Yeshua: Fight for the Right Thing

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomBeloved humans,

fight for the right thing: fight to become lighter, freer and clearer. Don’t waste your energy trying to change the outer world for the better while you haven’t found your inner peace and harmony yet.

The gateway to the new world is inside you; the soil in which a new mankind prospers is loosened by you – until the seed of life can be planted.

Observe outer phenomena vigilantly and realize the dynamics of the shift in particular events. Get involved by taking yourself out of game – or by taking part in the game, if your divine missions unmistakably tell you so.


Who are you and what is your mission in this world? These are the questions that need to be answered before you take any action.

Therefore focus on yourself, your inner cleansing, release all that is harmful – which is everything that keeps you from remembering.

As long as you don’t remember who you really are, every action is inaccurate, left to chance and mostly futile.

Step into the mystery of your life. Get a grasp of your own being before you start dealing with the essential matters of the world. The path leads from the inside out – never the other way around.

Work on your spiritual recovery! Thereupon everything can heal that was ill and needed healing.


Focus all your energy on your own purification. Never let outer events deter you from it.

This is the way to rapidly gain clarity, wisdom and enlightenment.

Understanding life doesn’t mean hovering above things but living with them. The enlightened one realizes the connection between human beings and God.

The enlightened one knows: Only someone with his feet on the ground can grasp heaven with his spirit.

Look at yourself, accept yourself and love yourself. This is the action that matters now. Self-love is the beginning of charity and the origin of all-encompassing love.

Slowly you awaken, slowly you become aware, slowly you realize – don’t let anyone pressure you, because every tree needs its time to root deeply.

I am amongst you.

**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl