Saint Germain: Phase of Full Disclosure

saint germain eraoflightdotcomJJK: Why doesn’t the Federation of Light just make short work of the dark cabal on Earth? I have heard that the dark star nations had to leave the earth, I have read that the earth is surrounded by light spheres of space that protect us, and I know that in the end light will triumph over darkness, love over fear. But: Why is everything only getting worse now?

Corona is not even over yet and already the next sow is driven through the village. The climate insanity is starting again and the whole world is protesting against racism in the USA. It is crystal clear what this is all about: the removal of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the leftist mob is ravaging America, looting stores and excelling in brute force. 5G is being rolled out and for the fall of 2020 we are told of the sequel to Corona – or possibly the biggest financial crash of all time.

When will this madness end and asked again: Why don’t the light alien troops intervene to put an end to this goings-on?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I am in the midst of you! The liberation of mankind is a project of mankind. It depends on every single human being. We receive help and support from different star peoples from the light realms. However, the detachment of the dark forces starts from humanity itself. This explains to you this unbelievable dynamic and this requires from every human being the necessary patience for it.


The change that is now occurring in human society has now reached the point of full revelations. By the time this book is published, more new facts, unimaginable today, will be brought to people’s attention.

It will be revealed which forces “ran” what game in the background. All the more violent is their resistance!

It is their desperate fight for the supremacy on earth and over the people. That is why everything is currently being thrown into the battle and as much fear as possible is being generated, because it is fear that paralyzes people and keeps them from co-creating a future full of light.

Every human being is a co-creator of a luminous future. To prevent people from doing so is now the greatest endeavor of the dark forces. With last force and with all still available strength this “harvest of the fear” is pursued.

JJK: Why don’t the light forces stop this game? So many people are being harmed and so many will never wake up because they are completely absorbed by these methods. When I think of 5G alone, that can change us adversely – or the permanent perpetuation of fears – so people can no longer think for themselves or even think a clear thought….

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: We are now in the phase of complete exposure and have reached the point where more and more people are confronted with facts that they would prefer to “block out”. Everything that is gladly dismissed as a dubious “conspiracy theory” is given more and more weight and people are beginning to trust the system less and less.

This process must continue until the point where the direct intervention of the luminous sphere forces is justified. By a certain point, a certain number of people must have awakened, that is, become conscious. Only then is such intervention permitted.

Therefore, everything is now being done in the background to prevent the destruction of this planet and the extinction of mankind. That is the protection the earth has received and nothing and nobody in being can change that.

JJK: That means it is up to ourselves?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: That which we ourselves can effect, we will effect. That is certain.


JJK: Is the information true that the dark star race has already left our earth and this galaxy and now only the “last contingent of humans” is spreading this terror?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: The negative extraterrestrial influences, star races that wanted to plunder Earth’s resources and harvest the fear of humans, have left this space-time continuum. The Earth is under the protection of light space spheres, which you can also see in the sky with the naked eye on clear days and nights. These spheres carry the consciousness of the 6th – 12th dimension within them and they are positioned in such a way that a passage of dark forces is impossible.

Any negative influence that is currently occurring on Earth is coming from those human forces that acted as “servants” and “ambassadors” of that dark star race for millennia and became “brutes” themselves.

It is their fight for survival and they want to do as much damage as possible.


JJK: “The light is triumphant!” is said over and over again. But the longer it goes on and the more violent the power struggles and manipulations become, the more people lose faith in it. Sometimes there is just no glimmer of light on the horizon. What do you say to these people?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: We are all universal and immortal spirit beings. Always focus on that! What you cannot finish in one life, you will accomplish in the next.

Never limit your work in the vineyard of God to this ONE life.

We all descended to earth at different times and entered a life in different epochs – and we always succeeded in laying a building block for the New Era and anchoring it on earth. Jesus and Buddha set an example and their seeds are slowly sprouting over the centuries.

Nothing is in vain. Everything is filled with deep meaning and in the end leads to the “victory of light”. Now you ask, “When is THIS END?”

I tell you: many people will experience this end in one earth life, in this their earth life. It is that close and yet it still seems so far away.


As long as you count the days until ascension, they will not pass and ascension will not come. Only when you are fully present in the now, time will fly and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be only a moment away.

People are now being given the opportunity to become awake.

The revelations are in full swing.

What is coming to light now will shake humanity awake and awaken as many people as are needed for the dimensional leap.

Then the forces of light that surround and guard you will make you familiar with their centers and abilities. The environmental damage that seems irreparable today, the mass manipulations that are deadly today, will be corrected by the Star Peoples of Light – from the moment they take action on Earth and start working with the remaining humanity – in a few hours.

The new humanity will not be created in millennia, but from a certain point in a few days.

The phase of revelations must be passed through and experienced. It is the only way for many people to wake up.


Give your life a deeper and more universal meaning! Align yourself with the timeless and not with the time! Then you will feel no more impatience or dissatisfaction. Work like a gardener who puts the seed into the earth and waits patiently for it to germinate, sprout and finally bear fruit. Be aware: You always return to the light – on this world or on another.

You reap everywhere what you have sown, no matter where or when.

Never limit yourself and your work only to this world, because we are all universal and multidimensional creatures. We are part of God’s plan – as immortal spirit beings as well as transient human beings.

Our service is always God service and our harvest is God knowledge.

JJK: I feel the conversation is winding down. One last question, “Why do you always speak of WE?”

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: I am among people as people. I am reached by hardships just as you are, and I bear the burdens of this humanity just as you do. I know the fears and the sorrows of a human being because I am a human being myself.

I am consciousness of your consciousness. We are one and we are many, as many Ascended Masters are embodied on earth.

No one is alone and we are one. That is how it is. I bless you with deep love.


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl