The Angels: Challenges or Opportunities?

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you came to earth you knew that you were entering into a world of variety and contrast. You knew that you would encounter people and circumstances that would challenge you to deepen your awareness of who you really, strengthen your ability to love, and motivate you to use your minds in a way that draws a more loving reality into your physical experience.

Why would you do this?

Consider this analogy. If you wanted to learn a subject, would you take the easiest class you could find – one that gave you a diploma without any challenges and also without any deep understandings? Or would you rather sign up for a class that might challenge you but one in which you’d learn all you wanted to know if you were wiling to do the exercises and apply yourself to the process.

Likewise if you were to play a game, how much fun would you have if there were no challenges? You’d start, follow easy steps, and win every time. Would there be greater satisfaction in that, or would you prefer the challenges of a game you’ve not yet mastered, and one that presents opportunities to strengthen your skills and awareness?

When you are in heavenly dimensions, the energetic universe is apparent. You think of something and it appears. You have all you ever could desire. You understand that although you have a form, you are united with and never separate from the Source. All of life looks like a beautifully coordinated dance.

There are few challenges in heaven. Unlike earth where you are granted free will to embrace or block the Divine love that is always attempting to surface within you, in the heavens, you don’t block this love. Things come easily. You can, in your words, coast for all eternity. You enjoy that for some time… and then, like a tree at the end of winter, you long to grow into something more. You can choose new lives in any number of realities. You can be a guide for others.

You can come back into a new life to this planet earth, knowing 100% that its challenges were only meant to be incentives and launching pads from which your will expand your soul’s experience of, and ability to love. The challenges motivate you to align with love and create. Through your willingness to create, you become part of the expansion of love in the universe.

Next time you encounter a challenge, breathe. You arrived here because something in your depths wanted to grow. Perhaps you knew your life wasn’t exactly as you wanted it but you fought change until life started to insist on change. Perhaps you were in a dead-end job and got laid off, or maybe you were in a job that was wonderful but not aligned with your heart of hearts. Maybe that relationship you were in needed attention, or keener observation. Suddenly it falls apart to help you love yourself more, learn more compassion, or simply because it is no longer a vibrational match.

Sometimes challenges seem to come out of the blue, but if you look back you can see how they caused you to grow in ways you wanted to grow; motivated you to create things you wanted to create; and, inspired you to get out of situations that were merely “OK.” They propelled you into situations that were ultimately so much better… if you were willing to embrace these challenges as opportunities to grow in love.

You can grow through joy. You can embrace expansion by eagerly anticipating the fulfillment of your dreams while living each day in love. When you slip out of this vibration of love and unwittingly create challenge, you can quickly recognize it as only an opportunity to find and deepen your vibration of love.

When you feel lack you can inwardly tune into abundance by appreciating anything and everything. When you feel unloved you can love yourself of share kindness with others until you feel that flow of love. When you feel abandoned, you can refuse to abandon yourself. When you are sick you can find joy in simple pleasures and practice deepening your connection with peace and relaxation until you receive the guidance as to how to best heal the body. You can love your doctors and health care providers and that love will be reflected right back to you.

This dear ones is why you are here – not to suffer, but to love, expand, and create here upon this playground and school called earth. You knew you would have challenges, but like a school, these challenges are only there to motivate you to create and grow. Like challenges in a game, they inspire you to expand your awareness and deepen your ability to love for that is the only game there upon the earth.

You are embodiments of the Divine. You wish so dearly to expand, grow, love, and become more, for this is the nature of your very being.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

**Source **Channel: Ann Albers