Princess Diana Message: Divine Feminine

eraoflight blastGood Morning,

I am Princess Diana, and I am delighted to be here today. I was waiting for this channel to comeback, so I can share my message with all of you.

I came here to let the world know that I am very happy and blessed on other side. I feel a lot of sadness for my boys that I left behind. You know about my tragic exit from this reality and unfortunately my mission here on Earth was interrupted and it wasn’t finished.

I was here on this planet to spread Love and Light around the globe to assist humanity. I loved helping the less fortunate who needed support and attention. As growing up here in England, my heart was always driven to help others. I was happy when I became a Princess, I thought that position would allow me reach more people in need.

Living in the Royal Palace was mostly a painful and a negative experience for me. The Queen did not want me to be myself and have my own free will. Her goal was to control me completely like a royal puppet. She even tried to influence my charitable work. The Queen wanted me to follow her orders and live my life by her rules.

I felt alone in the cold Royal Palace, all the support and love I received from everyone outside the palace and my friends kept me going. I was able to captivate the people‘s hearts, and I was very humbled to be called the Queen of Hearts. I always tried to follow my heart.

My human life ended abruptly in car accident, which was not accidental. My dearest friend Elton John wrote a beautiful and a touching song “Candle in the Wind” (Goodbye England’s Rose) for my funeral. I am very grateful for his song. I loved raising my children. Leaving my boys behind was one of saddest moments in my existence as they deserved to grow up with their mother.

My life was not a fairytale, it had many heartbreaking moments with very a sad ending. I have no regrets as it was amazing experience despite turbulent times and events.

I represented Divine Feminine while being on Mother Earth in a human body, after leaving, I was looking for a replacement and I found that person. She received her a torch from me to continue my mission. I can’t tell you who this light being is, I can only share with you that she is lovely and pure. The new Divine Feminine is going to help bring peace to your world by balancing the energies around the planet and raising the human consciousness to a higher realm.

I am pleased to be able communicate and send my Love and Light to everyone as the world now is going through so much pain and suffering. My heart goes out to all of you who are experiencing hardships right now.

Thank you
Love Diana

**Channel: Erena Velazquez