Ashian: Become the Detective of Your Greatness

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomEach one of you is loved beyond measure. You may forget it, you may not feel it, you may have been programmed by life to think that love is not for you. Nothing is further from the truth. Now, let me remind you, in the kindest and most loving way you can imagine, you are not alone. You have a team of beings that work with you constantly, every day and every night. They are here to help you remember – and then embody – your divine creator self.

They have different roles: some assist you in your work, some assist you in awakening to your divine creator self; some provide hunches and ideas about how you may deepen your practice of parent, child, partner, friend, colleague; and some assist you in transforming your 3D work into 5D service.

These beings are known as angels, as galactics, as versions of your higher self, as ascended masters and aspects of the divine. Their label does not matter, their service to you does.

As with all things divine, less is more. The less your ego insists on doing, the more surrender happens. As you surrender – blessing any action and inviting the highest outcome – you create space for your creator self to emerge and for your team to assist you.

The less you complain in your thoughts, the quieter your mind becomes and – almost suddenly! – you begin to hear the soft whispers of your team. Small intuitions, intense knowingness… all this is your team working with you and supporting you.

For anything that brings you down, that feels overwhelming, disappointing or confusing: ask for help. Surrender it – offer it for assistance, blessing the obstacle and knowing that a miraculous insight is your birthright, because it is your divine essence.

Expand your understanding of yourself beyond your (physical) self. You are far greater than you imagine. You have untold assistance to create miracles for your highest good, and what aligns with your highest good aligns with the highest good of all.

Become the detective of your greatness. Find clues that show you that you are greater than your programming or even your physical self. Every day, notice things that are beyond what you imagined were possible. They may be small, but they may also be so huge that you have failed to notice them before.

Begin to put in place, one by one, new ideas that support your greatness, evidence that supports your greatness, so that one day you awaken and you no longer have to convince yourself that you are a divine creator, you Know you are a divine creator.

If you do the small daily steps, your team will meet you; they will assist with miracles and clues, insights and inspirations, all created to reflect your divine creative power.

In spaciousness, your divinity becomes apparent; in spaciousness, your divine creator self is allowed the space to emerge.

Creating spaciousness is possible in any life, regardless of how busy you are. Coming into the present moment; letting go of the endless trains of thought; focusing on just what you are doing right now; surrendering doubt, fear and envy, adopting trust and generosity … these are all ways of creating spaciousness in your life and allowing your divine self to dance with you in your daily life.

You have a team, you have a divine creator self. You are infinitely loved, infinitely loved, infinitely loved.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert