Evolution not Revolution

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomI have been trying to write a message of peace for days now but have been feeling overwhelmed with dense energy as if I’m alone in a turbulent sea, trying to keep my head above the water. I have navigated between spikes of anxiety, into a circle of love and presence over and over again. Like almost drowning to finding a raft and then being swamped overboard by a wave of anxiety and then climbing back into the raft.

Many of us have felt the building of a wave of dense energy since the Solstice, causing depression and anxiety. That wave crashed on January 6th but there are more waves and crashes to come. Within this turbulence, truth is rising to the surface. Further shocks will be experienced but know that truth is rising and love will prevail. Now, more than ever before, we need to take care of ourselves energetically.

It has helped me to tune into my heart and then reach out to the collective love flow. I’ve been waking up with anxiety in the wee hours and focusing on my breath and my heart. Sometimes, I’m just awake and breathing and not shifting out of the density but just breathing within it. Before getting out of bed in the morning, I do some energy work – feeling Source light in my lower dantian energy center, calling it in more fully, expanding it up into my heart, then into my head and then filling my entire body with Source light and sending it out into my field. This practice has been helpful in transforming and lifting the density out of my field.

I’ve been getting comfort from the youtube videos of Maryanne at Revealing Light Tarot. She recently offered this prayer by Consuelo Newton, which I find really helpful in getting me back into my peace raft.

I am the light

The light is within me

The light moves throughout me

The light surrounds me

The light protects me

I am the light

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