Power of Silence

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomMost people are unaware of the immense blessing and access to the highest Divinity brings with silence and solitude. Modern society was built on keeping people busy all the time, and with the age of instant gratification and instant access to information and social media, the truth about silence and solitude has been lost to the masses.

They wish to be entertained and thus seek such with a frenzy, and the void gets bigger and bigger inside, as they indeed lost their own deepest connection to their own souls, and more than this the Divinity, which reigns within!

I was introduced to the power of silence and silent retreat in my early Twenties, and I thank them today for teaching me the Power of Silence and Silent Retreat. Indeed we went into 10 day retreats and we were intensely given the very truth and then needed to seek this deep within ourselves, and with it, then access to the Sacred Divinity within.

As I regularly seek out silence and silent retreats and this is where I truly build my deepest intimacy with the Divine within. These were and are the most blessed times of my life – for then I seek and I find, and thus blessings upon blessings flow, as visions, insight and revelations come.

The Essenes and other Mystery Schools indeed practiced 40 days in total isolation and mostly in the desert and in a cave as do those in India, Himalayas etc. and elsewhere. This was accompanied by fasting and thus a total stillness and seeking the total Unity and Oneness within.

I being led back to Chartres Cathedral and the Cistercian Orders (who indeed knew and practiced silence and perpetual remoteness, for they knew that such compels the mind and heart to meditate and experience the Celestial, the Divinity in the highest expressions thereof) and with it the Templars in my research for my book on France, and indeed, here is so eloquently said what I always knew within and what comes through so powerfully in my Soul Readings, regarding Sacred Geometries and the Power of Sound as a way of accessing the Highest Divinity within:

“…. Thesaurus of cosmic laws that included the secrets of geometry and harmonics, knowledge sacred to architects of pyramids, temples, and other holy places. These savants were keenly aware that such harmonics are capable of inducing the kind of shamanic experiences that lead to a personal and mystical experience of God…..

“.Within six years of returning from the Temple Mount they introduced this knowledge to Europe (the Templars) in the shape of Gothic Architecture. “Gothic” is derived from the Greek “goetia” (by magic force); its extension is “goeteuein” (to bewitch), a rather appropriate term given how the spatial relationship of the buildings generates frequencies that find their correspondence in the human body, particularly DNA, not to mention the pineal gland, as well as the area of the brain associated with mystical experiences, the amygdala.

“…perhaps the most bewitching of all Gothic buildings is the one that arose to the west of Troyes: Chartres Cathedral” (quoted from Freddy Silva “First Templar Nation”)

Indeed, it was in Chartres that I simply stood and channelled healing for three women, and it was after having the most intense experiences in a certain part of the Cathedral which were totally transcendental. See the photos below, which the camera picked up.

(This just by way of my silent retreat and continued research)

Judith Kusel