Yeshua: The Coin

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomBeloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, beloved. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light. Feel yourself to be radiantly alive, because truly you are, and every day that goes by, you become more and more a Light, more and more aware of the true nature of the beloved holy Son/Daughter of the one Source.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and other names as well, and I always answer. It is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing—or morning, as it may be—once more to abide with you in the mind and in the heart as the Light that we are.

You have been having quite a week of it, a lot of energy in this geographical/ geopolitical area, a lot of energy that has been happy and a lot of energy that has been not so happy and a lot of energy that has been questioning, a lot of energy waiting to behold, “How are we going to go forward? What is truly happening? How can I be at peace and yet feel radiantly alive?”

That is one of the questions that the holy Child always asks in every incarnation: “How can I be at peace and yet know myself to be vibrantly alive?” There are what you would see as realities where you are vibrantly alive, as in this one from time to time. I watch your energy as you would watch the thermometer, perhaps. It goes up and it comes back down and it comes up and then sometimes it stays, and sometimes it crashes.

I have seen you when there has been a crash, and you have called out to me.

Always I answer. Always I am there for you. Now, you don’t always hear me, because at a time like that, your mind is always quite busy and you are attending to something that is in the milieu of the energy level, and to come to a place of peace within the heart sometimes is hard to do when there is much going on up here and much going on here and also in the heart.

But I have watched you take it all together and to come to that place of the deep breath, coming to that place of peace within. And the clue, the secret, is the deep breath. Whenever you find yourself abiding too much in the mental or in the energy level of the body—I have seen this happening as well—stop, breathe, be. Be the love that you are.

Now, for many of you this has been a week of questioning, a week of, “Who’s going to be supposedly in charge?” Well, that’s an easy one. You are going to be in charge. You are going to be deciding, calling what will be the truth of your being. You are going to be the one who is acknowledging that, in truth, you are the energy going forward.

You are coming to a place of recognizing this, and it is most wondrous to watch. You are at a place now where you are feeling much divided. You are seeing brothers and sisters who are taking themselves into a place seemingly away from you into a grouping where they say, “This is who I am. I am part of this group.” Then you see others who are saying, “But I’m not part of that group. I’m my own person in this group.”

Well, I have news for you. It is all one big group, and even if you put yourself in one side or one corner of it, you are still part of the whole. So it behooves you to take yourself a bit lightly and not get your knickers in a knot.

Now, this evening we are going to look at the reality that you find yourself in, the reality with the lower case “r” that allows you to get quite excited about one thing or another, and sometimes two things both at the same time. I have seen you get excited about two or three things all at the same time, because you feel that they are all either related and as one, or else they are as separate pieces and they are finding a way to question, a way to bring forth the deep, deep questioning that you have come here to remember.

You wonder as you see ones who seemingly are of another grouping, and you wonder, “How can that be? They are looking at the very same thing that I’m looking at. They have been here the last number of years watching all of the occurrences. Why do they have a different viewpoint on something?”

Well, it is because of what you understand to be the different lifetimes. There are occurrences that come and are as hooks that bring forth ones who are looking at the occurrences and translating them by past memory, by what has happened in the past that has brought an energy level to themselves, where they have then put all of that energy into a remembrance that has been either wonderful—wow, and all that feeling that is so great—or I feel like, “Oh, no,” or a feeling of fear.

You all have trigger points that bring up for you, if not the whole scenario…usually you don’t get the whole scenario, but you get remembrances that bring up visceral memories of what has happened in what you call past lifetimes; past experiences, whether they are in this lifetime, which they can be—times when you were small and someone teased you or chased you down the roadway, etc.—or more ancient times when there was, as has been part of your history as you say, when there has been the war in the heavens.

This was quite fearful to those of you who took it into your knowing and history as truth—lower case “t”. And if you were participating, it was fearful. If you were observing, and you did this several times, that is why as small ones and even a bit taller and older, you get frightened of the lightning that comes in the heavens.

Most of you have graduated to the place where you understand what lightning is, but there have been lifetimes when this has been seen to be a war in the heavens, and you have been sometimes engaged in it to the place where you are fearful whenever there is a storm either brewing or actually happening. It is based on an old memory that, in truth, was not true at the time, and in truth right now is not true. But it can bring up memories that are fearful.

You have many trigger points from past times which have been as the drama upon the stage that you have then identified with, not knowing that you are on a stage playing a part in the whole drama. You have said, “This is truth,”—lower case “t”, and you have reacted to it. Seeing yourself as the actor on the stage, you have re-acted.

So now when something comes up, you have a habitual reaction that you are learning to put in the background and say, “Oh, but that’s just a memory. That’s just a story. It’s not actually happening right now,” so that you are walking out of the fictional drama that you have made for yourself many times over.

So I have said to you—you have heard me say it—if you are going to be making drama, make it happy. If you are going to be living some fiction, make it joyful. Celebrate it. Know that you are the actor upon the stage, and there is going to come a time very soon when you can walk to the edge of the stage, take your bow, have the applause, and then exit stage right.

This evening I want to talk to you about perspectives. When you are upon the stage, there are, even there, perspectives, from what is happening to your right, what is happening to your left, what is happening behind you, and what is happening right in front of you. You are in a most wonderful, wondrous drama, and you know when you are there, because there is a feeling, a visceral feeling that you are either very excited about, you get in there and say, “This is the only viewpoint that there is. You have to vote such and such a way.” Or your friend comes up to you and says, “Well, you know, this and this and this and this, therefore my truth is the only truth.”

But that’s not true. There are many truths. There is only one Truth with the capital “T”, and that is the fact that you are very creative. You play your part, you take your bow, you exit stage for half a second and come running back on again, because you enjoy even the fearful times. You enjoy being the actor/actress and the certain rush that you get. It is why you go up to one and say, “I don’t see how you can have that viewpoint about something.” And then there’s this whole story that comes out and you say, “Well, that could be true.”

And then you say, “Oh, that’s just a conspiracy theory. That’s not really true.” And the one who believes in it says, “But it is true. I know it’s true,” and you get to spar back and forth for the fun of it. Remember that part: for the fun of it.

I have seen my beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, and her mate in this time period having quite a discussion, very strongly-held viewpoints, very true. Each viewpoint is true, as it is seen true with the lower case “t”. I have seen them get very, very agitated defending what they believe to be true; all part of the drama.

And I will share with you that they play their parts well. There is much drama; not to the point of injury, but a little bit of drama.

And then there has been a miracle. There has been a smile. And there has been a thought, probably not verbally expressed, but a thought that has run through each other’s mind. “You are actually very cute when you get agitated.” This is not said in words, but the energy then changes.

All of you have times when you have gone toe to toe, either quite physically or mentally, with someone where you have had your opinion and they have had their opinion and you’ve been very strong about it, and then there’s been that little bitty smile that has come and you say, “I’m not going to smile. I’m right.” And then the smile comes anyway. That smile, beloved one, is the Christ exerting itself. The simplicity of a smile changes the whole energy. The simplicity of a smile.

And ones say, “Well, what was it we were talking about?” And you move on. That in itself is a miracle. Other lifetimes you have held a belief really strongly to the place where, off with the head. Okay, had to start over again. Had to be born, grew up a bit, went to having an opinion, holding an opinion, there was the disagreement, off with the head. You’ve done that many, many lifetimes, short lifetimes sometimes, but then you get the do-over, as it is called. You get to come back and move through much more quickly to the place where you’re kind of scratching your head as to, “What just happened? I don’t know, but it feels good to smile,” and on you go.

I watch you; I applaud you. I am in the first row of seats as you play your drama.

I am in the first row applauding the acting that you do, and there are times when you can see the drama. You have garnered enough experiences from other lifetimes, enough experiences from this lifetime, where you take that deep breath and say, “What were we talking about? Hmm. I don’t know what it was, but something very strong,” and you move on.

I share with you that that is the way to reach old age, to have the little glitch in the memory. “I know we were talking about something, but it doesn’t matter,” and on you go.

All of you study behavior. All of you study each other and wonder, “How does he/ she come to such a conclusion about something?” Those of you in this geographical/ geopolitical grouping have recently had opportunity to make choice. Perhaps your best friend has seen things a little differently. That happens, because you all have free will. You are all very creative, and you like to play your dramas.

Everyone listening in to the sound of my voice in this evening knows how it feels to make choice and then to have someone else perhaps have a different choice. All of you know that feeling, and sometimes ones do not agree with your choice. And you wonder, “How can they see it differently?”

I have spoken to you many times about the coin. You have a writing in your holy Scriptures about the coin that was brought to me, and ones asking about having to pay tax unto Caesar. I said to you at that time, and I say to you now, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” If you have a coin and it has Caesar’s face upon it, give it to Caesar. That which comes from the God of your being, give that the attention. Live from the place of knowing the Truth of your being, the wholeness of your being.

Now, the coin, as it is seen, can give to you clues. The coin has two sides to it, each side being valid in its own way, each side being part of the wholeness of the one coin, depending on which way you are looking at it and which one you are giving your attention to. That is what is happening when you look at your political arena.

All of you are living in a collection of ones who have ideas. These ideas may fit in with your ideas, or they may have a different viewpoint of something. As you will remember and look at not just one side, but the two sides of a coin, and take a deep breath and step back—the deep breath is important—and step back from it, you have a new perspective.

A beloved friend of mine down through the ages, and a very good teacher, had a favorite saying. If there were different ways of looking at something, he would say, “You may be right. You may be right.” And then quietly he would say to himself, “But I don’t think so.” But that part was not said out loud. “You may be right.”

Try that on for size the next time you get into a discussion with someone. It matters not really what the discussion is about, but if there’s a difference of opinion, just say, “Well, you may be right.” And then if you want to, you can say to yourself, “But I don’t think so.” Or not; either way.

The coin has two sides. It has to. It is the way it is made. Every person that you meet is going to have at least two sides; actually many more sides. As you garner more and more experiences, you get to see different perspectives. And when you have garnered a few years to yourself and many experiences, you can sit back and say, “Well, you may be right.” You may agree with them; or not.

In truth, what helps in your energy level is to realize that every viewpoint that is put forward is a viewpoint that you have had in some lifetime. What you are hearing is not something foreign to you. It’s a viewpoint that you have held and defended in other times. So allow yourself to open the blinders; open and say, “It could be true.” Because there have been lifetimes when you said, “This is the truth, the only truth,” and you would defend it unto death.

And then when the deceased body is staring at you, you say, “Well, I think I’ll try that again, maybe with a different ending.” So you do. And in between times you become as the angel that looks upon everything and says, “You know, the only thing that’s really true is love.” So then the next lifetime as you know it, you embody, the spirit that you are, and you go searching for love.

“Ah, I want some love. I want to know how valuable I am. Oh, I love you. Oh, that feels good. I love all of your ideas, except for that one,” and then that one will be the hook that gets you to have to take the deep breath that we talk about many times, the deep breath that allows a pause for refreshment, the pause that refreshes. It is that deep breath physically and spiritually that allows you to have a reset. Did you know you have a reset button? Yes, it’s the deep breath.

So whenever you need a reset, stop, breathe. If that works with one breath, hallelujah. If it doesn’t, breathe again and again until finally you have over-oxygenated yourself and you faint. That usually stops the discussion meantime. It doesn’t mean you won’t pick it up on the next day, but…I jest with you. A deep breath is a good remedy for whatever is going on. I recommend it highly.

You are wondering now, “Okay, what happens now? Do we go forward in peace?” You can. “Do we go forward in trying to blend the two seemingly opposing sides? Do we try our best to get the other side to see my side? Because I’m right, you know. Or, do we keep breathing deeply and say, ‘You may be right.’”

And as you allow—that’s the secret—as you allow enough time to go by, time heals. You have that saying in your world, “Time heals all wounds.” If you fall down and scrape the knee when you’re a little one, it heals. Time heals it.

There is another saying, and I know some of you are saying that right now, “Time wounds all heels.” Sometimes you have said that as you felt a bit of anger; justified, of course, as to whatever feelings you were holding, if the other one didn’t hold that belief.

But the secret we have already talked about many times, the secret is the deep breath and stepping back long enough to get the bigger picture. Now, when I say stepping back, I do not mean that you have to acquiesce to what seems to be the wrong answer, that you will be giving in to something that is not for the furtherance of love and healing.

But you step back for the deep breath to get a bigger picture of how to look at something, because when you do that, new perspective comes and you can begin to understand the big picture which encompasses all of the decisions that you have made in all of the other lifetimes that you are now complete with, and you can say, “Okay, there is love in this situation. I will find it.” And that sets you on a different route, a different pathway.

That is what my beloved friend and teacher, the one you know as Judith, and her friend did in allowing a pause long enough to take a deep breath and to walk physically away from it and to change the perspective of what they were focusing upon; not that they said, “Okay, I’m wrong, you’re right.” They just changed the perspective a bit to the place where they are now laughing about what occurred.

I watch you, and I see how you are opening to the Truth of your being; the Truth of your being, being love; being able to step back from that which has seemed to be unloving. That action seemed to be unloving. It was not meant to be, but what seemed to be, to see it as actually an attempt of a meeting of minds. And it did happen, the meeting of minds; it took a while, but that’s okay. What do you have? You have time. That’s okay.

So for each and every one of you, you come up against experiences in a lifetime that allow you to take the coin out of the pocket and look at it and say, “Okay, I’ve been looking at this side. I wonder what’s on the other side. How can I see this differently?” It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with the other side, but it just means maybe there’s another way to look at it. It will save you a little bit of energy, a little bit of heartache, a little bit of headache.

All of you know that feeling of beating your head against the wall to the place where you finally start laughing because, “My poor head; what am I doing?” Well, I hope you come to that conclusion sooner rather than later, to the place where you can actually step back.

You stand now—you collectively and individually—at a place where you’re going to have much opportunity to use what we are talking about tonight. Everything has not been solved, so there are going to be many instances where there is going to be difference of opinion coming up, because you have this collection of very high energy and that collection of very high energy, and all of you, no matter what political grouping you are with, you have seen when there are deeply held and very strongly held differences of opinion, there can be a bit of friction.

Okay, what do you do in a case of friction? Well, you stop rubbing each other the wrong way, first of all, and you do that by taking the deep breath. Then you take another deep breath, and they wonder, “What’s going on? Isn’t he going to fight?” And you say, “I’m trying to see your viewpoint.”

That often defuses the energy. When you say, “I am trying to see your viewpoint,” there is then an opening for some coming together, of seeing a different way of looking at it. This is basically what you are wanting to know, because you are right, and so are they. “And I want to see how you arrive at being right. I want to see how we can make a whole coin, how we can make it whole, how we can make healing, wholeness out of two sides. I want to see the wholeness. It doesn’t mean that I give in. It doesn’t mean that you give in. It just means that you are on one side of the coin and I’m on the other side of the coin, and by gum, we make one whole together.”

Each and every one of your brothers and sisters wants to know wholeness, wants to know that they are valued. Each and every one of them wants to know acceptance.

Right now it looks like it’s hard to find that acceptance. It looks like you’re either with one group or you’re accepted in the other group, and neither one wants to come together.

And yet the truth of your being is that you are One, one coin, perhaps two sides, but you are whole. There is only One of us. “Good heavens, I’ve heard that before.” There is only One; seemingly many sides; very much like the gemstone that has been cut and polished, where there are many facets. But the gemstone is one stone, many sides refracting the Light that you are.

If you get into a time when you are toe to toe with a brother/sister about something and you know doggone well that you’re right, and they know doggone well that they’re right, begin to laugh. Begin to laugh, and they will wonder, “What can you possibly find that’s funny?” And what is funny is that you are facets of the same gemstone, just reflecting the Light a little bit differently.

Bring that to mind quite often. If you can, write it down on a piece of paper, and whenever you get into a tight situation, “Oh, yes, that’s right; different aspects of the same gemstone. Hmm. Well, I’ll try it. I don’t think it will work, but I’ll try it.” And the funny thing is, you begin to get a wider view of things. You begin to see that there are different ways to look at something. “And by gum, maybe they actually have a valid viewpoint. I won’t say that it’s right, but maybe they actually have another good viewpoint.”

Remember the two sides of the coin. Remember the facets of the gemstone.

Remember that you are all cut from the same gemstone. Take a deep breath. Smile. They will wonder what you are smiling about. A smile such as that will heal the world. It is powerful. You smile at someone who has a different opinion, and they are going to wonder, “How can she, how can he smile? This is serious.” Then you begin to defuse the heavy energy and it feels much better.

The coin is magic. It is magical because it is all One, two sides vastly different in some cases. You look at your coin. One side looks a certain way; the other side looks very different; very true of each coin. It depends which side you’re looking at.

Try that, because you are coming into—and I’m not prophesying; I’m just bringing to awareness that which you already know—you are going to have many opportunities to speak with the brothers and sisters who are going to have a differing viewpoint on things. So allow yourself the deep breath, the smile; they will wonder, “What are you smiling about?” And say, “You may be right. I don’t think so, but you may be right.” And from their viewpoint, their vantage point, their other lifetimes, they are right.

You don’t know when you are speaking with them what their other lifetimes have been and why they have been so shaped in a certain way to believe certain things a certain way. You don’t know what they’ve been through in this lifetime that has made them believe such and such. So you just take the deep breath and say, “Well, you may be right.” And if you want to, you say mentally to yourself, “We’ll see. We’ll see how this works out.” And by doing that, beloved ones, you allow the space for healing. You know; you’ve tried that. You know it works.

Those of you who are within the sound of my voice, you have tried it, and you will try it again, because as I have said, I am not prophesying, but the way it appears at this time, you are going to have ample opportunity to do healing; space; giving space, giving love. It is much needed in the world.

All of you carry with you a remembrance of heaven. All of you yearn for heaven, for that place where you are acknowledged for that which you are in Truth. You yearn for acceptance, and you try to find it in many, many different ways. But in truth, you are now as loved as you ever will be, because you are loved with an everlasting love.

If you need to feel it, feel it from me. You know me. You have confided in me. I know your deepest and darkest secrets. I know the times when you have not acknowledged the Christ of you, and I know the times when you have given love. I know all there is to know about you, because you are as I am.

So it behooves you to act from a place of love, and sometimes that place of love does not have words, does not have to be defended, does not have to be proven right. It just says, “Okay, we are two sides of one coin.”

So be it.

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