Fleet Command: Inner Vision

fleet command eraoflightdotcomDear Ones, our hearts go out to the many of you who are experiencing the results of what would seem to be an unprecedented nightmare in the happenings in the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Those of you who know the reality beyond the outer happenings of the day are fortunate to not get caught up in those outer happenings… and are therefore not responding with the 3D emotions being experienced and expressed by the masses of humanity. The inner vision of your Higher Consciousness allows you to know that this evil had to be allowed to play out as is seemingly realistically happening.

What most Americans do not realize is that the evils of the entire governmental system have to reveal themselves in actual experiencing for a period of time… for enough time to catch them in the act of attempting to carry out – in an obvious way to the public – the evil intent behind their governing. This is the most gracious way to expose the reality of their evil to humanity… to a humanity that has been blindly deceived by outer appearances rather than by inner truth.

Please be not concerned with these outer happenings of the day. This too shall pass, in the most fortuitous ways and time possible. All is known and in place for the unfolding of events… all except for humanity’s reactions and responses. That is always the unknown. As you know, we must honor that aspect of aiding humanity… the well-known ‘prime directive of non-interference unless aid is requested’, to which we always gladly comply.

For those who know, please hold fast to your higher knowledge of the truth of these events. If the opportunity should happen to show itself to express that knowledge to any others who might appear to be open to the truth, please feel free to share it in any way that seems natural to you. Otherwise, please keep your consciousness above that of the masses, so that the vibrations may continue to rise by your advanced knowledge, light, and love.

We do so honor you Lightworkers and Wayshowers who are leading the way into the reality of the Higher Consciousness and the New Earth! Though perhaps slowly – and with obviously-expected resistance – those who are to eventually enter the realm of the New Earth will indeed be ready for the journey.

We thank you and ever bless your presence on this wonderful journey into what to most of you is yet an unknown. But soon shall it be fully known… and you will rejoice indeed!


**Channel: Beth Stormont