Benjamin Fulford Full Report: China Suffers Taiwan Air Battle Defeat As U.S. Military Goes On The Offensive

era of light alternative news connectionThe battle for Planet Earth is intensifying on all fronts.  Last week the Chinese attacked Taiwan because the U.S. military gave the Joe Biden CG puppet president a new script.  We received direct confirmation from a U.S. three-star general that “the U.S. military knows the election was stolen; all hell is about to break loose.”

Now China has suffered a major defeat in an air war and “Taiwan is now effectively an independent country,” according to Japanese military intelligence.  The news item below about a Chinese “mock attack,” against a U.S. aircraft carrier was actually about a real attack that was decisively repelled, the sources say.

They say these news items reflect a real air war going on between the U.S. and Taiwan and China, with possible assistance from Iran.

What people need to understand is that Communist China is run at the highest level by the Khazarian Mafia headquartered in Switzerland.  Remember, Communism was a Jesuit invention and the P3 Freemasons who run the Jesuits say they report to an alien entity known as the Black Sun.

Take a look at this article noting that there is very little real information about Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The fact is, that, according to high-level Asian secret society sources, Xi was chosen because he is tall and would look good in a G20 photo shoot.  He is a symbol, rather than a genuine leader.  Furthermore, the sources say, the original Xi was killed after the electromagnetic attack on Wuhan, China in early 2020.  The person now appearing in public is his younger brother, who has a very similar appearance.

What is now going on is that the U.S., Russia, and China all now have figurehead leaders who act as spokespeople for collective leadership.  In other words, the real leadership works in secret and behind the scenes.  This is not meritocracy because real meritocracy would be completely transparent and anybody, from the most remote goat herder on up, could try to climb to the top.  In such a system everybody could see exactly who got to the top as well as why and how they got there.

As this report was about to go live we were contacted by a trusted Russian FSB source who said China and Pakistan decided to merge politically, economically, and militarily.  The decision was made to counter a U.S. build-up of India that was meant to weaken China, the source says.  We will try to confirm this with Asian Secret Society and other sources and let readers know if we get confirmation.

Taiwan is run by the traditional, native, Earth-human leadership of China and moves are afoot to liberate Mainland China, along with the rest of the world.

What we are dealing with is something, as described in a secret Apache leadership meeting last week as “the final battle against a 5,000-year-old evil that has invaded our planet.”

We are also now getting credible reports about the Secret Space Force, from sources like Japanese military intelligence that do not normally talk about such stuff.  According to both Japanese military intelligence and CIA sources, the U.S. Space Force is active at the Thule Airbase in Greenland.

There they are tunneling for minerals and rare earth metals essential to the operations of the space fleet, the sources say.  They also say the Space Force is about to make its presence known to the surface population.  As usual with such talk, we add the caution “believe it when you see it.”

Book The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization

However, it is a fact that U.S. President Donald Trump did talk about buying Greenland in order to get the resources needed to keep the U.S. government solvent so, at the very least, a resource grab is going on.

Speaking about space, the FAA is shutting down Elon Musk’s SpaceX program.  This is what is behind the news item that the DOJ is going after Musk for not hiring illegal aliens.  The real reason, according to NSA sources is that SpaceX is a fraud.  Mice have been spotted running on SpaceX rockets that were supposedly in outer space.  In other words, he is filming rocket launches and space exploration in studios to get money out of the U.S. government.

The DOJ investigation is really a fraud investigation.  Musk did not respond to an attempt to get a comment as this report went live but if we hear from him, we will let our readers know.

There is also a lot of backlash going on from U.S. patriots who want to restore the Republic but are opposed to the United States of America from Argentina to Alaska.  As one listener to a podcast noted:

“No way other countries from South America want to be part of the United States of America from Alaska to Argentina.  We do not want to be part of the same egocentric culture that has created so many wars.  We are independent countries and cultures that have been dominated already by this sick culture that is falling down. “

Or as another listener wrote:

I think the question on the street is decentralization for the EU, but centralization in America? Isn’t that a tip for world government? Hasn’t the EU proven that this doesn’t work?

What these people need to understand is that existing countries governed by real people remain intact. Just like you don’t let the garbage collector into your house, you understand the need for a garbage collector to take your garbage off the street.

The planet as a whole does not have that function. The result is that transnational criminals like the Khazarian Mafia operate above world interests and seek to permanently enslave us.

Remember this comic – book from the EU on , which is dated January 31, 2012.

It has the exact plot of what is happening now.

They are creating a pandemic to use medical tyranny to create a world government controlled by them that will enslave us and inoculate us with gene-altering CRIPR vaccines to genetically transform us into obedience to them.

Back to the Republic and isolationism is not the answer.

We need to find a way to save the natural world, the planet we all share, without turning the planet into a giant animal farm. Last week, a source close to the Rockefeller family sent this author a link to a video showing a space-based laser weapon triggering a volcanic eruption in Japan in late December.

This act of intimidation was in response to criminal charges against the Rockefeller / Rothschild gangsters who attempted to vaccinate the Japanese population with gene-altering mRNA vaccines. Our response was to intensify the hunt against the Khazarian Mafia leadership.

The highest priority target now is Klaus Schwab of the Davos Forum.

This is because he can lead us to the remaining leaders of the Khazarian Mafia Politburo and force an end to the fake pandemic and related vaccination crimes. On this front, we note that patriots have begun attacking vaccination sites.

The Russians and MI6 have informed both global military and intelligence organizations that first, the pandemic is fake and second, the genetically engineered vaccines they are using to cure this fake pandemic are highly criminal.

Russian FSB sources promise that the entire pandemic scam will be over by May. The Davos elite held a virtual Davos last week in which they tried to put on a pretty face.

For example, Chinese leader Xi Jinping told Davosers:

What sounds the alarm is arrogance, prejudice and hatred. it is an attempt to impose a hierarchy on human civilization or to impose one’s own history, culture and social system on others.

No global problem can be solved by one country alone. There must be global action, global response and global cooperation. The future of the world will be decided by all working together.

However, Xi then showed who he is really working for by saying:

We should strengthen the G20 [owned by the Khazarian mafia] as the main forum for global economic governance [and] protect the international system that revolves around the UN owned by [Rockefeller]. The Davos leaders say they want to “do a big reset and create a fairer society while helping the environment.

However, if you look at what they are actually doing, you can see that they are having trouble keeping control of the planet by vaccinating everyone into obedience and appeasing them with a digital basic income related to vaccinations.

At the same time, they hunt down the leaders of the ongoing rebellion against their rule and kill them.

Look at what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the Davos crowd last week:

Today, India is saving the lives of citizens in many countries by sending Covid vaccines and helping build vaccination infrastructure there.

In the first phase, we vaccinate our 30 million health and frontline workers. You can imagine the speed with which India is vaccinating its population.

In just 12 days, India has vaccinated more than 2.3 million health workers. In the next few months, we will reach the vaccination target of about 300 million elderly patients and patients with comorbidities.

Today, more than 1.3 billion people in India have a universal ID card – Aadhaar Card. People have bank accounts and Universal IDs are linked to their phones. India has directly transferred more than 1.8 trillion rupees to bank accounts of more than 760 million people during this period.

There, according to the acting prime minister of the world’s second most populous country, it says: Vaccinate everyone and vaccinate it with a sign of the animal ID and digital wallet.

Modi is far from alone. So-called leaders from around the world are calling for vaccination passports, universal ID cards and associated digital wallets.

It is also confirmed here that using chips as remote controls for the human brain is a real thing. They want to be able to inflict extreme pain or extreme pleasure, etc. on you remotely to ensure that you can never free yourself from slavery.

Fortunately for all of us, these guys have really lost the plot. As a sign that they are panicking, they say for the zillionth time in 30 years that “Iran is weeks away from a nuclear bomb.

Wide alarm: Iran presumed just weeks away from a nuclear weapon

The problem is they have cried wolf so many times that no one believes their BS. They are losing the ability to manipulate us with fear. Furthermore, no military will start their long planned WWIII and Armageddon.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week, “A global hot conflict is now mainly impossible… It would mean the end of civilization.

This does not mean that limited warfare is impossible. When this report was published, we noted that in Myanmar, for example, there was a military coup against top leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

This could be a sign that China has responded to Taiwan’s defeat with a simple target: Myanmar. However, CIA sources in Southeast Asia said, “Just too much Biden in the lady’s blood. She cheated too much. Still keep an eye on Thailand as it may come next. There is also a battle for the Philippines that could start soon.

There also seems to be a fight to rid Africa of the theft of multinational corporations.

Finally, we note with great interest the rebellion against the banksters in the U.S. that began with an attack on short sellers in the stock market and is now focused on short sellers in the silver market.

To quote from the Lone Ranger: Hi-Yo Silver and away! and note that after a recap, the selfless, anonymous lone ranger leaves behind a single silver bullet, a reminder of his unwavering

Vigilance against evil.