feel your heart ready to rise to the occasion.

Feel your mind inspired by Divine guidance.

Honor the incredible immensity of the task you have willingly chosen to participate in – being here on Earth during the biggest shift in human history!

All is leading to a beautiful, miraculous completion.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.