Sananda: The Bread of Life

sananda image eraoflightdotcomBeloved children of men,

It is time to inform you of what happened then, and this truth will liberate you. Your hearts will blossom and the wait for salvation will be fulfilled.

I am the one you know as Jesus Christ.

And today I give these messages through this person who is very familiar to me and has been connected to me in love since eternity. So trust this biography, because the channel is pure and clear.

So we turn to today’s topic and again it is the all-encompassing, unconditional love that is to be experienced. By all who are of good will, by those who long for it and seek its hidden truth.

When I was among you in the human body, questions about love were commonplace and many people could not find a way to develop and make real their capacity for love. The power of external circumstances was too great. For in a world of lovelessness it was difficult to live love.

And again today I hear your questions. How should I love?

How can I succeed, when social coldness, social harshness and intolerance are commonplace? Where should I start without harming myself?

I hear these questions and they are unchanged, for thousands of years, since the fall of Atlantis. That moment marked the beginning of darkness on earth. The relapse into the deep, destructive power of human ignorance.

After Atlantis was destroyed, a completely different humanity emerged. It was the last step, into the complete matter, this solid dimension.

The divine light of love did not reach the people anymore and the millennia of wars, destruction, abuse of every kind and darkness, began.

It was such a tremendous step of human beings into darkness that the whole universe felt great respect and love for you.

Will you ever find your way back into the light? Will you get back into your essence of love?

Over all this time, you have been trained and educated. You were born and after a short life you came back to the spirit world.

There you were trained to advance in the following rebirth and to be brought closer to the mystery of your eternity. You have been born, died and been born again. Many times and of your own free will.


The darkness dissolves and the divine light floods the earth.

It spreads unstoppably and for the first time in a long time, your questions, your pleas and your turning to the light find a direct echo.

The time of oppression, the time of hatred and unkindness is over. This new age leads you back into your being. Your questions you ask now – for the last time. So how should you love?

Please accept first that love knows no restrictions! It is always absolute and you can create this reality only out of your unconditionality.

So love unconditionally. Everything and everyone. Do not make an exception.

Your “enemy” should be your test, your test. Transform your inner energies into love. Detach yourself from the old, hindering emotions. But above all, detach yourself from your fears.

Today your love falls on fertile ground and the fear of disappointment is no longer justified. The energy of love is THE energy for this age.

As the earth renews itself, ascends and brings God’s work to completion, the light of love is also leading you back to perfection.

The past ages have accumulated incredible forces of sorrow and hatred. This power must be discharged, and so at present there are an unusual number of natural disasters, wars and often spontaneous discharges of fear energies.

But do not be afraid, it is necessary and a purifying process which leads to lasting peace. Please begin to love. And love yourself first.

Look at your heart, look at your inner self and observe your feelings. Where do fears or unresolved conflicts rise up in you?

Call me or Archangel Michael so that we may dissolve your burdens. For your liberated heart is the prerequisite to absorb the divine light of love. Thus, your fear of living love – is overcome.

You create your reality yourself.

This generally valid divine law determines your being there.

Start to listen to your feeling. Ask your heart what is good for you. Practice it, success is certain for you, if you do not despair and patiently know how to celebrate your small progress.

As soon as you have found yourself in this new reality, you are completely in your divine power.

What hindered you is gone and you love. Now you perceive the world differently. All suffering is taken from you and pain goes forever.

Now is the time when your self-transformation bears fruit. And you don’t have to wait for another life, for your body to die again. You create this new reality. Now.

Dare to take this step out of darkness into light. The time has finally come. Finally and definitively.

After you have taken your first steps into your heart, you will immediately notice that changes are taking place all around you. In this age, the return of Mother Earth and the human children to divine oneness, the transformations are happening before your eyes. Be ready for miracles, for there will be many.

Your love is changing the world.

The social hardship and the social deformities will go, as you release your hardship and your personal “deformities”.

You are accomplishing so much and now the time is ripe for you to find final salvation. So clear your thoughts, clear your emotions and be clear in your actions.

Observe yourself and allow yourself to change. Allow yourself to be yourself again. Allow yourself to see your image.

The veil that has kept this from you until now has become thin. Push it aside and see your divinity.

It is love and only love that heals you, redeems you and brings you peace. To love, freely and unconditionally, that is what you are called to do.

And for this purpose you came to earth again this time. Every human being on this planet has this life task, which has remained hidden until now: to love, to radiate your light into creation.

The time has come for the incorporation of Mother Earth into the expanding creation, as a jewel vibrating in the divine light. And the complete healing of all life on Earth is at the end of this process.

By releasing your fears and destructive feelings, patterns and blockages, you are doing your part in this transformation.

It is your own personal contribution. And no one else can do this for you.

Now turn to your inner world, to your soul, so that you can take courage, so that you can lift your gaze, so that you can stretch out your hands, so that you can say: I am ready to accept this gift, to love my freedom.

Notice how the world has become a different place as you read this. Do you feel more liberated, without worry and uplifted at this moment?

It is because your heart energy is activated and your inner power is awakening. You are in your center. There is no fear there.

No hate can take possession of you. Confidence, courage and love – you experience it now.

So multiply these moments after you put the book aside.

Be aware, you can hold this energy level. It just takes practice and your consistency.

And moments become many moments until you are fully immersed in this energy of love and draw from it. Day after day and at every hour.

This source never runs dry and your heart contains this ever-filling vessel. The divine nourishment for creation. You are forever satiated.

“…from heaven it rained bread, and the people did not suffer hunger.”

The bread of life and the eternal fountain of living water.

“…So five thousand people satisfied themselves from five loaves of bread and from two fish.”

The Word of God drove away the hunger of the five thousand. And indeed, all were satiated.

Fish and bread were not enough and when I began to speak, they forgot their hunger. They listened to me and through that this “miracle” occurred. My brothers distributed what they had, but all felt satiated.

Over the years, this event has been distorted and taken literally. It was indeed a miracle, but not of the kind reported to you. Only the Word of God satisfies and His love quenches the thirst. So it was then and so it is today.

In these parables you will find the eternally satisfying bread and the water of life. For the awakened heart immediately receives the Word of God and feeds on it.

The food for your soul. And once your soul is satiated, you have no more hunger. You forget your thirst, for you have drunk of the water of life. You forget your hunger, for you have eaten of the bread of the Father.

The Word of God has become light and settles in your heart.

Now go and love until you are filled, until you feed completely on the water and the bread of the Father. Go and bear your witness, the time has come.

So I take my leave for today and please always remember that I am always with you.

My love is always with you, all the days. Adonai. JESUS SANANDA

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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl