Satera: Imagine

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomBlessings Beloved ones. I. Satera, part of the federation of light and love speak to you sending blessings. I speak at the fridges of a New Year where your stage of earth is set at M. (for magnificent.)

It is a time where you can choose to integrate the past and move empowered, peaceful, healthy and not only in financial abundance but an abundance of dreams.

It is a time, to join forces with your higher selves, guides, angelical realm, and God to recognize how special and sacred you are. You are beings so very honored and loved completely BUT it is time for you to do the same toward yourself.

Imagine standing at a mirror. Now look deep into your own pool of eyes and see, feel, and expand in breath to begin the celebration of self. Begin to commit to loving yourself by taking care of your bodies, listening to your own wisdom and moving connected to source in-order to vibrate love, compassion, forgiveness and peace.

It is your birthright to be in harmony. when you choose It is your choice to stand up and count yourself in, inside your journey to feel joy.

Energies are such in this new year first day to remember who you are. To treat every moment of everyday as if it is a new year day. For in truth it is.

Mother Nature and all her beautiful beings stand in ready-ment to assist you but it is up to you all to ask. To sit quiet and feel yourself be energized by their assistance. Even the crystals that some may think are only rocks have proprieties to store wisdom and communicate as well as heal. It be wise to US THEM.

Make an effort in this playground of Earth to be the essence of who you really are. Strip off the makeup so to say of that which you hide from inside judgments and assumptions and move on waves of excitement. It is indeed a playground where your seeds will grow so water not them with fear, judgments, impatience or insecurities. Rather feed them knowing much is going on in the background un-reported by the news and everything is unfolding in divine timing.

Remember as you stand connecting to the quiet, to the excitement of unlimited possibilities and dreams you are inside love setting the stage for great miracles to come in your lives.

Your challengers when looked at it the right way can assist you to see how strong you are, see your shadow and love yourself enough to realize that it happiness for a reason. For you as a soul to grow and align with your divinity, as well as your gifts.

Let the light in and stand with intention to spin the tetrahedral of light to expand your cells in-order to fully embrace your path. And in doing so then take your God creator spark to put into the matrex your dreams.

Take heed of this quote/affirmations. “Dreams are just a thought away.”and do run with it.
“I am divine and therefore deserve.
I can change the world for it starts with me.
I honor my sacred body to treat it with compassion and love.
I be perfect just the way I am.
I choose to align with the light and wisdom of guides and The Divine.
As I whisper gratitude I open a doorway for miracles.
Possibilities are unlimited as I trust my journey.
I am love and therefore will share it to many.
Happy New Year to myself and others who helped shape my life.
I clean and reprogram any thoughts that don’t serve to feel peace and joy.

Try taking one affirmation of your choosing or choose one above everyday deciding it as you rise. Reset to the joy that pulsates in your heart.

Please know you are blessed and a blessings whereby you can experience your majestic magnificent as you fly in peace, joy and abundance.

Good Tidings.

**Source **Channel: Star Blossom