Dimensional Fluxes

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomSorry for delay, lots of time glitches and dimension re-flux, we are all losing segments of time. It is Like we each live in our own time-zone which changes from one street to the other. It is very discombobulating. All of us are actively prepped like soldiers waiting divine orders. Not really understanding why we are on edge, sharp, electrical and stressed. All of nature seems to be on alert as everything seeks shelter from the invisible storm. Everything around us says ‘be a-ware’ something does not feel right, does not fit right. Our bodies experience unusual phenomena, pain and energy dispersals. Our hearts beats different, our memories dig deep like a lotus, lining up the past with the now. Like a child finding their adoption papers, our emotional bodies encircle us like a pack of wolves.

As we move thru these dimensional fluxes we will encounter aspects of ourselves we have not known about, relationships that do not make sense, and truths that do not belong in this ‘episode of self’. We are experiencing upgradement via the dreamscapes and multilevels of learning we experience when we sleep (whatever time of day that is). We may be unplugged in this form but are ‘plugged in’ via our other forms and timelines, no wonder you are so tired when first waking, like you ran a marathon or worked a triple shift!

We move forward with caution as if walking in shifting quicksand. Knowing at any minute the paradigm can change and we could be floating over the emerald city without wings. We look to nature for understanding and insight but she looks back at us, just as confused. The rules have changed for all of us; we bang our heads trying to figure out what to do next and what tools of light arte needed in this place and time.

Most days it is best not to try to force an outcome, like a wizard of old who has forgotten his spells, It’s just a moot point. We look out our car windows, our home windows, and the windows of our souls, seeking a sign that it is safe to move forward. Like driving thru a haboob dust storm, all you can is pull over until it passes. Many people are just parked alongside of their lives waiting for one situation/event to change allowing them and giving them permission to move forward.

Everything is lined up as we go face to face with what pushes our buttons. Can we make this just all go away until another day?? Maybe…. However, do you really want that? This is a virtual time-out for good behavior allowing you to get all of your molecules and cells going in the right direction. A last chance resort allowing you to be the person you have always wanted to be. A chance to rewrite what is written in disappearing ink within the ciphers of your soul.

The energies that come this spring will give you that opportunity. To see yourself as you have always known yourself to be deep in your heart, a good person with a good soul and good intent. If you are on earth you are a highly evolved being that has taken form in a reincarnational cycle you have chosen. It is a role you play, that you wrote and are directing now. If you chose to change roles, you as the director producer and actor of your drama (or melodrama) can do just that. It starts with one thought and intention. However be aware that switching one role for another is not always a better choice or an easier choice. All choices come with their own set of rules and agendas. There are no vanilla boxes in these choices. All serve the highest good of the individual. No exceptions. Embrace who you are and all of your choices, stop searching for divine perfection in some far off isle, when it is reflected in your eyes, in todays sunset.

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