Archangel Hope: Subtle Divine Guidance as a Force in your Life

new light human eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

You may not perceive subtle guidance as a Force to be reckoned with …YET, but know that powerful guiding energies are working very surely in your life.

The spiritual practices and time you take to refine your energy system brings you access that you have never experienced before this pivotal time.

Life has expanded in many ways that are new to your nervous system and ability to mentally compute the situations facing your life now.

Your accurate awareness of the guidance working for you is reliant on your feelings. Follow your interests, passion and curiosity then notice how you feel. There will be a sense of inspiration and an accompanying uplift of energy within you. These excited feelings are the guiding links from Source to you.

When your heart softens with compassion, you feel compelled to be in nature, or suddenly you feel the need to stop and slow down in order to breathe more deeply and take in the environment, these are also guiding impulses from your inner Spirit.

Maybe you have been noticing synchronicities. A book may fall off the shelf open to a page that answers a question you have contemplated; you are driving and hear on the radio the subject that you are most curious about; or an idea for new work comes to you and suddenly you find people discussing these ideas wherever you go.

These are the guiding achievements that encourage you to pay attention.

You are always being encouraged by your soul in directions that empower your life.

Change is another way God speaks to you. Ask to see the gifts in swift and sudden change. Sometimes when you will not act in your benefit, the Universe steps in to bring the changes necessary for your life’s new trajectory into your awareness.

This is a time to pay careful attention to your signs, signals and synchronicities. When you do, you will never doubt that you are being guided, blessed and truly loved by the Universal Forces of Good working in your life. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

For Archangel Hope

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