Rebirth of Humanity

we are one love eraoflightWe are at a time when humanity is having a profound transformation. A time when many are experiencing what we call the dark night of the soul, which is just the process that follows awakening and the great clarity that comes after we finally remember who we are, again. A process that the New Moon that we are about to welcome at 23 degrees Scorpio, reminds us. We are living a complete rebirth, at all levels, in a personal, global and planetary one too, for we all are beginning to finally choose where we desire to dwell.

What is occurring behind our earthly confines goes beyond our understanding. Guides shared that at this moment, during this 11 portal and Moon in Scorpio, what is truly happening is that many forces, within and outside of our universe, are aligning, to send massive amount of light to our Planet. The main purpose is to help in the current clearing that is taking place in the collective – collective shadow clearing – which is why many may feel as if they were heading into a new chaotic reality. However, this is our personal choice.

To support the collective consciousness clearing that is taking place, the only thing that we can do to bring assistance, is to heal ourselves and own personal wounds, as it is the only way that we can truly have an impact in the whole. This is why Scorpio energies can help us to go deeper into the depths of our being, getting to know our shadows and wounds, so we can help ourselves, and All, by healing them. Trying to rebel and change the rules or others, will not make any difference, for we cannot have this power over others. Being love and accepting the choices of others will bring us more peace than trying to change what we cannot.

At a more personal level, this is time for us to go deeper into our soul creations, and begin to pursue the ones that deeply resonate with where we are now, as the time to step into a totally different reality has now come. We no longer have time to look back, bringing past energy into our present creations, as it will spoil all of our effortsc to step into a new timeline. Now, there is only time for us to continually choosing the frequency we resonate with, for it is how we remain in our desired reality.

As you know, the Fixed sign of Scorpio is ruled by two of the most powerful Planets, Mars and Pluto. Mars gives us the fiery and Warrior-like energy that we need to initiate the proper changes in our lives. While Pluto – a Planet that is all about power, regeneration and rebirth – activates the necessary shift that needs to occur for us to transform all that is not working – helping us to dissolve our inner struggles, as often all outer conflicts are just a reflection of our inner ones.

There is nothing of what is taking place that is actually chaotic, but our mere human view of the recent events. Everything that is happening is perfectly orchestrated and we all agreed to live what we are experiencing, in some way, for our personal growth. It is always up to us to decide whether to use our personal situation to grow or blame others.

We can always begin taking responsibility for our own creations and reality, remembering that we can always choose to liberate ourselves from our own mental chains, and begin by embracing higher truths that will help us in the process of freedom. At this powerful time, we have the opportunity once and again to take charge of our lives and act as the only creators of it.

Astrologically, the New Moon sextile Jupiter and Pluto. This will bring harmonization, love, expansion and confidence to pursue our soul visions. As it often happens in astrology, many will say this aspect is a positive one, as it will bring success and many good things to us.

As you already know, I differ a lot sometimes of this traditional interpretations, for I consider that it disempowers people, making them believe that outer forces or planets have a direct impact in their lives, as if they were gods playing with our human experience, when in truth there is nothing further than that.

This alignment is a loving one, as all of them are, for all of them are a result of the cosmic dance that the Planets, in their also conscious quest for evolution, make. It is up to us to align with these energies to find the main purpose that they have for us, directing them towards the aim we desire, rather than thinking that they will directly intervene in our lives by making them better or worse.

As always, good luck, and the opportunity for us to manifest our soul desires, comes from having confidence, strength to go after what we wish, and the determination and devotion to our path, and that of all, to conquer any challenges to experience our desired reality.

Outer forces or planets will not give us what we wish. Believing that will only continue fomenting the false human illusion that we are governed by outer forces, and as long as this belief will continue being active in the collective, there will be no evolution, as species.

This is a profound time for us to look at the depths of our being, integrating shadows that have not been looked at for years, and that also need of our love and embrace. The main task for us is not to deny the shadows but to integrate them, equally, as we too aim for the light. There is no light without shadows, for both of them make us whole and are necessary for our existence.

This is a wonderful opportunity for integrating all aspects of ourselves, releasing past wounds, and as we navigate within the depths of our soul, finding new truths that now we are ready to understand.

In the moment we choose to love all as equal, is that we begin to leave behind fragmentation, stepping into oneness and the Divine Remembrance that comes when we finally rebirth into what we always have been – free sovereign beings in charge of our own life experience.

Have a blessed and healing New Moon, Beloved Ones.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba