Message form Babaji: Victory of the Light

babaji eraoflightdotcomBeloved people,

what has been proclaimed to you here and now today is the irrefutable truth – and it is the path that all developments on Earth will take from now on.

This humanity is advancing up the steps of light and more and more people are coming closer and closer to the reality of love.

How can you tell that the light is triumphant?

– It is the fact that everything is now coming out into the light! That is what you can see.

– It is the fact that nothing can be hidden now, even if everything is done for it. That is what you can see from it.

– It is the fact that the forces, which have spread on this earth to the harm of many and for the advantage of few, are themselves divided and fight among themselves. You can see that from this.

– And it is the fact that more and more people are coming under pressure, and this pressure is raising questions that would never be asked under normal circumstances. From this you can see that there are serious changes taking place today and that an awakening, the like of which has never been seen before, is underway on this earth.

What you are currently experiencing, beloved human being, is the victory of the Light! Every day new truths are being revealed to you. Denial of facts becomes more and more difficult, because they are made conscious to you every day.

This process – this process – accelerates with every day. Like an exponential function, this growth of knowledge is unstoppable.

If you ask why so many people are still unconscious and asleep, I tell you: it is fear that paralyzes people. A person who is afraid can neither think clearly nor sense his own feelings. A fearful person is a malleable mass. That is the reason for the many crises at present on earth. Through fear the old structures are to be maintained.

Thus, while the light triumphs, the greatest fears also emerge. This coexistence of light and fear ends as soon as people give up their fears by recognizing that fears are due to the illusion – someone would have power over you.

This redemption from fear is also now underway, because the victory of light means: the complete absence of fear!

Very soon you will have to envisage the triumph of love – and this is the exercise that will lead you to mastery.

What are we talking about here?

With everything that is happening now, there is a danger that people will slip into retaliation or revenge. The scale of exploitation and injustice is so great that many people will call for revenge and retribution. Many are already calling for it today.

This is the development that must be prevented. That is why I am instructing you to practice forgiveness every day.

Never, if love is to triumph in the end, must you slip into hatred, revenge or retaliation!

What matters now and in what is about to happen is: How do you react to the revelations and how do you want to deal with those who are responsible for them?

I tell you: The peaceful revolution must be followed by unconditional forgiveness! Only then is the change complete and only then are you perfected.

The world enters into the light of God’s love – and as soon as you forgive every being by virtue of your light and power of your love, you go along with this development.

The victory of the light reveals itself to you in these days. For the triumph of love you still need some imagination. Nurture this vision within yourself until you can forgive everyone everything and love yourself unconditionally.

This path is to be walked now, for everyone who wants to fulfill his assignments on earth and for the one who wants to return home to God.

The light triumphs! Now you take care for the triumph of love! In perfect love I am always with you. BABAJI.

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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl