President Trump Has NO Intention Of Conceding The Election

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomPresident Trump has NO intention of conceding the election, despite MSM lies.

An Anon has made an interesting connection between a recent POTUS tweet about not conceding – and a Cue drop.

There have been no new Cue drops since 13th November. It usually means a lot of action behind the scenes.

Cue has talked about a Sky Event. Stormy Patriot Joe points to this ‘Sky’ event on 5th December (5:5).

President Trump’s Twitter follower count has dropped by 100,000 to 88.8 million. Cue drop 888…

Great summary from an Anon of the case Sidney Powell has against Dominion.

This Anon points out that President Trump has NEVER said that Sidney Powell is on his legal team. She is AMERICA’S attorney, fighting for the freedom of ALL Americans.

A quote from Sidney Powell reminds us WHY she has to remain neutral during the on-folding drama.

President Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis explains Sidney Powell’s role in the election fraud investigation.

This is an excellent thread about the overall Alliance Plan. It’s a long thread but worth the read.

Laura Eisenhower is a fearless highly intelligent Light Warrior. I recommend watching her videos.

Send prayers to the brave Light Warriors in Germany, fighting for their freedom – and ours.

Fifty million people in USA are travelling for Thanksgiving. Their message is loud and clear – no more virus BS.

Finally, Trump supporters give Californian Governor Gavin ‘Loathsome’ feedback on his 10pm curfew. Love it!

It is SO important to hold the line, World Patriots. Have no fears, no doubts. Please TRUST THE PLAN.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)