The Loving Gift

gift of giving eraoflightdotcomWe are moving into a movement of energies now, which is unprecedented. On planetary levels this is the accelerated movement of the New Earth into expanded form and being, and she is beautiful. She is vibrant, creative, loving and truly awesome beyond words.

As we truly leave the Old Earth, the old polarities, dualities, all which divided and separated ourselves from ourselves and others, now is brought into wholeness and unity within, with unconditional love, we step into the truth of our souls.

As masters.

Note that all of this is happening in the yet, invisible planes, for it is exceedingly high frequency and it is something the soul can tap into and experience and indeed start living in, the moment the Old is completely left behind, and the physical body transforms into a much lighter body. Then we will live in full embodiment of a much higher vibrational frequency level.

It may seem at times, as this is all happening and transforming and transfiguring that we are challenged, and most of all that all is being churned up, which we have not forgiven or dissolved, nor made peace with inside of ourselves. More than this, it will often bring about that we will want to cling to the familiar, the chartered, yet all of these are but fears conjured up by the mind.

It is wise to move more and more into the heart center and reconnect with the highest truth of your own soul. To seek stillness within and guidance within and to connect in the deepest levels with the Divine within yourself. The more you make time for this, the more empowered and enabled you will be to cope with these changes and step fully into the highest truth of who and what you in truth are.

Ask for guidance and wisdom. Ask that you walk in the company of heavens and that you will be shown the way. Open the heart center to ever higher levels of Divine love and unconditional love for yourself and others. Connect in the deepest sense with your own soul for all the navigational tools are there within your own soul.

I make time each morning, getting up before sunrise, to truly become AS ONE with the Divine and embrace the Divinity within myself. These are the most precious inspiring moments, and indeed this is what fuels and lifts me throughout the day. It is here that the most profound guidance comes, and with it, immense gratitude, awe and wonder.

If we do not make time to go deep within and seek the ultimate Oneness with the Divine Source, we will not be able to navigate these immense changes on all fronts now. For remember not only is your own physical body going through immense changes, but so are all your energetic bodies, and with it, your inner self is embracing its divinity AS ONE with the Divine Source and thus is being lifted into the highest truth of the Soul. Your vibration frequencies are changing, and you are going to change to the core within and without. Thus in making time for quietude, stillness and prayer,(or whatever you wish to call it) assists you in ways I cannot even put into words.

Indeed, we are stepping into the most amazing New Earth and new way of life and living, which so often when I am shown this, moves me to tears of wonder and awe.

Yet first we need to allow ourselves to be transfigured and step into the fullness, the truth of who and what we are, before we can access all of this.

What an immensely beautiful, powerful and loving Gift.

Judith Kusel