Ivo of Vega: People Who Shouldn’t Follow Channelers

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomI am being criticized (again) on what looks to be conflicting information.

One thing I know is that when I channel:

1. I release information to the public as it is appropriate to do so, so ETs may appear to be withholding information. THEY ARE! Information is Light, and we only can collectively hold so much Light. We can only carry so much Truth at a time to manifest or to prevent from manifesting what we’re being told. When you do your shadow work and purify your light body, you can hold more light and avail yourself to more truth. If you don’t, you’ll have a problem with people like me.

Information is released to lightworkers so that we can work at resolving the problems. When Ashtar says that the white house will physically be fought over in November but never mentioned it in September or October if and when he said that a legal battle will ensue over the presidency, it’s because he either didn’t want us to know so that we would not manifest that event, and now that it is in the offing, a potential, he mentions it because he wants us to stop it. We’re the ones who can stop every doom and gloom forecast he foresees. It’s our world. And we are working with the Light. Many of us are part of the Galactic Federation.

2. What I channel depends on what timeline I’m on. I believe it’s a violation of my free will and universal law to give me a channeling that doesn’t align with my current frequency. If I channel in a bad mood, I will probably get a gloomy forecast. If I channel when my frequency is high, I will get a more positive channeling.

3. When Ashtar or Ivo predict, which I don’t like them doing, but when they do it, they are predicting potentials. It’s not written in stone. The closer we are to actually manifesting what they’re talking about, the more likely they are to appear correct.

4. Ashtar said that earth has two natural moons and he said that earth has no natural moons. One is 5D earth and the other is 3D earth. We may start to see new moons appearing in 4D earth as the veil drops.

To people who are black and white thinkers, who think everything you say is written in stone and cannot be changed, they will have a hard time with channelers and psychic mediums. If they knew how many timelines are playing out at any given time, they couldn’t comprehend the odds of something happening. Insisting that everything happen the way it was predicted at a certain point in time is ridiculous. That’s why I date my work. The information is current at that point in time, it’s been released to us at that point in time, and the likelihood that it can change is also a factor in channelers appearing to be quacks.

I’m not even sure if all channelers even know this is going on, but consider the odds of any event happening or not, and how many timelines are being carried out at any given time. In some timelines, you’re already dead, for example. So am I.

If you think this is all for entertainment, you’re wrong. This is a plan of the Light that is coordinated between different dimensions and you’re part of that. You have to consider the magnanimity of this whole operation!

Lightworkers are here to raise the frequency, that means to manifest collectively better results for this planet and all people on her. For a long time, there were predictions of a horrendous calamity on earth, with fires and many people dying, but in 2012 we made it safely past that apocalyptic event.

For the person who is inflexible in their thinking, don’t follow a channeler. You’re best to wait until it happens because your ability to deal with the true quantum nature of reality is very limited.

Personal responsibility is what is asked of all lightworkers. If you can’t take responsibility for your part in this, sorry, go stick your head in the sand again. You’re not ready to help this planet. That’s why Ivo and I discuss doing your shadow work. Until you do, you’ll be more limited in the ways you can consciously assist the Light.

And to the critic, if you’re only looking for things that you can criticize, if you’re looking for the small percentage of messages you feel are wrong, you’ve got the wrong focus. You’re looking for what’s wrong with my channelings, you’re not looking for what’s right with my channelings. And that’s probably your outlook in life as well – finding fault with whatever you can instead of enjoying and being grateful for what’s good in life. I really don’t want anything to do with you and you won’t be that much help to the Light either because you have a negative focus.

When you see our messages with predictions, the idea is that you need to put your energy into messages that you want to come to fruition and pull your energy away from messages that you don’t want to come to fruition. That’s why Ivo is insistent that you stop watching TV. You’re putting your energy into the wrong messages, that’s guaranteed. You’re watching deep state propaganda and you’re the source of energy they’re using to support that artificial timeline. I know many of you don’t think you’re that powerful, but you are. Why do you think you’re here?

Ivo: This is correct, my love. You are the Ground Crew of the Galactic Federation, and you work with us. We do tell you what to anchor on the planet, and what not to anchor. You are here to anchor the Light, you are correct, and Light is information. So we tell you what we desire you to manifest. This is by agreement. You are all very aware of this from your astral voyages up to the ships at night time. You are aware of what you must do. You are aware, subconsciously, of who you should follow in order to facilitate your life plan. Sharon is one such information giver. There are many.

As for those who criticize, yes, your glasses are on backwards. It is disappointing, I’m certain, to see apparent conflicting information given by the same source but as Sharon just explained, it is not conflicting. However, she is not happy with your need to point out faults in her work. Would you be? If your boss continually pointed out your mistakes, how would you feel? Yet your social media is set up to facilitate this. When you do so, you are in the Matrix and attempting to pull her down with you.

This will not happen. She will cut you loose rather than align with your negative view of our work. I shake my head and am astounded at your propensity for negativity. She in fact is speaking to beings who exist on higher planes, in higher dimensions of consciousness, which she works at daily to bring you messages, knowing that last week’s messages are most likely already forgotten, she continues to do this work anyway. Yet all you can do is to criticize her? When you think of the marvel of what she is accomplishing, and has suffered dark attacks throughout her entire life to be able to do for you now, all you can do is criticize rather than ask a question. When you ask with curiosity why these events are being foretold in a way you do not understand, rather than attacking her for her messages, is that perhaps not a more effective way to go about the matter?

Me: Some people have to attack, Ivo, that’s their nature. They have to attack rather than to think, God forbid, there’s something wrong with their interpretation of the message. Those people I don’t deal with. I don’t bother justifying myself to them, I just block them.

If you have a question, there are ways to get me to see them. But I only speak to people who aren’t out to attack me and trash me out. I just don’t bother with their dimension anymore. People have to learn to stop being this way, but not on my dime, you’re not. I don’t like being criticized. It’s an attack and it serves no purpose.

One time someone angrily emailed me, criticizing me for Ivo’s message in, “What You Need to Know Now.” He complained that Ivo is usually so loving yet the message was so dire in this book. The reason it was so dire was because that was what we were potentially manifesting at that point in time, and frankly a lot of what he said has already come true.

Another person commented that I should stop talking about myself in my videos. Okay, that’s fine, I will. Let’s use you as an example then. Oh, you don’t want to do that? Well, then walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll get to know how it feels to be as vulnerable to attackers as I make myself, putting all my faults out in front of the world to learn from, and doing that even after having been attacked by my own parents for the first twenty years of my life. That’s recovery. That’s power. You’ll notice that every other teacher/messenger of the Light NEVER makes a point of displaying their flaws to the public. They only write from the standpoint of the informed lightbringer, never from a position of such vulnerability. That’s why our work is unique, and I think easier to learn from because you can relate to it.

Ivo: I believe it is as well. Without real life examples, with emotional reactions as examples, then you have strictly intellect. Our messages combine intellect, emotion, intuition and higher guidance as we speak of metaphysics, esoterica, science of energy, quantum physics and more. All as we explain the dynamics of what is going on with your neighbours.

Me: What was that funny computer noise I heard this morning? I woke up and hear a beeping mechanical noise outside my window. There was no reason for someone’s computer to be outside of my window. I have never heard that noise before.

Ivo: At times you are capable of hearing into other dimensions.

Me: Do you have a robot following me or something?

Ivo: We do have electronic devices that track you. The ball you see above you always, what you call the disco ball, is electronic if you wish to call it that, our version of electronica, that is.

Me: Tell it to be quiet because when it beeps I start looking around for strange things.

Ivo: So we have declared our boundaries and obviously the work will go on, as usual. There are bound to be people who are dissatisfied with what we do, for whatever reason, and that is their personal business. We do not accept attackers. We will not entertain them.

Timelines are splitting out now, and there will be less of this to work with. Once December 21st is by then there will be more love and less of the attacking. Your social media platforms will change as well.

Me: I’ve got that handled. Nobody that follows me attacks me because I hold that expectation. Our minds are brilliant things when we learn to use them properly.

Ivo: Which is what these messages we relay are about. Using the greatest tool you are given on earth – your mind.

Me: Thanks Ivo.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart