The Higher Purpose of the Ego

energy waves eraoflightdotcomSigmund Freud and traditional psychology has its own definition of the ego but let’s expand this concept and understand its greater purpose in your life. There is an aspect of you in the third-dimensional reality termed “ego.”

Many of us have been taught to believe the ego is a problem and something we want to eliminate and be free of. Many on their spiritual journey do battle with the ego and see it as the nemesis of their spiritual growth. The ego has been blamed for getting us into social trouble and causing us to say and do things that are not in our highest good. As you move about your day, you can even recognize when others act from, and are motivated by this unconscious demon. The spiritual goal of many traditions involves the dissolving of the ego and once that occurs, one’s own true, higher self will be experienced and demonstrated in the world.

Let’s take a moment and view this aspect of ourselves from a different platform. Consider that the ego is an important, valuable part of our spiritual experience in a physical body, not something to be rid of. After all, you have it in your life for some reason. As you begin to vibrate at higher levels of energy and light, you will find that your ego is actually a part of your soul’s blueprint, your soul’s plan. You intentionally included this in your 3D experience for a very important and valuable purpose. The ego, instead of something to fight with, can be seen as another tool on your tool bench. Its purpose is to test you; to give you pop-quizzes along your path to better refine your abilities, perspective and way of being. The ego’s job is to help you step up to higher and finer platforms to become who you came here to be.

If you want to become a master gardener, you would have to learn how to grow your vegetables in the complex and seasonal weather conditions of your area. You would be continually challenged to understand how much water, sun, nutrients your tomatoes need and how that mix is different than what your cucumbers need. You would also have to learn how to prevent insects and rabbits from devouring your crops. If you’re going to be a master of this third-dimensional reality, you are also continually tested and given new circumstances to navigate. It is as if the ego is saying “You did a great job with that situation. You kept your mouth shut and didn’t respond. Now under this new yet similar circumstance, what would you do? And with this other situation before you, how do you choose to respond? If part of this life’s challenge is to master courage, then in this situation, how do you choose to demonstrate courage?”

As you continue to move forward and step into these higher fourth and fifth dimensions, a number of things happen. The ego stops being as active or dominant as it was in the third dimension. You begin to integrate with your soul. As you begin to integrate with your soul, you begin to find an awareness that is accessible to you which allows you to start to know yourself. You begin to know what your soul knows. It also means you are now in the higher dimensional body.

In a recent conversation with Archangel Metatron, he commented, “The average human operates at 75% unconscious and 25% conscious.” As you begin to live and play upon a higher platform of awareness, you will begin to see the opportunities to step out of this game.

You see, this is really not about getting out of the third dimension, for that is going to happen soon anyway. It’s about mastering the third dimension. It’s about understanding how to play with the vibrations of the higher dimensions while you are in this dense physical body.

The ego is a wonderful tool to help you master duality without being affected by it. You will soon be able step into simultaneous time and choose the possibility that you wish to experience. It’s all available, but it’s a very different consideration than the ones we’ve had available to us up to now.

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