The Sacred Heart Tones: The Power of Divine Sound Webinar

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomIn the very beginning of all Creation, there was sound and Tones. All creation indeed vibrates to the power of Tones and Sound often described as the Music of the Spheres.

In my recent free webinar on the Sacred Heart Tones, I assisted many souls as I taught them the Tones, which open the Sacred Heart, as transmitted through me.

In this webinar I will provide more background information, to bring higher understanding of the Power of the Sacred Tones given, and the integral power of the tones to bring in the much higher and altered states, where one can access Oneness, Unity and feel Omnipresence in the highest degrees.

Yet note, that this, is a Sacred Path of the Sacred Heart and thus is one, I was led upon, when first encountering the Sacred Tones at Monsegur in September 2016. Since then, I have had these tones transmitted through me at Sacred Sites in Greece and Egypt, and those who attended my seminars and tours, even in France, will attest to this. This happens spontaneously, and I merely become the instrument played by Divine Hands as I am called to do certain work there at times.

However, this has expanded in the last year, into moments when I, truly am being guided to access these tones and with it, higher insight and understanding has come in ways I cannot always put into words.

These Tones assist to raise the vibrational frequency and connect to the Divinity within and thus Oneness and Unity.

This is not for everyone, only for those who truly seek the Sacred Heart opening and the truly wish to walk the sacred path, with purity of intent.

This webinar is the beginning of a Series of Sacred Heart Webinars I will be presenting throughout 2021, as guided to do so.

Space is thus limited, as I prefer to work with smaller groups.

By Judith Kusel