Archangel Gabriel: Trusting the Soul’s Journey

lightworker eraoflightdotcomYou can only move at the speed that is perfect for you. Thinking that you’ve got it wrong, that you’ve taken too long, that you should be moving faster, only makes you miss the beauty and wonder of the unfoldment of your soul’s evolution – a divinely intelligent system that is designed to move at the pace that best supports you and allows all the elements to fall into place for your greatest success and growth.

The idea that it can be wrong in any way is not only faulty, it denies the comfort that is available for you through the faith, trust, and acceptance that your now moment is serving you.

So trust, Dear Ones! It is safe to trust in your soul and your journey, even if you don’t know all the details. Honour your divine guidance. Your personal growth, your expansion, your knowledge, your twin flame journey, your spiritual development, your healing, your releasing, your integration of energies – all of it will unfold with divine perfection.

You just need to keep showing up, stay true to your dreams, trust and move with the energies, and accept there is wisdom and purpose to whatever is being supported in any now moment. Harnessing the gifts of both the ebbs and the flows is exactly how you stay in the empowered forward movement you seek.

**Source **Channel: Shelley Young