James Gilliland: The Vision

world news eraoflightdotcomI was in the hypnogogic state between awake and sleeping and I had a very vivid dream. I am sharing this dream in hopes that it will assist others during these trying times. I saw two large pill shaped lights. One was green like new growth but was a little dull. The other was a murky red yet it was losing its dark murky red and becoming lighter like an orange. As I focused on the green it became brighter more vivid. When I focused on the red it held its color and did not change very much. Knowing our higher self usually work with images and colors I meditated on the vision. I started to understand the message. The green was the healing energy. When I focused on it, it became brighter. There was not much change when I focused on the red yet when I focused on the green the red would change to a lighter orange. That is when I understood. I was then shown the Earth and it has a green energy emanating from it. It seemed to originate from the center and move outward. I saw myself undergoing the same process. I had the realization this is what is happening to the Earth and our own bodies.

They are healing from within. If we focus on the green healing light the dark murky colors that have diminished freedom, the source of the pain suffering, all that enslaves, inhibits, and diminishes will fade away. We no longer feed it. It is shifting the mind into creationary mind verses reactionary mind. The dark red murky energy can be addressed yet it has to be done with loving detachment giving it no energy, knowing it has no foundation  and will be short lived. Love is the ultimate power and the real power comes from within. The healing is coming from within. If we take the internal path and focus on the green healing energy expanding within ourselves and the Earth we are aligned with an unstoppable process, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. Now more than ever it is imperative that we make our own healing and the healing of Earth first and foremost in our daily lives. We will be in the flow of a universal process that is rapidly unfolding the expanse and power of which is unfathomable. We have the ability to channel the love of God/Creator/Great Spirit into every situation if we learn to, “Be still and know Ye are God.” The one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse is within. It is the spark that can expand into the full flame. It is not an external process it is an internal process that becomes an external reflection. It was represented as the green healing light in the vision emanating from within.

We need to release the fear, guilt, unworthiness, all the social engineering, religious programming etc., all that that separates, enslaves, inhibits and diminishes. We have the power within us to do so and that is the biggest threat to the controllers, dark hearts, whatever name you wish to give them. Do not become distracted by whatever is thrown at you to pull you from your center. Focus on the world you wish to experience. Align yourself with Universal Law which is best understood as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Do not let the fear and chaos enter your heart. This disrupts the real power, the true you from within. Use the force of Creator the green light to push it out and heal it. When you turn on a fire hose nothing is going to come back through the hose. Focus on love, joy and bliss, let that energy flow through you into every situation. Know that you will be tested. The challenges life throws at you are tests to see if you can maintain your center. The closer you get to nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads yet you have all you need within you. The Humanity and Earth are going through a transition, be the transition. Let no one or no thing pull you from your center. Be well,

P.S. The Republic with the Constitution and Bill of Rights when honored best represents Universal Law. Follow your heart these are divine rights and it is time to stand in your own divinity, support others who are moving in the same direction. The days of tyranny are coming to an end.

James Gilliland