Yeshua: The Light Bearers, No Heavy Lifting Required

yeshua @ eraoflightdotcomBeloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth. I realize that with your adventuresome spirit you have made it possible for me to come and visit you at any time—evening, morning, middle of the night, middle of the afternoon. Always and forever I am with you.

This evening we shall talk about a heavy subject, and we will make light of the subject. Because truly there are times when your world gets too much with you and it feels heavy. You listen to your news, and in truth it is not new. You listen to your commentators who comment on all of the news. You listen to each one giving their viewpoint over and over to the place where you say, “What is happening to my world? What is happening in my world? How can I be in the place of love when all of this around me seems to be going to wrack and ruin?” I like that. It is a good combination of sounds, because that’s what it sounds like—wrack and ruin.

In truth, the peace that you seek is always yours. The peace that you seek is within. One deep breath followed by another deep breath and perhaps another will transport you from the place of the world to the place within where you can be the breath itself. Take with me a deep breath, breathing in, holding, and letting it go; breathing in and holding and letting it go.

“But Jeshua, if I take one more deep breath like that I’m going to fall over.” Make sure you are sitting on something soft. Breathing in, holding, and letting it go; there. In truth now, you have revitalized the body, the mind, and the spirit. In that place of peace, allow yourself to say, “Self, this feels good. Self, I know we can come to this place anytime by taking the deep breath.”

So when you have someone who comes up in front of you and says, “Yes, but…” There are a lot of yes-but friends who want you to feel totally and completely alive, so therefore they will come right up in your face and say, “Yes, that is all well and good, but how do you feel about…” and then they will bring up some topic. And you say to them, “One moment, I must breathe.” Usually they will get quite upset, impatient, but you have reminded them of a truth, a truth that one deep breath, held for a moment, transforms that which you were thinking, feeling, experiencing a moment before. It is as simple as that.

“Oh, but Yeshua, it can’t be that simple.” The world…ah, yes, the world will say that you must study hard, you must read the right books, you must follow the right teachers, etc. One deep breath gives you opportunity. It doesn’t mean that you are going to choose that opportunity. I have seen you take the deep breath, even three of them, and then you turn to worrying about something. However, your hope, your power is in the deep breath and the choice to choose the peace that is your very nature.

Where do you think that peace comes from? It comes from the Christos of you, the Christ of you, which is always with you no matter what you get into, no matter what excitement you think is going to come and disturb your peace. The Christos is you. It is your peace for the acceptance of it.

That is the tricky part. You have to accept it. And as easily as it is to accept, it is easy to let it slip away; therefore, breathe again. Take to yourself the knowing of your true Self—capital “S”—the Christos Self, and breathe, and hold, and exhale, and repeat.

Now, as we have put ourselves into a place of Oneness, I would speak with you about what is going on in your world. Keep the peace while we speak of the upheaval that is happening in the world. The nature of the world is to upheave. We have made up that word a long time ago. You are very good at upheaving and then saying, “Oh, my, how we suffer.”

But in truth, the peace is your very nature, and it is yours for the acceptance of it. You have many opinions in the world. You have many opinions coming together on one side and on the other side, and it seems that never the twain shall meet and agree. But in truth, as you will look to what you call your future, there will come to be known a peace and an agreement.

What you are doing now is sorting out. It is as when you were a child and you had the little round glass things that you call marbles—other terminologies in other groupings. You wanted to collect all of the blue pebbles. Or your friend said, “But I’m going to collect all of the red ones.” And another friend said, “Well, you can do that, but I am going to have all of the green-colored ones, the clear ones. The clear ones are the best.”

Well, no, they are all the best as you give them value. And that is very much what you are doing when you look upon all of the activities of the world. You say, “Well, this person is a better leader. This person is a better spokesperson. This person cares more.

This person has a better financial plan, etc.” You stack one up against another and choose your favorite. I ask of you—and this is a good question for self—does that bring you peace? “No, but it brings me a lot of energy.”

When you get tired of the energy, allow yourself to breathe and know that which you do know at a very deep level, that in time, because it will play out in time, you are going to come to a place of agreement where ones are going to forget what they were so excited about. They will try to remake it. But as you have seen, the attention span of most individual Christos’s is a little bit short; praise God. And this too shall pass.

You are living through making choices that even the ones who do not have the feet planted upon holy Mother Earth are watching. You have many of what you will term to be the ET’s, the ones who are not on this world as you see yourself to be, and yet they are most interested in the drama, the same as when you turn on your square box and you want to know, “Okay, what drama is playing tonight? What are the characters doing tonight? What decisions are they going to…oh, no, don’t make that decision. That’s going to take you in the wrong direction, etc.”

Well, your friends who have been with you since before time was conceived are watching to see what you have on your channel. What drama are you playing out? Will they be involved? Not truly, in that there is no separation, so they will be watching and feeling and having their own judgment of things, but it is not going to be to the place where they have intercession and take over. However, it makes for good drama.

You are one of the places that they are watching at this point, because the energy has brought forth all kinds of “danger” that you are making for yourself. It’s, “Oh, my goodness, what is going to happen?” And your news media, the ones who love to tell you what is happening, will tell you in brilliant color what has happened and interpret it for you and what is going to happen and tell you what to beware of and how you can get through it by any kind of magic.

One of the favorite pieces of magic that has been used for a long, long time is to hand it over to God. God, as the energy outside of you, all-powerful, all-knowing, is going to take care of it for you. Well, I have news for you. You are God. In your own sphere, your own drama, you are creating it; you are God. So, I suggest that you spend as much time as possible in that place of the deep breath. Allow yourself to abide in peace and in inspiration that comes from peace. Allow yourself to look around to see where you can spread peace; with neighbors, with friends. When they are upset about something, spread peace.

Invite them to breathe. Suggest, “Perhaps you would like to take a deep breath,” and they are going to look at you kind of funny. But you will say, “Try it. You might like it. Breathe with me.

“Oh, but Yeshua, I couldn’t do that. They’ll think I’m some weird kook, and I don’t want to be a weird kook in anybody’s mind. I feel it on my inside. I know I’m a weird kook, but I don’t want anybody else to know that.”

Allow yourself to breathe and to spread peace. “Well, that’s a novel idea. Spread peace? Usually we’re spreading rumors of war, rumors of who is against what, etc.” Try peace for a change. Try the deep breath. If you will take the deep breath before you say anything, there will come inspiration to you as to what will diffuse any lingering opposition to peace; not opposition to whatever your viewpoint might be, but the opposition to peace.

“Now, Yeshua, there’s not much money or golden coins in peace.” Aha, have you tried it? There is quite a bit that is worth more than the golden coins in knowing peace and knowing how to give the gift of peace to another one.

What is needed are light-bearers, ones who will bear the light and say to other ones, “You know, it feels really good in this space of light, in this space of peace. Try it with me. Breathe; hold; abide; exhale.” Do that. And if they think you’re crazy, they are going to come—this is a prediction that I know to be true—they are going to come at some point in their life experience where they are going to need to breathe, and they are going to feel peace with it. They may or may not remember that you said this to them. But deep within the recesses of their mind you have planted a peaceful seed, a seed that says, “There can be other than turmoil.”

When you are facing what seems to be an insurmountable problem…” Yeshua, I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know how to solve this problem.” First of all, perhaps you don’t have to solve it. Perhaps it’s not a problem. Second of all, as you take the deep breath, allow some time to pass. Inspiration may come in that time, the answer that you are seeking. Or the answer may come that truly that is not what you have to be looking for. Truly, what you are searching for is a bit of peace. Allow yourself to take that deep breath and to abide in peace.

You have ones who look to the golden coins that can come from stirring up a bit of the us-and-them attitudes. They are not wanting to put a monetary reward onto peace.

However, your body is going to speak to you of the suggestion that peace might do a body good.

You have many in your world who are suffering: ones who do not have shelter over the head, ones who do not have food to nourish the body, ones who do not have food to nourish the soul. And they are looking outside of themselves to have it given to them.

What you can do is to speak words of peace to them. Speak words of encouragement to them, and then follow up on something that is tangible that they can understand. Give that which you have to give. You have the stories in your holy writings of ones who have helped a brother/sister who was needing something. You have the story of the one who crossed over the road to help a seeming stranger.

Allow yourself to give. It will feel that you are bridging the gap of separation.

That in itself is a gift to you. When you bridge that gap of suggested separation, there is a reward that comes to you; not a big reward that is touted in your newspapers and on your square box, but a reward that allows you to know, “I have been in that situation in another lifetime, or I may find myself in that situation later in a lifetime. How would I like to be treated? What would mean the most to me?” And get you very busy giving.

That does a body good.

You stand now at a time of decision. That is what is going on. You have asked. You have screamed to the heavens. You have said, “What in heaven’s name is going on?” Well, in heaven’s nature it is an opportunity for peace. It is an opportunity for you to get outside of the skin of this body and live in the heart and give to the brother/sister that which will, first of all, be understood to be a help, and second of all, it bridges the separation that is felt.

Allow yourself to be very active in giving. You have much. Look around you when you are in your home, your dwelling place. Look around you. You have more than what you can handle in any moment in time. Allow yourself to give. Allow yourself to say, “Of my largesse, all that I have, I give to you that which you need.”

Yes, the small ego is going to say, “Well, look at how great I am.” After a bit, that small ego is going to be forgotten. You will not even have to attend to it and say, “Get thee behind me,” because it will not exist for you. You will be so busy looking to one who needs you that there will be no thought of, “Look what I have done.” It will be, “What can I do next? Who can I serve next? Who can I invite in to have a meal, even a crust of bread for one who has the hunger pangs that hurt.”

Allow yourself to give. Yes, you have obligations to meet your debts. You will do that. In any case you will do that. But of your abundance, give. Bridge the separation. I am my brother/sister. There I go, and I am hungry. There I go, and I am sore of thinking, “What am I going to do for my family, my children; all of the worries?”

Allow yourself to open up and give. Be the lightbearers. Be the food bearer. Be the one who holds another one’s hand and says, “Look, I know where there is a food bank. I know where there is food.” They may not know. They may not want to know. “My family has never had to go to a food bank. Jeshua, I can’t do that. Yes, my children are hungry, but I can’t go and ask for food.”

Oh, yes, you can, and your children need you. Get out of your small self. Take that pride that says, “Well, my family has never asked for help.” It is a new day. Allow yourself to take help now so that you can live another day to help someone else. You are not an island just to yourself. You are a light bearer. You carry light and hope, and more than that, you carry the physical sustenance that people need. But enough already.

I want to speak to you now of the ones who have taken the opportunity to decease the body with this what-is-called the pandemic that has spread across holy Mother Earth. There are many…you get the numbers on your square box every day, every hour of every day if you tune in; they tell you how many people have let go of the body.

Rejoice. These ones are not victims. They are not victims of a tiny little thing that you cannot even see. They have said “Yes” to allowing their energy to be transmuted into light. They are, in truth, the angels who sing to you. They have decided that no one hears their human voice. No one has heard their human voice, and they have screamed it from time to time. But there has been the still, small voice that has said, “Come unto me.”

And even though the human mind did not want to let go of the known, what was known, and go into what seems to be unknown, they have answered the call. They are the angels of this time. Do not mourn them. Celebrate them. Bring right in front of your face their names. Have a birthday party celebration for them. They had a birth, a new being. They are the angels that you want to call to. They are looking and watching you, and you have mourned them with heavy mourning. They do not want you to do that; each one, as they say yes, and they have, because no one goes before they agree.

That is why some hang on longer, because they have been, as you have known them in body, the stubborn ones. Some of them hang on longer. Some of them say, “Okay, I’ll go.” Each one celebrates the light that they are. They are truly the light bearers.

Now, you are the light bearers as far as you can see, but as far as you can see, it’s not quite as far as you would like it to be. And I’m not suggesting that you decease the body in order to get there right away. But I am suggesting that you commune with the ones who have allowed the body to be cast aside and are living as the light that they are, because they are rejoicing; not a false rejoicement of, “Oh, thank God, I’m finishedwith that life.”

No. Once there is the decision to leave the body behind, their focus is on the light that they are. Their focus is upon the expansion of Being. You look at the body and say, “Well, how can that be an expansion? It looks all shriveled up and discolored, and it looks like it’s really in pain.” Ha ha. But that is not who they are. That is not who you are. You are the light. They are the light bearers, and they have moved into acknowledging, feeling, rejoicing as the light that they are.

The ones that you mourn, you mourn them because you miss their association. You miss having that ease of communication. That will be changing, has changed for some, where there is the time where you can hear, “That sounded like Joe, that sounded like Richard, that sounded like Jim, Catherine. Where is Kevin? Are you here? Ah, it can’t be.”

Sure it can be. Allow yourself to get out of the box that says this is all there is, and rejoice. You have choirs of angels who only a few days, weeks, months ago, even years, were dragging a body around and doing the best that they could, being friends, being helpful, doing the best. But now, ah, as the saying goes, “You should see me now.”

In truth, you should. There is a radiance. Call one to mind who has recently let go of the body and ask of that one, “In the quiet time, show me what you are now.” And don’t be surprised if that one shows you light, radiance, happiness, light expanding. They truly are the light bearers, and there is no heavy lifting required. They do not have to, as you sometimes feel you have to be the light as much as you can and lift up others. They know that they lift up others just by being the light that they are. They don’t have to work at it. It’s like, “You mean it can be this easy?” Sure, I do it all the time.

Well, I jest. But in truth, you are the light, and you have gotten so enamored with the body and what it can do and cannot do. There are ones of your brothers and sisters who have known the light that they are while still activating the body. You have known ones who have walked down the road and have been this far up off the road because they knew themselves to be light. You have brothers and sisters who have gone easily with the smile on the face and the helpful suggestions, where their soul was singing even though the body might have been hurting. You have known ones who have lifted you up just by their Being, just by being who they are and being happy.

Allow yourself to have a smile on the face. A smile does a body good, and it does someone else good to see a smile. “What are you smiling about? What is there in the world that you can smile at?” And you say, “Ah, but you know, I saw that dandelion, and it just looked so pretty. I saw the rain glimmering in the sunshine. Do you know each drop of rain holds a rainbow? Did you know?” you will say to a friend, and they’ll say, “Uh, he’s gone bonkers. Now he’s looking at drops of rain.” What better thing is there to do than look at a drop of rain and to behold the rainbow in the rain?

Allow yourself to reward yourself for being. Each of you has agreed that you will be who and what you are in a certain form for a while. Enjoy it. It is a gift that you give yourself. Even the yawn…have you thought of the miracle of a yawn? It just kind of arises from within and the back of the throat wants to expand, and it just feels so good to allow yourself to float with that yawn.

I give to you a gift. You yawn. It is a gift. Allow yourself to rejoice. That is what life in all of its forms is about. Re-joicing. Being in joy again. Re-joicing. Yes, you have challenges; at least, the world will call them that. You can call them challenges or you can call them rewards.

“But Yeshua, if I have a high temperature and the body feels like s-h-i-t, and it feels so tired and weak, you want me to rejoice in that?” Yes, it shows you how creative you can be. “Oh, my God, there he goes again talking about creation.” Yes, because you are creating. Rejoice in whatever you are creating.

You have seen ones who have been injured for some reason or another who have lost the use of their legs, perhaps. “But I still have arms, Yeshua.” You have seen ones who have lost all the limbs or are paralyzed in the limbs. “Yes, but Yeshua, I can still smile, and I have one hand that still works, and I can work the wheel chair.”

Look at what you have. Look at what you can do. Be the light bearer. No heavy lifting required. Be. Rejoice. Again and again. So be it.

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