Benjamin Fulford Full Report: It is Time to Rewrite the History Books as Liberty Dawns on Humanity

era of light alternative news connectionDecember 2020 will be remembered as when the tide of history decisively turned and an ancient evil force suffered defeat.  The White Hats are winning the secret war for Planet Earth and the liberation of humanity is an imminent certainty.

People will witness the confirmation of Donald Trump’s decisive victory in the U.S. presidential election and the movement toward forced vaccination in the U.S. will end.  This turning of the tide will snowball and people will watch history unfold as an ancient Satanic ruling class is overthrown.  The history books will have to be totally rewritten when the dust finally settles.

However, as a victory for the good guys is gaining ground rapidly the battle rages on and the Deep State swamp creatures are fighting to the death knowing they are doomed.

This week we will not look deeply into the battle over the U.S. presidential election because that has been thoroughly covered elsewhere.  We will only say that our sources confirm Donald Trump has won his re-election by a landslide and Joe Biden is about to enter the US witness protection program.

We can also confirm the Swiss bank UBS sold the election stealing Dominion voting machine maker to the Communist Chinese.  This means the U.S. military and intelligence agencies will be hunting down and capturing for interrogation purposes many people, starting with UBS management and Davos World Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab.  Arrests in the U.S. are already well underway, Pentagon sources confirm.

If you want to know what Schwab is up to, see what Alberta Premier Jason Kenny has to say about him.

What Kenny does not say is that it is Schwab and his bosses who engineered the entire Covid-19 nightmare so they could “Reset” the financial system in a way that leaves them in control.

Arrests in the US are already well underway, Pentagon sources confirm.  Here is what our CIA sources had to say about the fate of former CIA Director Gina Haspel:

“She was definitely taken out, but not before she gave up, what she thought was her ‘get out of jail free pass’ of back up data that contains all black ops she oversaw during her tenure as Director and earlier.

The story going around that she was taken to Gitmo, debriefed and will be given a new face and prints and disappear from sight is another spin.

She is gone. Not to be heard from again. If anything more is needed from her a CGI-hologram is all it takes.”

While the contest for the Constitutional Republic is on course, another battle is now raging around the fake pandemic and plans to vaccinate the world’s population with toxins.

To understand this, take a look at the table below, sent by an alert reader of our newsletter.  It compares the current Covid-19 campaign to the methods used by the Communist Chinese to brainwash American prisoners of war during the Korean War.


It shows how isolation, threats, constant fear propaganda, rewards for obedience, etc. are combined to cow people into total submission.  It is obvious from this chart that what we are witnessing is an attempt to create a Communist World Government, controlled by the Chinese and with the Khazarian Mafia acting as their bankers.

Moreover, the Communist Chinese themselves take orders from a secretive governing body in Switzerland. This is what’s known, in low whispered voices, as the Octagon Group.

This chart of corporate media control shows how these power structures work.

Here what MI6 has to say about the so-called Covid-19 crisis:

“We see the creation of the public health emergency and the proposed responses or remedies as Ordo ab Chao in Stealth State Capture at a global level – this is the pure military mind thinking and difficult for civilians to grasp because of the sheer scale and complexity of the theatre.

An intelligence dossier and analysis has been sent to the Joint British and Irish Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, MI6 says.   This is why a military response is now underway. The Russian military, the British military, and the Pentagon are now…

operating in Switzerland and Germany to hunt down the leaders of this campaign, according to MI6, FSB, and Pentagon sources.

The whole pandemic campaign is highly illegal at all levels of domestic, European and internal law not to mention a being, In Fact, a Coup d’État.  This latest episode involving a vaccination campaign in response to a so-called Pandemic all based on highly dubious facts and also indicating very dangerous effects on health by the vaccinations themselves, leading to death, is a reminder those behind this are murderous, genocidal criminals – in short perpetrating an Undeclared Act of War.

Without proper military intervention around the world, this global vaccination campaign is merely the thin edge of a wedge of a future so dark as to be unimaginable.”

Our FSB source was much briefer and to the point saying “We need to act NOW.”

To understand what is at stake you must realize that politicians now in power all over the Western world are publicly promising and trying to inject people with a highly toxic vaccine.

For a detailed understanding take a look at this restraining order filed by the former top scientist of leading vaccine maker Pfizer Michael Yeadon and former Chair of the Parliamentary Council of Europe’s Health Committee Wolfgang Wodarg.

The vaccine contains, among other things, a protein that causes the immune system of women to attack their own placenta, thus rendering it infertile.

Click to access Wodarg_Yeadon_EMA_Petition_Pfizer_Trial_FINAL_01DEC2020_EN_unsigned_with_Exhibits.pdf

In addition, the vaccines contain RFID chips which, according to Japanese government sources, contain the markings of the animals’ identification numbers.

If you don’t think this is possible, take a look at this photo in Hitachi’s 2006 press release, which shows that even then they had RFID chips small enough to inject into people.

The current rulers of the West want people to be forced to accept these RFID chip injections and carry a vaccination card so they can ensure that humanity remains enslaved forever.

Here, for example, is Ontario, as Canada’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams says:

What may be obligatory is a vaccination certificate to have leeway and freedom to move around without personal protective equipment. – Chief Medical Director, Dr Williams

– CrasHTalk (@CrasTalk) December 3, 2020

Here is an example of the kind of markings on the animal passport that the soon to be arrested western leaders want us to carry around with them. Rest assured that this will not happen.

The people responsible for this campaign are systematically hunted down and killed. We have only one message for them: “Surrender or die.

We must also understand that what is at stake is far greater than the overthrow of governments. This is about the future of humanity and the planet. The satanic ruling class has always used fear to control us: fear of communists, fear of terrorists, fear of pandemics, etc. It is guilt slavery based on terror.

If these people are overthrown, humanity will be free to imagine an ideal future and then figure out how to really make it happen. Here is an example of the kind of change that will take place. The current rulers allegedly want to vaccinate us to protect us from dying of a pandemic.

The same people, however, are suppressing the science that fights the real main cause of death, degeneration in old age. Below you will find a link to one of the countless scientific articles I have read over the years that show a discovery that reverses the aging process just to have a damper put on you.

Despite all promises, the treatment shows that the article states that there will be a long way before people can be treated, i.e. never. Do you see the hypocrisy? You want to short-circuit vaccine safety tests because people are dying, but you want to prevent cures for the real causes of death from being made available to the public.

A longer, healthy life will be possible if we overthrow the Satanic ruling class; this is a scientific fact. Old age is already a treatable disease, but the working class is prevented from seeking treatment.

Moreover, the West must also end its civil war and revolution as quickly as possible, otherwise China will leave us in the dust. Just in the last few days, while the West remains paralyzed by the fear of pornography and political power struggles of Covid-19, China has successively announced astounding scientific breakthroughs.

They have created an artificial sun that provides virtually free, unlimited energy; they have developed a jet engine that can take us anywhere on Earth in two hours; they have announced a quantum computer 100 trillion times faster than the world’s fastest existing supercomputer, and they are producing genetically enhanced super-soldiers.

So if the Westerners do not want to end up as Chinese slaves, they should hurry up and remove their parasitic and murderous ruling class.

And, rest assured, people, it will happen.

Therefore, we should all give special thanks to the US President Donald Trump for liberating the Republic of the United States of America and putting the most powerful armed forces in the world firmly on the side of good.

Since today, December 7, is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, I would also like to share with the readers a few lines (with an amended word) from the Potsdam Declaration, which announced the surrender at the end of World War II:

The authority and influence of those who have deceived and misled the people of the West must be removed for all time, so that they may begin the conquest of the world, because we insist that a new order of peace, security and justice will be impossible unless irresponsible militarism is driven out of the world.

The Japanese have fulfilled their part of the bargain; they are now peaceful. They returned the favor.

Without Japanese intellectuals like Ota Ryu, we in the West would never have known of the existence of a secret Western satanic ruling class that has kept us as slaves for thousands of years.

This knowledge of the truth will set us free.