Elysium Reborn

bright new world eraoflightdotcomIn the last few months I have experienced the profundity of the New Earth and the much higher dimensional vibrational frequency bands in profound ways, which I so often struggle to put into words. This morning something so unexpected happened, that afterwards, I just sat in stunned silence, awe and wonder.

I was brought right back to Elysium, the first ever Civilization on Earth, as described and its history and origin given, in my book “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history to Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.” Available on Amazon, Ingram Spark and my website).

Elysium was indeed a co-creative effort, and when the outer crust of the Earth was created, around the inner original earth satellite: Agartha. This was long before the Wars of Heavens started and before the planet between Jupiter and Mars blew itself up, and thus the whole solar system, suffered severe damage and earth was thrown out of orbit. The planet earth now is in a totally different place now, than where it original orbited around a different sun.

I was shown this morning how Elysium was rising again, and with it the original paradise keys and codes are being returned. Intensely involved in this regenerative process are the Elohim – who represent the THOUGHT of the Divine Source, and often are referred to as Creator Gods. (“On the right hand of the Godhead are what have been termed the Elohim, or Creator Gods. When God created the infinite universe, He created the Elohim, or Creator Gods, to help Him. These beings are referred to as the THOUGHT attributes of God. The Bible makes reference to the Elohim over two thousand times. They are a kingdom of beings different from the human kingdom. In the I AM teachings of Saint Germain the names of the seven mighty Elohim that are connected with the seven great rays of God are given. (Dr. Joshua David Stone “The Complete Ascension Manual’)

This morning these beings indeed made themselves known to me in such a powerful way that I literally felt myself lifted into realms I had never experienced before to such a powerful extend.

I was shown the New Earth. I was shown how, each soul who totally leaves the Old Earth and goes through transfiguration, steps fully into the highest truth of their souls and live their soul attributes from the space of the open heart, AS ONE with the Divine Source. More than this, how each soul then steps into co-creative roles, where indeed each one is required to do this from the deepest soul mastery within.

As the Keys and Codes of Elysium are being released by the Elohim, this literally means that the New Golden Age, is already present, and now being created into form and being by these Mighty Beings, AS ONE with the Godhead.

To me, who has recorded the history and creation of Elysium this is immensely important and powerful information!

It literally means that the New Earth is indeed being created in the 7th dimensional form and state she originally was created to be!

It is a massive quantum leap unprecedented before!!!

More I cannot say.

I have no words to describe this.

All I can say, is that those souls who truly allow themselves to be transfigured, will step into a totally unknown, unchartered, unformed world, which indeed will take on shape and form before their very eyes, as they experience themselves are new creations witnessing Creation! Indeed those souls who are ready for this will have the Elysium Keys and Codes activated in their souls as they are being prepared for this from this moment onwards.

The immensity of the Creative Force – the God force itself in full operation!

This is indeed stupendous!

Judith Kusel