The Soul

divine being emerging eraoflightdotcomSome souls are the trail blazers, the Way Showers, those who break through the barriers of what has been and now open the higher pathways, the greater vision, and often bring immense illumination on Universal, galactic, solar and planetary basis. These souls were created to be this and thus have the leadership qualities, the bravery, the inner strength and resilience to do and be this, and thus often are the Task Team, sent out by the Divine to bring revolutionary changes to certain star systems, galaxies, solar systems and planets.

Some souls simply follow the Trail Blazers, the Way Showers, and they are the once who tend the soil, and seeds planted and spread into being by the Trail Blazers, the Way Showers, etc. They are the caretakers and caregivers, the nurturers, the once to often put the bolts and nuts and the practicalities into being, and thus often are the constructors, the manufacturers, the healers, the wise men and women, the teachers and guides. They are indeed the central hub, and thus bring are ones who often excel in this role and are happy and content to fulfill this.

Old Souls often have been through many lifetimes and parallel lifetimes and Universal existences. It is thus good to note that these old souls have incarnated at this time, as they were the once who first agreed to partake in the EXPERIMENT that was and is planet earth, and thus were involved in all or most or multiple Ancient Civilizations. Indeed, they have experienced the destruction of these Ancient Civilizations, and thus most of them have returned, to finally master the lessons they could not master in those incarnations and finally get it right this time. The lesson here: – not to self-destruct, but to finally manage to rise into the Higher Dimensional State AS ONE and not allow the destructive element to bring all into destruction, as has happened before.

Young souls, and there are now many of these incarnating on planet earth, are here to bring the New Golden Age into form and being. They are still innocent and thus have not experienced life on planet Earth before. They are thus already blazing new trails for humanity in their own unique way, as they bring the forces of renewal and reactivation, in all and every way.

There are many souls incarnated currently, who indeed have the experience, the expertise, the immense inner know-how of how to lift humanity through the wormhole (as the Hopi so eloquently state it), and into a totally new life and new existence and are doing so with bravery and with unconditional love.
Every soul indeed, has a unique role to play, a unique calling, a unique genius to bring to the whole of humanity and planet earth. Every soul is important. Every soul is called. Some just choose to stay asleep and not awaken. Yet those who are awake, need to step up in gear now, and thus lift the rest into the New Golden Age, for it is time.

The only way to do this, is by connecting deeply to their own soul and stand in the fullness of their soul power, and more than this ATONE with the Divine and Divinity within themselves, with unconditional love.

Indeed, once one is truly standing in the fullness of one’s power as soul, and in the sacred heart of unconditional love, one can only see wholeness, unity and Oneness, for the soul is ONE with Divine Source and ONE with ALL THAT IS.

There is only pure unconditional love – all else is illusion.

You are being called to expand beyond expansion and to stand in the true power of truth of your soul – who and what you in truth are!

I have spoken!

Judith Kusel