Unity with the Divine

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThere is nothing as empowering as quiet time and to reconnect with the Divinity, the Divine Omnipresence and allow yourself to be filled to overflowing, as you embrace your own Divinity, as Soul AS ONE and ATONE and in Unity with the Divine.

With it comes inner joy, inner peace and that exuberant life-force, which in truth is the same life force which is present everywhere. Yet if we do not connect to this within ourselves, and allow it to totally fill us, and tune into this, through our soul (for we are indeed part and particle of IT), we will find ourselves at sea during this time, where we are operating in a totally new Earth and New Timeline (although I do not like using that word, for we are in NO TIME ZONE now).

For instance, when I am in filled with Omnipresence, everything else ceases. I cease to be. The mind and thoughts are non existence. All is silent. All is still. I am expanding, ever expanding, and I literally start becoming AS ONE with All of Creation, as all of Creation is ONE with me. Indeed Words fail me here, for it is indeed such as earthly language cannot convey.

Indeed, the Sacred Heart opens to such a degree, that an intense inpouring and outpouring of Unconditional Love occurs. It goes beyond words and beyond expression.

Indeed, when one is so filled, and so ATONE, the outside world cannot disturb the inner equilibrium. One truly is on earth, but of OF it. One has transcended all and now operates at Divine Frequency and vibration and not the earthly one.

If you still allow the outside world to drown out your inner soul self and the Divnity within, you are going to get pulled into the fear matrix again and again, until you finally understand the truth of what I trying to get across here. That is entirely up to you, for indeed you are the creator of your own reality and choose to live your life according to what you choose to experience.

We are all co-creators and indeed what we choose to create – we live.

Judith Kusel