Gemini Moon: It’s Time to Unite the Twins

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomThe Moon is in the air sign of Gemini from 12/1- 12/3, and making a grand trine with Venus in Libra, and Neptune in Aquarius. It’s time to heal together, and use positive thoughts when we communicate. In Western Sidereal Astrology, these signs of the zodiac are in the heavens now, and we can see our world from a very different perspective.

What if I told you that the US was born under the sign of Gemini, the twins, on July 4, instead of Cancer? And that this air sign rules the media, the lower mind, and communications.

Geminis are very sensitive to vibrations, and were considered to be the telepath in ancient times, warning their community of danger from other tribes or dangerous animals. The other side is the messenger, who shared critical information to help the tribes communicate with each other, and served as the bridge to connect them with those in the outlying areas.

How many of you can relate to these 2 sides and just need to unplug from all the noise in the world sometimes?

Suddenly our obsession with the Covid crisis, and the election takes on a much deeper meaning. Does it matter which side is right, if it has created a huge divide in our United States, and caused pain and conflict between us each moment? Or do we need to awaken as Americans to the deeper spiritual truth that’s being shown to us?

Let’s shine the light with our bright smiles and hearts of gratitude to help those that are struggling. Then we can create an amazing month of December, and new year of 2021.