The Masters of the Hopi Tribe: Everything is in Order

the grandmothers eraoflightdotcomWe are the masters of the Hopi tribe and we are happy to come forward today for a channeling regarding the truth about some who are part of the dark state in the United States and especially Bill Gates.

Much has been written about his work as the founder of Microsoft and even then he was portrayed as a God for his employees who would have morning meetings to pay tribute to their boss as a God. Bill Gates is not a God, the gods should know that. He has always had a very high opinion of himself and has also been brought up to feel special and superior to other people.

With this attitude, he was easily captured by the dark by putting him on a pedestal and taking advantage of his celebrity for their dark agenda. Even his wife was easy to convince what amazing and very rich people they were.

Bill Gates became one of those who are part of the dark state, that is, the so-called elite that will eliminate people from Earth. Fortunately, his vaccination program has been revealed when he and his wife run a major vaccination campaign for children, especially in the third world.

He will be prosecuted for helping to support researchers who develop lethal vaccines for people with large financial resources. His attitude towards humans is that the Earth is overpopulated. That only people on Earth should be able to control the number of births, in order to reduce the population, and also have control over those who remain. These should be used to serve those who are higher in society. These people become slaves to the deep and dark State.

Now this will not happen. Our Lord does not allow it. This fantastic world should not be subjected to more violence and captivity. People must regain their freedom as has been predicted since the beginning of time.

These people or beings who are part of the so-called dark state will be prosecuted for all the horrible abuses they have caused the people for too long. Many have already been arrested and it will continue until the Earth is a free planet and belongs only to the human race. Humans take back their planet themselves and this is a miracle that will go down in history.

Have hope, people. Everything is in order. Much comes up to the surface to be sent to the light and then the ascension of the people to a higher dimension and consciousness. Never has the grace of our Lord been greater for men. You are much loved.

The masters of the Hopi tribe

Many thanks. In loving service. I am.

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**Channel: Inger Noren **Shared per request