Fleet Command: We Are In Your Skies

star family contact eraoflightdotcomIt is with much love and joy that we greet you, Dear Ones. We have been watching over you in your skies for many years, making sure that you and Mother Earth are safe. But first, let us introduce ourselves.

We are beings from various planets who have volunteered to carry out these duties under Ashtar Command. There are now myriads of us in your skies, for you are in the final stages of the process of Ascension. Therefore the many forces of light are protecting and aiding you in this final death struggle against the Forces of Darkness… those evil ones who have kept you captive in subjugation to them and their greedy control of your lives for eons of time.

In the early 80’s there were many predictions–notably from the Mayan Calendar, Nostradomus, and Edgar Cayce–that Mother Earth would ascend, but her humanity would be destroyed in the shift during Ascension. It was necessary that Mother Earth finally ascend, since all the other planets in your Solar System had already gone through their ascension process. The Universe was literally waiting for this final planetary ascension.

Fortunately, through the Harmonic Convergence event and other means, it was discovered that there were enough ‘righteous people’ on planet Earth to allow her humanity to ascend with her.

This is now that time, Beloved Ones! Know and rejoice!

You cannot see at this moment in time what we can see from the other side of the veil. Our view of what is happening on the planet is actually a reverse of what you know and see. Those few who can see with ‘different eyes’ can see what we are seeing, but their voices are often muted by the consensus of humanity — and that is sad. Could you believe them, your lives would be filled with so much more hope and joy.

In another channeled message we shall tell you more about ourselves and Fleet Command, for we are truly not that much different from you. There were only seven of our spaceships in your skies when this channel began working with us in the 1990’s. It is now a very different scenario, and so we have once again enlisted the services of this very special channel. We might add, she likes brevity, and so we shall sign off now.

We bless and thank you for giving us a chance for our voice to be heard.

**Channel: Beth Stormont