New Aquarius Consciousness Awakening

aquarius eraoflightdotcomWe have moved into the Age of Aquarius. This is major. This is really, really significant. It signifies a whole new shift in human consciousness and our situation on this planet. In 2021 is an expressive and expansive year that anyone on their spiritual path can look forward to. The Aquarian Era of Light is here and you’re a major part of it. The opening weeks of 2021 will be infused with Aquarian energy, opening us with higher ideals and a humanitarian outlook on a new society. All to prepare us for the Golden Age of Transformation of higher frequencies of Light.

This is the Age That Awakens The World. Although there are many opinions on the exact date that Aquarius began to emerge, December 21st of 2020 is what most believe. The date we with both feet entered the Aquarian Age of Spiritual Awakening. As the embrace of the Divine Feminine energy returns. Adjusting the much needed imbalance of the Masculine & Feminine energies of the Piscean Era. Just like a Butterfly we two are going through a Metamorphosis. Many believe the Butterfly is associated with the Soul. A fitting expression as we embark on this Soulful New Path. A Journey of Shifts, Turns, and Challenges that allow us to morph into more evolved Beings.

Perhaps Her lesson is one of Faith, Acceptance of change with Grace, and our Emergence as a Soul Transformed.

We have entered the Golden Age of Transformation, the Cosmic line up, planetary pairings of Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius. The Wave of Ascension energy, Air like a cosmic wave carries the promised energy of the Divine Feminine. The loving energy flow of Balance, Creation, Intuition, the Spiritual-Heart of the Divine Feminine. She brings a much-needed release from the density of the 3rd & 4th dimensions, evolving Humanity from the veil of Complacency. She encourages Flexibility, Independent Thought, and Self-Knowing. The challenges of the past Era brought great Wisdom to the Heart of the Divine Feminine. She now prepares for the return of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine energies in balance once again!

This alignment sets the tone for Mother Earth and Humanity. As it births an opportunity for Humanity to Ascend to higher levels of Consciousness. Shifting our Inner expression from the Piscean Age of materialism, to Aquarius Age of Spiritually Awaken. The very catalyst, for the Golden Age of Transformation to occur. Allowing Us to Rise above it! As we explore our past wounds, we must be sure to also ascend into alignment with the Higher Self. The Soul Self is detached enough to shine a clear, honest light even into our darkest corridors. All to illuminate the no longer needed limiting beliefs. To Let Go of past traumas, and conditioning. To prepare us for the Age of Aquarius.

As Beings of Light, We are here to Co-create a sustainable World, we must heal our wounds, our traumas, to witness a return of clarity, an Inner Vision. The Veils begin to dissolve, our inner strength regains through Wisdom & Discernment. Long held beliefs begin to crumble, we See with New Eyes, we Hear with New Ears. As we transform Our Inner World, we transform the energy of Our Mother – Earth, an energetic ripple. Birthing the New Era of Co-Creation and Infinite Possibilities.