Ascending Through the 11:11 Gateway

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomOn November 11th our Father-Mother God are providing Humanity with an opportunity that will assist each and every one of us to Transcend any belief we have in distorted alternate realities. This Divine Intervention will help the I AM Presence of every person to Heal the painful misperceptions that have caused Humanity so much suffering for so very long.

Every year on November 11th people around the World commemorate the armistice signed between the Allies of World War 1 and Germany. The signing took place during the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. That focus of Humanity’s attention has created a powerful Matrix of Peace that has been building in momentum for over 100 years. November 11th is also a day that Lightworkers around the World acknowledge because of the Celestial 11:11 Gateway that is opened at that time. The 11:11 Gateway provides an influx of Light and a catalyst that allows the I AM Presence of every person to activate the 11:11 code within our DNA.

Eleven is the master number that reflects the Transformation of the physical into the Divine. Encoded within Humanity’s DNA structures is the sacred geometric code known as 11:11. For several decades this geometric code has been awakening within our DNA the archetypes that reflect the Divine Mission we have all volunteered to participate in. This Mission involves Humanity’s Awakening and Earth’s Ascension into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light associated with the New Earth.

Every time we see and notice with our conscious mind the number 11:11, this activation is accelerated within our DNA by our I AM Presence. For decades people have been asking me why they see the number 11:11 everywhere they look. They notice the number 11:11 on digital clocks, license plates, phone numbers, cash register receipts, bills, street addresses, etc.. They say that the number clearly gets their attention, but they have no idea why or what it means. Nevertheless, once a person notices the number 11:11 their I AM Presence is able to activate the code in their DNA to the next level. This occurs in alignment with their Divine Plan.

Now, we are being told that with the success of the various facets of our Planetary Reboot our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven will lift Humanity into a Higher Octave of Divine Service. This will allow us to Transcend the illusions of our painful misperceptions and our deceptive alternate realities. Through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, this assistance from our God Parents will occur on November 11th as Mother Earth passes through the 11:11 Gateway.

Wherever you are on the Planet, beginning at Midnight Local Time, 12:00 a.m. on November 11th, and building in momentum for 24 hours until 11:59 p.m., a wave of Light will encircle the Planet. During this time, our Father-Mother God will assist the I AM Presence of every person to amplify the 11:11 code within our DNA the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow. The Divine Intent of this Gift from On High is to greatly empower what each and every one of us has volunteered to do individually and collectively to add to the Light of the World during this wondrous but also challenging time. The Company of Heaven said it will not matter if we are awake or asleep, quiet or busy, aware or not aware that this amplification of our 11:11 code is taking place within our DNA. Through the collective focus of Humanity’s I AM Presence every person will benefit from this Activity of Light.

For Lifetimes our I AM Presence has guided us through myriad experiences designed to strengthen us and to prepare us to be able to stay focused on the Light in the face of all adversity. Each and every one of us has been uniquely prepared for this moment and it is vitally important that we be freed from our painful misperceptions and our belief in deceptive alternate realities. This time on Earth is the moment for which we have all been preparing. It is through our unified efforts that Humanity will Transcend the surfacing negativity.

Together we are in the process of assisting this precious Planet and all her Life to Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the full embrace of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar frequencies of the New Earth. To help us grasp the critical need for our individual contributions to this facet of Earth’s Divine Plan, the Beings of Light have given us a metaphor to contemplate. They asked us to envision that the myriad Lifetimes we have experienced since we were first Breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God have been woven into an exquisite Golden Thread. Now it is time for each of us to weave our Golden Thread into the very Fabric of Life that will form the foundation for the New Earth. Every Golden Thread is essential in order to complete the Immaculate Concept of the New Earth in all of her resplendent Glory.

What the Company of Heaven wants each and every one of us to clearly understand is that the Fabric of Life for the New Earth will be incomplete without ALL of our Golden Threads. No one’s Golden Thread is any more important than another person’s Golden Thread. It is for this very reason that our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are intervening at this time with the amplification of the 11:11 codes within Humanity’s DNA.

Our Father-Mother God chose us for this Mission, because they felt that our individual and collective experiences had a better chance of succeeding in the unprecedented experiment unfolding on Earth. This has nothing to do with ego or the erroneous impression that we are more special than our Sisters and Brothers who were not chosen. It simply means that our Father-Mother God felt that because of our willingness and our tenacity, we had a better chance of staying focused on the Light and not getting distracted by the negativity during the necessary purging process the Earth is currently going through.

No matter what you are experiencing, KNOW that your Golden Thread is critical to the success of this Holy Endeavor involving Earth’s Ascension in the Light. Listen to your Heart and your I AM Presence will intuitively guide you step by step as you fulfill your Divine Plan and add your magnificent Light to Mother Earth’s Ascension process.

Dear One, stay in Joy and Revel in the Light that our Father-Mother God will Bless you with on November 11th.

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