The Council of Nine: Pillars of Light

council of light eraoflightdotcomAnd so it is Dear Ones, it is our great joy and delight to come before the great pillars of Light upon this Earth. For you see Dear Ones, you who are reading this message, hearing this message, you are the pillars for the new energies to anchor into. You are the pillars of Light that allow this great time of change to manifest upon this beautiful planet Earth. And it is our great joy and delight to be before you.

In these times of great transition, many, such as this channel, are very tired. Tired because it is a lot of work to be born into a 3rd density reality and live in that density for so many decades and then do the work of morphing into a new species. For those who follow, the more recent generations, the work is not so hard. At least not in the physical body as it is for the front runners. And so it is to those of you who are feeling the fatigue as you integrate yet another blast of energy upon your sacred planet and you find your physical bodies having to integrate these ever expanding uploads of energy, that we first commend you for your work. It can be exhausting and yet, we know you would not miss it for anything, for it is what you came here for. You came here to be emissaries of Light in times of turmoil. You came here to be channels of Creator Light when most of the world seemed lost to the Love of the Divine.

Oh yes, there is much darkness on this planet of free will. There has been much interference. And now, what you are seeing changing before your very eyes, although many of you are having trouble believing it, is that your world is changing. We know that part is not hard to see. The change is evident. What we speak of now is what it is changing into. Most of you see the chaos, the hatred that seems to be growing, and it is. Most of you see the people struggling and being displaced and you see the children being abused. All of this is transpiring as your world returns to the Light. For you see Beloveds, that which is not of the Light must be brought out of the shadows as the Light shines brighter on Earth. Can you see this? Can you understand why this must be so? Can you see how all this darkness is truly a sign that the Light is shining brighter? Indeed it is so. The reason that all this hatred and darkness is so prevalent in your world right now is because, what was for so long hidden behind the dark curtain, is now being revealed by the increase of light on your planet. When you shine enough light into a room, the shadows no longer exist. However, what was there is still there, only revealed now in the light that is streaming into the room. Suddenly you can see the cobwebs in the corners and the dust on the table. It was always there but less visible when there was less light.

And so it is in your world right now. What you are seeing, and what is “coming to Light” in your media, is what has always been there but hidden from you. We say this so that you can avoid falling into fear when you feel like suddenly there is more hatred, more war, more evil in your world. That is not so. There is now more light that is bringing all of this darkness “to the light of day”! (They are using these analogies about the use of ‘light’ in our language so we can connect with how they were used in the past when they became a part of our language – a time when there was a greater understanding in one’s daily expression of the power of the Light). Yes. We want you to see how much you use light in your language for it is time to return to that understanding.

For we ask you, what is the Light? What does that mean to you? Let us clarify that you have the great analogy in your duality existence of light and dark, good and evil. The good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black. That is because you have always known that the shadow of darkness is there – the black – and the goodness of light has always been there as well, in a great battle to return the earth to its original intention – to be a planet of love. That was lost long ago but not forever. You are returning to your Light as Beings of Love. You are returning as you cry out against that evil that has existed on this plane of existence and harm that it has brought about.

And so we come before you this day to say that all is well. Oh, you may question that. How can you say all is well? Do you not see what is happening? Of course we see and we say all is well. The light is winning over the dark and enough of humanity is waking up to the way of it all to be a force against the evil and darkness that has been ruling this earth for far too long. The love that you awaken within you will be the love that creates a new world. Do you see this Beloveds? Your world needs more love, that is apparent. And that love comes from you – each one of you. The more you can live in this chaos and see love, the more you will see pure love in your world. That is the magic. That is the untold truth. You must be the Light you seek. You must find the way to hold a vision in your inner world that is not necessarily a reflection of the vision that you see in the outside world. That is how you make change. That is how you demand a new direction. Change happens because people have a vision. The more they share, the more that vision expands. It starts with one thought that expands in the original thinker. Then they share that thought and it expands in another. Soon it is gathering momentum as it is shared with more and more. This is what we are here for. We are here to support you in creating the new vision of the new life you want for yourself and all of humanity. We are here to create the new vision for this precious planet and all life that lives upon her.

Beloveds, know that you have the power to change it all. You have the power to be at peace with what is. That is a choice you must make. You can get lost in the media that is feeding you fear and lies so that you will stay hypnotized, or you can make the choice to step back into your power as a sovereign human being and find the Will of the Creator within yourself and put the force of light back into your veins and proclaim, from a state of full empowerment, your right to be and do as you choose.

Beloveds – many of you are waiting to be rescued and we say to you, that simply is not going to happen. You came here as empowered Beings and you must show yourselves that you have that power. You must take responsibility for your own life and decide what you will accept. It is time to let go of the fear that has held you back for so long. Courage is required to break out of the old paradigm and dare to be different. Many are doing this. They are giving up the corporate world, realizing that it is a life of slavery. Instead they are choosing the freedom of living how they choose, doing what they love. And what do they have to give up in order to make that happen? The seeming security of the 9 to 5 job. The imagined dependence on the pay cheque. The truth is that most who live that way spend most of the pay cheque on things and stuff, trying to find the joy that would come from choosing a simpler life. We say to you that many who choose a simpler life are much, much, much happier than when they were in the corporate world. Yes, you may have to settle on less income and yet, many find that there is such an increased sense of freedom that it feels like it gain, not loss.

And so we say to you Dearest, beloved channels of Light on this sacred planet earth, we love you so. We send encouragement to believe in your dreams – in your desires. Do not dismiss them as impossible. Anything – and we mean pretty much anything – is possible. The only problem is that you are trained to have limited thinking. You are trained to stop yourselves from dreaming big. Look for it within yourself and you will see it. What are your dreams? What would you like to see change in your life? Ask yourself that and then ask, why aren’t you making the change – living the dream? What fear comes up immediately as soon as you have the vision of change? Do you tell yourself that your house is so grand that you couldn’t possibly give it up or sell it? Do you tell yourself that the security of your salary is so strong that you wouldn’t dare challenge the universe to replace it? What do you convince yourself of, not knowing the expansiveness of the universe?

The truth is, life could offer you so much that you would have trouble accepting it. But you cannot see it and therefore you don’t believe in it. You have lost the way of magic. You have lost the faith that life is working for you instead of against you. You have limited your thinking, allowing the mind to control you instead of believing in the inner promptings of the heart. Most of you don’t even recognize what your heart wants because you won’t allow yourself to accept the change that may be required in following your heart.

So, we leave you this day and ask you to take these questions into consideration. Do you want change in your life? How is that going to happen if you are not willing to change your way of life? How can you ask for life to change without being willing to change?? We want you to know that, if you believe it can be so, the universe will support you. But you must believe it. You cannot say, OK, the universe is going to support me in leaving my job and moving into the wilderness and making a living online while also holding the belief that it won’t work. You must be in harmonic resonance within your heart with the faith that you will be looked after. Then it will be so. As we have said, you are creating your reality.

So Beloveds, we invite you to begin by believing that your life can be different from what you currently are living. That is the hardest part for most humans to learn in these new energies. You must find the way to believe in something better while still living in the life you are choosing to change. This is the beginning practice. Allow this to be your mantra: “even though my life appears to be limited by lack of money, I know I am an expanded Being and I now choose and receive great abundance”. Do this over and over until you start to believe it is possible. Start noticing where you feel abundant. And know Beloveds that this word abundant is a conscious choice. It means more than money, it means loving relationships, enough food to eat, enough financial resources to meet your needs, enough personal time for relaxation. All of this comes into a life well lived. It is more than money. It also allows room for riches to come from other sources than just money. Perhaps you have a garden to grow all your produce, thus requiring less money. Perhaps you have friends who help out with household needs. Perhaps you have an older car but more time to play.

And so we leave you now as we offer these Light Transmissions of understanding the new way of being human on this beloved earth. The changes that are upon you are not going to suddenly disappear as life falls back into the old way of being. That would be fruitless. Instead, you must learn how to navigate these times and find balance and stasis within yourself amidst the change. That is the way of it and that is the way back to your power as a human. It is within you. Do not give your power to another in any way. Do not pretend to be weak. Give up the feeling of being a victim. You are only a victim if you decide to be so. You do not need to know the way forward and out of victimhood. You only need be willing to return a state of empowerment, and let your Guides and angels know that is what you are choosing, and they will support you in the movement forward into your strength and the knowing that you have all you need to be the empowered human you are. It is a choice. Choose to see the Light of Love around you Dear Ones. Choose to find your way back to the spark of Light that is the Divine within you. All is moving toward Love in your world. The darkness is being illuminated. Do not get lost in the despair of what is being revealed by the Light. Instead remember that as the shadows are cast out of the room, what is revealed must find its way to the Light. As it is illumined it is no longer dark. We will leave this for your consideration.

Know that all the love of the Divine is available to you. Remember to ask for our support and the support of your Guides. When you ask, all the love of the many realms of existence bow to support you. We love you so. We encourage you to remember your brilliance and we bow to you for the courage and bravery of being here in these transformative times of evolution upon this, your planet Earth.

And so it is. We are the Council of Nine, Beloved channels of the Creator of All That Is.

**Source **Channel: Rashana