2021: The Vibration of 5 Comes Alive!

the light within eraoflightdotcomUnfortunately looks like the number five has already come alive as per storm the political bastille. The vibration of five represents the 5 points of man and the elements he lives with and within. It is all about humanity and their need for expression by extending their 5 aspects forward into the future. Within 2021 lives a powerful force for Ascension in thoughts and deeds and futures. The vibration of 5 is about acting on, daring to, embracing the non-conventional, and living the unpredictable. The 5 energy is pragmatic yet opportunistic and persuasive. This force is a natural detective; very intellectual, investigative and imaginative. The 5 possesses a strong vibrational frequency mixed with strong characteristics like: freedom-seeking, pioneering, innovation, adventure, and most of all: change. (Sounds like the age of Aquarius is upon us again)

Five possesses nearly equal parts masculine and feminine energy. Even though it’s a mix of masculine and feminine energy the 5 holds a stronger feminine side with daring attributes. (Like Annie Oakley, Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc with some June Cleaver thrown in for good measure) 5 has a real bold side, this number emanates unpredictability, the constant need for motion and change. Five asks you to always be conscious of fear-based thoughts and release them as soon as they sneak into your encampment.

The number five gives off the most active frequency of all the single-digit numbers, it prioritizes freedom of any kind. This vibration is about belief systems and boundaries (such as government, societal, religion, educational settings). Number five is fixed and fiery aligned with the 5th house in natal astrology and is strongly Leo of nature. The fifth house represents spontaneous enjoyment of life, it’s the land of Peter Pan, the eternal child within. This House is about your passion, and what stirs it.

This placement possesses a confident enthusiasm that sparks a fire under anything, whether to jumpstart a process or start a revolution. Leo has a vivacious and magnetic energy that makes them legendary with a larger-than-life demeanor. The vibration of 5 is the embodiment of a dynamic and rebellious energy, one that signifies change is inevitable and it is best to be flexible in nature as you learn to bend in the shape of Five!

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