Ivo of Vega: You Only Have Now

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomHere’s where I stand on so many issues that keep people in this community bunged up and anxious:

“No point worrying about The Event. It will get here when it does. What everyone has to think about is what the Event means to them. A lot of people are using it to escape a world they don’t like; the rest of us have done our shadow work, contacted our higher selves and (ET) guides and learned how to CREATE a better future for ourselves and others. I’m really tired of the futurizing that goes on in my disclosure as well as the spirituality community. They just go on wanting to know the future, rather than focusing on creating it now.”

The only moment you have is NOW, folks. When this NOW is done, you have another NOW. What thoughts are you putting out into the ethers for the universe to fulfill? When you live in the future, you never reap the rewards living in the NOW can bring you. Anxiously worrying about the future and hoping for the best in the future leaves the best there – in the future, and it never manifests. Create the best future for yourself by being positive NOW.

Life is lived one day at a time. If you’re wiser, happier, more powerful or more loving today than you were yesterday, then you’re doing fine.

Ivo: My love, ironically, the key to quantum time is in the now.

Me: How’s that?

Ivo: When you are living in the now moment, thoroughly entrenched in what it has to offer you, and I might add that this offer is infinite – infinite peace, love and happiness – if you should choose to engage that. And what you engage is simply a question of your limits. What limits have you put on this expression of pure unadultered happiness in your lifetime?

Me: LMAO. Gee, I don’t think I ever did that….

Ivo: Then there is lying, which is another video.

Me: I know. We put lots of limits on our happiness. We sit there and we screw up our now’s with unhappiness, hoping for a better future.

Ivo: Correct, and this is due to your understanding of time as being linear, and your ignorance of the fact that what you are doing now affects you, it affects your future, it affects your past, and it affects everyone else as well. We are all One. All of us on the soul Matrix are One united under God. And you are a powerful piece of that Unity of Oneness. How is it possible to carry your undealt with lessons to another lifetime if you and time were not quantum?

You speak of past lives and future lives, but in fact these lives are concurrent lives: they happen at the same time that you are happening now.

Me: Yeah, that’s hard to wrap your head around.

Ivo: But it is in fact true. You will live to infinity. In one form or another. What you do now affects other lifetimes you will live. When you do not do the work in this lifetime, you will experience the same lessons again in other lifetimes.

How do you put limits on your happiness now? Right now.

Me: I know I have a habit of grumbling or complaining. And now when I hear myself do it, I use some understanding of what could be causing it, like a hormone imbalance or low blood sugar, and I stop myself immediately. I don’t grumble. I have a belief that businesses are incompetent and they just keep proving it to me by billing me after I close their account, for example. I just put a stop payment on one company today and emailed them, and eventually they’ll probably send debt collectors after me, but by that time I’ll have moved. I don’t owe them if they didn’t render any services. But I used to get really upset about things like this and now I just think .. whatever… it happens. Deal with it and don’t get upset.

I know a lot of times I made the choice to be upset about something someone else did, and obviously universal law was showing me I was doing this by sending more people to upset me. You just have to clue in after a while.

Ivo: And you have done well, my love. You removed the limit you had on your happiness that said that when someone makes a mistake, especially with your money, that you must get upset about it. Look all the time at your negative reactions. If you are reacting to something in a way that is negative, then you must root out the offending belief and change it.

However, you must understand that you have a habit of becoming unhappy due to others’ behaviours. And this must change. Allow others to do what they will.

Me: Sometimes it creates more work for me.

Ivo: Yes, and unpleasant situations. But when you allow others to be who they are, it means you allow yourself to be who you are.

Me: Interesting. I can see the gain there.

Ivo: Many of you do it, become upset with others’ treatment of you or others’ behaviour in general. Yes, you get to choose who you wish to relate to but sometimes the ones who upset you are the best to learn from.

Me: That’s pretty deep, Ivo.

Ivo: You asked me one time how the Vegans learned to behave in accordance with universal law. This is how. We were shown. When we started to look at our reactions and began to make sense of them, we saw that becoming upset with others was folly. Why would becoming upset with others be folly? Because that is not the correct state for a human being. The correct state of a human being is to love all others. And earth will be returned to that state in the Age of Aquarius. You will learn to live through unity consciousness, because this is what I speak of.

Becoming upset with others is becoming upset with yourself. Because we are all One. Remember your new model of seeing Life as Perfection, that of Seeing Life as Love in Action. See the love the person who bills you for a dead account is providing you.

Me: LOL Okay…. (with skepticism)

Ivo: It is showing you how you react to others’ mistakes. The other is on a learning curve and you are upset with the fact they have made an error. This is not normal. This causes hypertension, by the way. Becoming angry at others when you must correct their mistakes.

Me: I just don’t like others spending my money when I didn’t authorize it.

Ivo: I realize that but they are showing you the way to unity consciousness. They are showing you where you are falling short. Do not become upset when others make mistakes. Simply correct them. When you hold the higher frequency, you will more likely get your money back as well.

Me: True. Higher frequency, better result in life.

Ivo: Then there is the situation of living in the past. When you get triggered by something someone does, again, and you find you can trace it back to the way your parents were or how they treated you, you are in fact, living in the past. This is what I mean by time being quantum: Your emotional state is moving you to the time in your life that this situation originally occurred and you may see it as being in your past, but now again, you are physically living in your now and in the past simultaneously. This is quantum time. By removing the reaction to the trigger, you stop visiting a time in your life that was not pleasant for you, and you allow yourself to heal.

Me: Yes. Sometimes it takes being triggered many times, depending on how bad the wound was. When it comes to something a parent may have done, then that wound can be deep.

Ivo: Use the violet flame to heal it, my love. Set it directly to the point in your emotional body that holds that wound. Ask it to heal you.

Me: Okay, thanks. I’ll do that.

Ivo: The violet flame is very powerful, and very necessary now as you enter the Age of Aquarius, a time of healing of the past for humanity on earth and growth in a new direction.

Me: Yes, exciting! I’m feeling it. I’m feeling pretty good these days.

Ivo: Yes, the incoming energies are complimentary to those who are of higher dimension, and more of a struggle for those of lower frequency.

Me: Makes sense. What about people who futurize, one of my pet peeves.

Ivo: Why? Allow them to do so.

Me: Because they mislead others. You know now that nobody has seen the Grand Solar Flash, it’ll be slated to happen at the March solstice, just like it was at every other solstice or star gate along the way. They’ll just keep trying to predict the grand solar flash. I get asked about it all the time, and I say, “Don’t worry about it. Live your life now.” Why care about the Grand Solar Flash? What have or are you delaying or avoiding working on in your life that you want the grand solar flash to fix for you? Is it, “Poof! You want all the people to start acting nicely.” Suddenly with this big flash, everyone will be fixed and have no memory of ever being nasty to you? Then you don’t understand how to live life. The reason they are being that way to you is they’re mirroring something you need to know about yourself back to you and your refusal to see it makes you wish that big poofs of photon energy will cure everything and make life happier for you. You’re dreaming.

The one who spoke of it first I think was COBRA, of the Resistance, and the first thing he says about it is the date of the flash can’t be predicted. But here you get people trying to predict it, or they keep the issue alive because they’re making money off of it and it’s making them famous within the community. You’ve got to suspect their motivation for doing so. The real motivation for doing light work should be to serve God and humanity, nothing else.

December 22nd, 2020 was no different from December 20th. The 21st didn’t change anything that wasn’t already changing. The energies are better. I feel that but I have been feeling it for a few weeks. That’s the only difference.

There’s no avoiding doing the work. You have to do the work. Another thing so many people ask me is how to contact their ET guides. The way to do that is by doing the work. Your frequency isn’t high enough for them to have conscious contact with you. You have to raise your frequency by doing the work. They’re not interested in lowering their frequency so you can work with them; since earth is ascending anyway, and that’s the job of anyone who’s embodied – to ascend, not to work at an earth job, they want you to meet them on their level, not on your current level. So they’re patient. They’ll wait for you to do the work.

Like I was saying recently, I manifested not once but twice, long term disability. First through an insurance company who harassed me out of it, and secondly a government pension. I was meant to get on disability to go through dark night of the soul, I couldn’t have gone through what I did while working. I had to have a breakdown to get better, to be able to do this channeling.

Maybe people who are waiting for the grand solar flash are looking for proof. For those of us going through the process of becoming multi-dimensional, there is plenty of proof. Your whole life changes and you don’t relate to 3D or anyone in it anymore. You realize you’re living a life that virtually few other people can even relate to.

Ivo: And you cannot stop these people all the same, my love.

Me: I’m not. I’m trying to coach other people into not believing them.

Ivo: All must do their own work. Yes, you can tell them, but in the end they must see what it is they are expecting and why they want their lives to change so badly.

Universal law holds everyone responsible for their own well being. Everyone has their part to play and all are responsible to self and to others. Responsibility is the key to freedom.

Me: Yes! Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: My love, as you walk on earth you need not fear the deep state reprisal or more Men in Black harassment as we watch over you very closely.

Me: I know. There’s a ship above me always and that disco ball you watch me with also absorbs energies that may be targeting me.

Ivo: Yes, among other things.

Me: Cool, some I don’t even know of!

Ivo: You are very guarded. You asked why all the Ascended Masters seemed to be men. They are not, there are many women, but you, being one of them in the form of Athena, are upon the earth, raising the divine feminine back to her rightful place in the hearts of all earthlings.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart