Sananda: The Spiritual Path

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The spiritual path requires great maturity and a deep, unconditional desire for the knowledge of its existence. This longing must be awakened all-fulfilling and all-surpassing, if one is to duly meet the challenges of this choice.

All human beings are spiritual, that is, spiritual entities – eternal, immortal spirit. This is the fact, but it is a completely different matter when someone begins to live, act, speak and think consciously from this fact. This unconditional turning to the spiritual entity that we are is called the “spiritual path.”

The greatest challenge of this path is the release of all earthly delusions, the dissolving of all body-related irritations, the uncovering of the view for what lies behind. An unconditional will, which must be awakened beyond all measure, is necessary. The deceptions of a human life must be seen through to a degree so that this path can be followed.

The great joy of being human must give way to the insatiable desire to be God.

Everything is subordinated to the impulse to become God again – consciously and in the body as a human being.

The beauty of the earth and the pleasure of being human must give way and be transformed into the sublimity that spiritual awareness brings.

The so-called “spiritual path” is the final decision a human being makes before setting out back into being. It is the ultimate decision that restores the soul to the space it naturally claims. One is able to make this decision once a “saturation” of earthly experience has occurred. Beauty and ugliness are experienced as indeterminate expressions, and one is removed from all the dramas and joys of this reality.

no longer clings, it acts out of the need of the soul – and these actions are free, unbound, without compulsion and always in harmony with the divine that we are.

To leave the life as a human being and the planet Earth behind, to merge again into the divine consciousness – this deep desire burns in the soul of such people.

If the wheel of time and the reality of space are not yet lived, one is not yet ready for the spiritual path that demands everything.

Only when the longing for God dominates everything and fills every breath, only then one is on the spiritual path – only then one is mature for this path, which leaves humanity and the earth behind – then we are ready to complete what we were born into the bodies for eons ago – then a human life is fulfilled, because through every fiber and in every pore the spiritual origin is expressed.

The longing for God is the eternal and at the same time the only criterion to tread this path. The fact that all human beings are spiritual beings remains unaffected. As long as the consciousness sleeps and gets caught up in the everyday business, there is no growth. Stagnation occurs and many spiritual practices suggest such people to be on the spiritual path.

Pure longing for the Creator is the measure by which awakening can be determined.

All other exercises, means and ways that like to pretend this path are instructions for self-deception.

Which yoga exercise brings enlightenment?

Which diet will lead you to heaven?

Which guru walks your path and performs for you the tasks that are appropriate only for you?

Which church should hand you the key to paradise?

All this draws attention away from you and stirs up unfulfillable hopes. Sure, you may feel healthier, perhaps refreshed and more comfortable in your life by following specific practices or instructions, but you will not get closer to your spiritual essence.

The spirit that you are will prevail when your longing for this realization overrides everything – the time of “experimentation” is then over. Then you are face to face with the Creator, and all the accessories that made up your spiritual experience so far are far away.

Then your life is finally and exclusively a matter between you and God.

Then there is no need for toys, guided meditations or adventurous journeys – neither diet plans nor rituals. This ballast falls away from such an awakened person. For such a person is truly whole and every moment of his life reflects his spiritual nature, which he is.

So it is necessary to understand what is important – and it is time to get rid of mostly misleading “enlightenment aids”!

Look into the face of God, ask for this grace and give your life to it – trust in it and it will happen.

Detach yourself from all the notions you have built up around this subject. The spiritual path is trodden when you are ready for a direct encounter with God. Anything else will not let you participate in this experience.

If it is your wish to dwell a little longer in the illusion of earth, do so. Do it completely and unrestrictedly! Taste it to the fullest! But if you hear the call of your soul and the longing for God rises in you, then turn to these signs unrestrictedly and absolutely.

At present this inner wake-up call goes out to many people. Listen to it, hear it and act accordingly, because the time to ascend into the light, to rise in the light, has then come for such a being: Then you have truly set out on the spiritual path, for then you have matured into entities that can receive the final gift of the Creator – enlightenment.

Listen to the call that is sounding, and your ear will listen to the sounds of God, your Creator.

Look up – at your spiritual being – and you will see the face of God.

To choose the spiritual path is to begin the journey home to God. If your heart is filled with it, choose!

The company from the being and God’s help are given to you – you will enter into his arms, because decisions born from love carry the germ of the realization in itself.

God is with you. In eternity.

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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl