Ashtar: A Message for Humanity

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds, it is our Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler again for the second time, the dark has stopped the last channeling. So we’re going to try to bring through the same message again.

I Lord Ashtar coming through with a message for all of you out there for the entire human collective and this message is not only from me, this message is from the galactic federation, the high councils of light and this message is from the entire angelic high kingdom.

I do work with the angelic high kingdom, i also work with the galactic federation of light. I police planets, different solar systems, different galaxies. I have millions in my command, i police different planets when there is a need to take dark off the planet, when there is a need to bring forth a different vibration or a higher level of light. I police planets when there are ascensions that are needed. I help planets where there’s too much dark.

I pull the negative ETs, i pull the dark off and i let the planet as i’m doing with this one, i let Mother Earth actually be able to balance out. I let her to be able to actually be bathed in light so all of you and she can ascend as well. I do a lot of different things in a lot of different galaxies.

I have millions and millions under my command. I have millions of craft in the air all over this galaxy, other galaxies, this universe and far away as well. I am dealing now with policing your planet along with the galactic federation along with all the high councils of light, Lyrians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Cassiopeians, Arcturians, all the councils of light.

We’re all working together to see that you ascend, to see that you ascend peacefully and to see honestly that all this dark is taken off your planet and plane now.

You have no idea the level of dark reign that’s been on your planet. You haven’t seen it as you don’t remember when you jump into this lifetime. You don’t know how to go back in your lifetimes and see what was on this planet before. We’re going to tell you there’s a lot of underworld dark, low realm dark.

The negative ETs have been here a very long time. It would be the annunaki, borg, reptilian and draconian that we’re mainly dealing with now for they have a sense of power on your planet. They seem to feel that it is their planet and they seem to feel that they have the right to still dominate all of you. They seem to feel as they’ve been down here controlling for a very long time that they don’t need to abide by the universal laws that were put in place for not only all of you, your auric field, your physical body and the soul level but the laws that were put in place for ETs coming to your planet.

This is Mother Earth’s planet, no one owns this planet besides Mother Earth and all these collectives of light are seeing that is the truth, they’re seeing that you are safe, they’re seeing that Mother Earth gets her wishes and gets her honestly demands met.

Mother Earth meets with this channeler day in and day out they now speak because they’re up on the fifth dimension just verbally as she’s bringing this message through you. She’s very adamant today through this channeler to the angelic high kingdom that no dark be allowed on this planet and plane.

She wants all witches, sorcerers, demonic beings in human form, reptilian humans and all the underworld and all the negative ETs. She wants them off now. She’s very demanding in that sense as she’s tired of being in such a dark reign.

She wants to see that all of you are protected and safe. She set up a lot of her own laws and rules as well. She’s quite adamant and strict about what she does want. We in the higher collective of light and the angelic high kingdom, we do try to give her what she does want as she’s been through a lot and it’s taken 60 something years to actually make this ascension actually happen. So we are helping her as best that we can. This channeler is the liaison between her and the angelic high kingdoms and the joiner we’re going to say, the bridge between the galactic communities, the bridge between the angelic communities, the bridge between Mother Earth and the bridge as she is human for all of you.

So she’s been doing a lot of work lately, a lot of work to try to get the dark off and to try to ease the way for all of you to ascend. She sent down more truth energy coming for another week, she sent white light out for all of you for love of who you all are, for love of adjusting to send all the negative energy, the anger, the fear, the scaredness and all that is sort of bubbling up right now and she sent white light for all the different kingdoms as well.

You’re all ascending. There’s a lot of energy we’re going to say that needs to be purged so she helps with that as well and we want to bring through some backstory for all of you, we want to say how wonderfully you’re doing with your ascension, we want to let you know that it is going to be a little bit rocky for a few more months as the truth does come out, as there’s been a lot of deceit on your planet and plane but we’re with you, we’re sending you so much love and light, you have literally millions and millions of angels, you have millions and millions of high councils beings of light. We’re going to call them galactic beings of light.

A lot of you have galactic families that are very close to you now as the realms are coming down to meet almost when you’re on the fifth dimension, you’re going to be so close to all of it but you have so much help, you have so much love coming forth, you just have to ride this wave, you have to ride this wave that you’re on with this third dimensional agenda rolling out, you have to stay above it and you have to know that you’re all ascending.

You have to know that there’s no way, you’re not that each and every one of you is being helped each and every one of you that is ascending is going to the fifth dimension and you have an angelic family or you have guides and angels or you have a galactic family. They’re all here for you now, they’re cheering you on in the stands.

We needed to bring this message through to all of you to let you know how much love you have, how much love we’re sending down to you, how much is being done on this rocky road on your planet right now and that we’re in your corner, all of us are in your corner.

We see what is ahead of you, we see that it is hard as you’ve lost your jobs, as you you’ve been held down, as money is tight, as there is sadness and pain on the planet and as so many of you don’t know what to make of what’s going on roll through this. You’ve got this, we’ve got your backs, we’re here with you, we’re sending you so much love and so much light.

Just know the dark is leaving your planet and plane, you are ascending, you are beautiful children of the light. You came here to experience this ascension, you came here to help Mother Earth, you came here to be a bigger part of the collective of humanity, to help those that needed it to ascend as well and you came here to make sure that humanity is moving forward.

A lot of you came from other planets, galaxies, star nations to be part of this journey. It’s a journey into love, it’s a journey back to your hearts, it’s a journey to one of peace in the end and fairness and unity for all. Please keep that in mind.

It’s going to get a little rockier, it’s going to be rocky till the end of December but could be very rocky until the end of January and into February as well and there’s a lot of tumultuous energies pulling up to the surface for you to be seen.

We are here, we are with you, this message is for all of you from all of us, we love you so very much, we have your backs. I know it is scary. We are giving our support to you emotionally and with our heart centers we are of service to all of you. We have been and will be for years to come.

We are excited to make ET contacts. Just know you’re going through something that has never been done before on this planet, you’re going through an ascension, through a very rocky path, it’s tumultuous.

Know that all of you are going to come out shining, you’re going to come out aligned with your higher power, you’re going to come out knowing the truth of who you really are and knowing what you’ve really done in your heart. It’s such a glorious thing you’re going to be living in a world with peace finally, with the knowledge that the dark will no longer be with you.

So i Lord Ashtar in my message from the entire angelic kingdom and all the kingdoms, galactic kingdom of light, you got this. We love you, we’re in your corner, you’re ascending, you’re ascending very quickly and we’re with you, we’re holding space for all of you as well.

We’re holding space, we’re making the space of light for all of you to really pull up, we’re working with Mother Earth as well and with this channeler for her healing. We love you, sending such love, such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you for that wonderful message, love to all the galactic councils of light and to the angelic high kingdom. I hope this message resonates with all of you. They want to show all of you how much help and love we have, they want all of you out there to know you got this, it looks tough. I can see the back side of it, this stuff you have to roll through and you do have to be in your truth, in your heart and speak your truth when needed. We’re going to have to stand up and fight a little bit i think, we got this. This message i hope resonated with all of you. I’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings.

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  1. The🌈NOW🌈Team

    Thank 💜 You LOVE

    🌈 NOW 🌈

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    AND WE


  2. About Vladimiro Di Vito

    Correct, cant wait to have enough light and strengths to ascend to you. I Am super tired after years of unstop hard journey but in the same time proud to follow you my divine guides, and all test I has been true…I hope soon. With all my devotion. NamasteAmen

  3. Irene

    The channel need to create protective sphere of Divine Light around her self and ask AA Michael for protection when she works. It will protect her from being a channel to a someone
    who is not the source she hopes to work with. I personally don’t feel that this message came from Ashtar Sheran the commander of the fleet GFL.

  4. Ragnargreybeard

    Okay Kejraj is getting his angelic panties twisted. I’ll refrain from pointing truths you just are too immature to hear and let you get back to your Galactic Love Fest.

    Meanwhile the UN and Global elites are preparing your pods to sleep in and yummy bug paste for your consumption.

  5. Lacy Wilson

    Lord Ashtar, please note that through the darkness it would be hard for earthlings to understand that there is life outside this earth. Everything has been held back by the dark ppl. They also brainwashed many through Masonic controlled teachings through school and church therefore being a reality that there is life out there besides us would be hard to grasp.
    I’m saying this Only to help ppl understand the mean comments that may come through. Once we get through this evil darkness and they are taken off planet, only then will many will begin to see the light. Our information war is real and I pray that all beings unite in harmony because this is our future. Our process here is over. I’m ready to ascend. I feel I’m already in the 5th Dimension. I’m ready for 6th and 7 already. Thank you and omit the bad comments. I’ll be a moderator for you and delete them off. Be love be light. Nameste

    1. Ragnargreybeard

      Oh, no one is allowed dissenting opinion…like the dark beings who control and censor social media?

      You are a moderator on a site supposedly about love, light and freedom but you will decide what can be said.

      1. Lacy

        Negativity is a 3D reality. Why would you or anyone be on this site who disagrees, who reminds everyone of the darkness THAT IS ENDING, who despairs anyone from being positive, love and light?
        Makes no sense.

        1. Ragnargreybeard

          Because it’s only getting stronger. Everyone acquiesced to every absurd demand made for this fake pandemic…..masks, social distancing, business closures, quarantines; it appears the people are so docile they will tolerate anything.

          And these channlers are a wealth of nebulous claims and promises meant to lull you into the false notion of ascending to 5D, whatever that is, and no one even has some definition of what it is.

          You call it being negative, I say it’s being realistic.

  6. Jean-Luc Picard

    8th Paragraph, 2nd sentence,


    Know in your heart that this message is not from the light. But if you want evidence in one word it’s right there.

    1. Ragnargreybeard

      I know it’s hysterical. He’s referencing a race of beings that only existed on an awful TV show the 2nd launch of Star Trek.

      Now if he had referenced “The Gorn” a race of Reptilian aliens that Captain Kirk did battle with on the original Star Trek series I would have given him a few extra points.

      I don’t know why you’d call yourself Jean-Luc Picard. What a prissy, sissified replacement for Captain Kirk.

      1. Lacy

        Yes, you’re a brainwashed individual who doesn’t think outside the box NOR who has done ANY research. I’d ban you from ever commenting on here. Move on to another site or better yet I suggest Twitter for all your negative. You’ll do great there

  7. Douglas A James

    Great message of love and positivity!
    Yes we need disclosure we need truth to be told we need to shake people awake who cant see beyond the fake matrix news. We are 1 and we love Mother Earth!

  8. Kathy

    Thank you Astar and Source- we all need reassurance about whats going on, I’m looking forward to going into the 5th dimension