Ashian: If You Are Feeling Lost

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomMy beloved brothers and sisters, if you are feeling lost in these times, it is a sign that you have awakened, that your journey between 3D and 5D is truly advancing at speed. If you are feeling lost, it is a sign that you are a lightworker who has disconnected from the 3D world and is transitioning into 5D consciousness.

You have to unplug from the beliefs and the ‘stickiness’ of the 3D reality in order to move into 5D consciousness. This is not for the faint-hearted! The transition requires that you let go of your routines, your belief in the 9-5 grind, your focus on money-means-success and a million other mini operating programmes that have been imposed upon you.

I’m not saying you are leaving behind your loved ones, your home, your work (unless you choose to) – you are letting go of a mental structure, a construct of thought processes that bind you into the 3D reality.

When you let go of this mental structure, this matrix, you may feel as though you are tumbling, as though you are being washed on a fast spin in one of your washing machines. It is as though all shreds of that former matrix are being washed out of you: because they are. You are being shaken free of the old, limiting consciousness, so that you may evolve into 5D consciousness. This is what it takes to ascend.

Ascension is not a linear progression from 3D and 5D consciousness: it is a quantum leap. It is linear in so far as, when you evolve to a certain spiritual vibration within the 3D, you are ready to move, but that movement is not a step up – it is a completely different consciousness. It operates under completely different principles from your current structure; that is why you are feeling lost – you are letting go of the 3D so that new foundations may evolve, new mental and spiritual synapses.

You cannot create a 5D consciousness on a 3D foundation. The two consciousnesses are incompatible.

While 5D consciousness is here in your domain, it is not yet sufficiently grounded in the majority – or even the minority – of the population to be sufficiently seen, lived and experienced by most lightworkers. This is a work in progress, this is your work, you soul mission. This is the ascension journey.

So, beloved sisters and brothers, if you feel that you are swimming in the dark, that you have no landmarks to guide you, no idea about your future direction, no sense of what you wish to do to serve humanity, no clue about how to make your day-to-day life as meaningful as the depth of your yearning… congratulate yourself! You are mastering transition.

You’ve got this. Keep going. You are doing far better than you and we had ever hoped and, although you may struggle to believe it, optimal timelines are in place.

Remember, we are with you, we love you all and we are assisting you all in every now moment.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert