Maskless Grocery Store Founder Calls for Businesses to Unite

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomAlfie Oakes of Oakes Farm Seed to Table Market joins The Alex Jones Show to call on other small businesses to unite in fighting authoritarian lockdowns. During the interview, Oakes explained that Americans are ready to free themselves from the draconian Covid regulations – they only need to unify and wield their spending power accordingly.

“If we band together and we don’t buy from the people who are supporting this false narrative, and we support the small businesses, [because] that’s what they’re trying to crush here,” said Oakes. “We know what the game is, they’re coming for one reason, to take out the small businesses in our country and we need to unify.”

“Let’s join forces, get together and use our dollars and we can make a huge difference just with that.”

Oakes used his own store’s success as a bellwether for public sentiment regarding masks.

“We [opened this particular store] three months before this insanity started,” said Oakes. “So we’ve never done the masks, but we are by far, we are the busiest store in southwest Florida.”

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